Beijing Cultural Relics Association Cultural Relics Building Protection Professional Committee was established

People’s Network Beijing December 14th (Yin Xingyun) On December 12, Beijing Cultural Relics Association Cultural Relics Protection Protection Professional Committee held an established meeting in Beijing.

The conference adopts the combination of online lines, from the National Cultural Relics Bureau, the Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau, the relevant leadership, experts, member units and individual representatives of the literary units, colleges and scientific research bases at the Beijing Cultural Relics System.

The Cultural Relics Building Protection Professional Committee is a branch of Beijing Cultural Relics Protection Association, focusing on the protection of non-movable cultural relics in Beijing, with "protection, utilization, inheriting the excellent cultural heritage", highlighting the protection and research of non-moving cultural relics in Beijing. Important field, focus on building high-end exchange platforms, condense industry technical talents, build industry high-end learning, strengthening industry technology and policy regulations, exchange, regulating industry behavior, promoting cultural relics protection demonstration units and individuals, continuously enhancing non-movable Beijing area Cultural relics protect the overall level.

In order to effectively put the work of the professional committee to practice, the four-lasting unit has made an important contribution to the Beijing cultural relics protection industry, and conducts awards in Beijing ancient construction protection base.

The Beijing Cultural Relics Ancient Construction Engineering Company is awarded the Beijing Ancient Building Wood Structure Protection Base, and awarded ZTE Wenchuan Project Group Co., Ltd. as Beijing Ancient Architecture Protection Training Base, awarded Beijing Jixianfengtaicha Building Materials Co., Ltd. Material base, awarded Linqing City Weijiawan Gong brick cultural communication exhibition base for Beijing ancient building brick material base.

The party secretary of the Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau, delivered speeches on the spot, requiring a professional committee to polish the gold medal of Beijing’s historical culture, playing the important role in the intelligence in the protection inheritance, with party construction as a leading, and strive to build a society Five A "Association.

The President of the China Cultural Relics Society, delivered speeches through video methods, hoping that the Professional Committee can give full play to the role of the industry association, comprehensively carry out the research, protection, utilization of various cultural heritage in Beijing, especially the introduction of the creation of the ancient buildings.

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