“Uncle,Do you want to lift you??

I also want to listen to your story.,how?”
Jiang Shuyu entered the door,I laughed and said that I thought my heart.。
Jin Xijie quickly smiled and refused:“Need not,Need not,I’m full,You go to eat.。”
Li Hui, I thought about it.:“Ginger sister,Since the gold boss said,You don’t have difficult him too.,Let’s go to eat first.,By the way, I have to explain a few things to Zhang Ge.。”
Say,Li Hui also looked at Jin Xijie again.。
“Golden Boss, take a good rest first.,I will arrange it to you at night.。”
Jin Xijie listened to this, I nodded and didn’t say anything.。
Seeing Li Hui’s back with three people,Jin Xijie is also a little flourishing。
At the same time, he also tried to stand up.。
Very easy to stand up,No pain,No uncomfortable,After he took a few steps.,I found that Li Hui Feng said that there is no mistake.,It’s really got to cure him.。
Such a fairy means makes him feel a little fear.。
It’s good to be a team with Li Hui Feng.,Otherwise, he feels that it is a little life, and I don’t know how it is.。
Li Hui has a few people to find a restaurant, just eat a restaurant.。
Zhang Duo sat on the dinner table, some are sitting hard。
“Zhang Ge,Eating,Don’t eat it.。”
“Hey-hey,boss,Do you have anything to talk to me before??
What do you say?,I have nothing in my heart.。”
I heard a lot of saying.,Li Hui’s heart is also a little hesitant,After all, there is still his brought it.。
I thought that the other party’s ability is definitely strong.,As a result, it is found that there is a strong ability to be strong.,But management is not。
“Zhang Ge,I want to reassign our team.,Let your subjective business,And I will prepare for me to take it.,Finance or Ling Sister,how do you feel?”
Zhang Duo listened to this,First glance first,Then I deeply saw Zhao Xiaoling.,Laugh:“boss,Do you hear anyone talking??”
Zhang Ge,This is nothing to do with anyone.,I am discussing with you to expand the split in advance.。”
“Hey-hey,boss,How workers add more than ten,How to split?
And is it to split this??
Do you have any words, just say it?。”
Li Hui has never thought of Zhang Duo actually so deep.。
“Hey-hey,That line,I just asked Zhang Ge.,Why do I check the financial statements, our recent fell,And our workers, I have not remembered that it should be more than 20.?
How do you have something left?,How many people??
And our business,I don’t seem to make money.,Where do we go?,Why don’t we make money??”
For a lot of Zhang,Li Hui has also thought about saying that it is good to say good luck.,I didn’t expect the other foot soft to ask him.,He is naturally will not be used to each other。
Since the village, there is something,His mindset has changed。
Benefits he can give,But want to get inch,He directly let the other person know what is regret。
really,Li Hui said with this series of questions,Let Zhang have a lot directly, I don’t know what to say.。
“Those are temporary,We have recently encountered a bit of trouble.,Waiting for this period of time, it will naturally get better.。”
“Hey-hey,That line,I don’t talk about this first.,Today, you tell me Jiang Xiaomei to take the initiative.,I want to know why today will make Jiang Xiaomei a girl in the face of so much mixing.,In case there is a three long two shorts?
What if I come late??”

When Xia Jian and Xia Fei were chatting,Chen Jing ran over in a panic,She yelled to Xia Fei as she ran:“How to do?My mother has arrivedKMUp“

“what!She really came“Xia Fei said,Hurriedly stood up。
Chen Jing glanced at Xia Jian,Lowered his voice and said:“I’m dead this time,She just called and said,She will be at the hospital in twenty minutes”
“How about this!If your body feels okay,Just go back with Auntie,I’m looking after Mr. Xia here,Wait for his hand to fully recover,I people drive back,Such a long way,I can’t do it alone!”Xia Fei whispered to Chen Jing。
Xia Jian glanced at Chen Jing a little puzzled and said:“Come here!You are so scared of your mother?”
“I ran out secretly this time,She thought I was at work,I went to see me at my work yesterday,Things are exposed,She might have cleaned up Gu Yue”When Chen Jing said this,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
Xia Fei smiled and said:“Nothing,Everyone knows your mom’s temper,No one compares with her,You should hurry up,Go with her!I’ll say hello from the hospital,Complete the discharge procedure as soon as possible,I can’t finish it”Xia Fei said,Take Chen Jing and leave。
Xia Jiangang is about to get up,Xia Fei suddenly said to him:“Don’t show your face in the ward while you sit here,I’ll call you when Auntie leaves,Remember,I won’t tell you, just sit here for you”
Hey!What does this mean,Is Chen Jing’s mother a tigress?。Xia Jian thought this way,But he sat back honestly。
It’s a long way out,Chen Jing suddenly turned back and waved to Xia Jian and said:“Goodbye!I’m hereGZwait for you”Looking at Chen Jing reluctantly,Xia Jian suddenly felt an unspeakable feeling in his heart。After all, they live and die together,Spent the most dangerous moment together。
The sun gets bigger,Xia Jian feels a little hot,He stood up,Walking slowly in the garden with your hands behind your back。Even though he was wearing a full-length hospital gown。People who can walk here,Like him all the time。
I want to have a good time out this time,Unexpectedly, Gu Yue was kidnapped first,Then there is this terrible avalanche,Almost buried him on the snow mountain。Xia Jian felt scared after thinking about it。
If you really die here,What can you do with the family??Can parents withstand such a big blow??And Zhao and Wang Lin,Will the two of them cry?
Thinking about,Xia Jian laughed himself。I don’t know what happened to him this time,Always thinking about such bizarre questions。Suddenly Lin Na, the nurse who took care of him, ran over。
This girl is very beautiful,The care for Xia Jian can be described as gentle and considerate。Lin Na ran to Xia Jian,Hand Yiyang said:“Someone calling,I’ve played more than ten,You quickly return one!“
“Ugh!I ask you something,Did Chen Jing in our ward go through the discharge procedures??“Xia Jian asked tentatively。
Lin Na nodded and said:“just now,Here comes a beautiful aunt,Looks like Chen Jing’s mother,She’s so amazing!As soon as she came in, she scolded Chen Jing and Xia Fei as a doggie。

This cult can only collect some gold and silver,The pattern must not be much bigger。

quickly,The big toast came to Li Ming,Li Ming also took out some gold from Shanruliu and gave it to him,But his eyes are locked on this big toast concealedly,Thinking about the innate strength shown,Can you capture the opponent。
of course,The fanatical mood of the believers around,Maybe it will bring him little trouble,But that’s it。
But Li Ming gave up this tempting idea temporarily。
No other,Because he still intends to see who else is behind this big toast。
Although on the surface,Seems to be just a cult,But this hall is quite empty underground,I’m afraid it can’t be made by ordinary innate。
Cult gathering,Very short,It may also be because Li Ming and others are more peripheral believers,Soon at the big toast, I asked the next gathering to be dedicated to‘Gods’More offerings。
Believers who have been brainwashed,Nature only agreed,And left the underground palace in an orderly manner。
of course,As‘spy’Li Ming,Naturally won’t leave so easily,Halfway back to my residence,Then put on a set of impervious magic robe,Use this magic weapon to cover your breath,Sneaked into the hall again。
“what。。。There really is someone behind this cult!”Hidden behind a stone pillar behind the main hall,Breath convergence,The five senses remain at the pinnacle level of the innate realm。
Li Ming can see,Before that, pretending to be a mysterious cult toast,At this moment, he is crawling under the body of a man in a red robe。
“the host!”A big toast kneeling down with incomparable respect。
“Asan,I let you build a sect,Not for the gold and silver,I let you collect the purple river cart、The blood of a virgin,There are also Jiugui Zimu。”Hoarse voice,And full of deterrence。
“Great master,Please listen to me。”The body trembles on her knees,But it is still very clear:“In the ordinary,As long as there is enough gold and silver,Zichehe can be easily bought,The blood of virgins can be bought with some effort。Even if it’s such a treasure,It takes time to make a layout。”

If it is supernatural power blessing,Li Ming’s power is completely comparable to a Taoist monarch。

As for the blue and white mist,It is comparable to the magical power of a Taoist monarch,But you can’t use magical powers,Can’t control the formation in isolation,It’s still worse。
Break through the world,Itself is the process of sorting out one’s own Tao。
Many Taoisms are sorted through this layer,Better fit each other!
“Heart world,expansion!”
Li Ming’s heart moved,The Tao that has been improved and sorted is the core,Continue to expand the world of heart。
“Boom boom boom~~~~”
The World of Li Ming’s Heart,But it has expanded to a diameter of more than 50 billion li。One formation,Very stable in the way of mind。
It can be said,Even without the blue and white mist,Li Ming’s thoughts can completely destroy a chaotic world。
And the Three Realms,The terrible movement is only slightly smaller than the deity。
“Samcheong,What do you think!”Suiren looked beyond the chaos,Amazed!
“On the movement of the breakthrough,Empress Nuwa was far inferior to him in ancient times!”The Sanqing Taoists are also full of surprise。
Before Li Ming’s mental strength breakthrough,But it can be hidden silently。After that, the blue and white mist is slowly rising。
And this time the breakthrough is mana,Great natural action!

“Alang,There is a person who claims to be a goritor outside.,Said to find you。”

Fu Fu’s house is not required to please“Professionalist”of,On weekdays, his wife is responsible for a class of things.,Because this court is too small.。
At the door,Basically hear in the room!
Fu Yuan put down the pen,Frown asked:“Which high-greeting is?”
He is in mind,this person,This will not be Gao Baoyi.?If so,That is too much.!
“Just give you the Gao Corporate that assigned a military order.。”
Gao Bao Yi Yan laughter came from the door,Almost let Fu Fu’s heart must jump out。
“What is it?,Go to prepare tea!”
Four is desperate to the original lady,I hope she will go.,Inverted tea is fake,Don’t stand here, it is true.。
After the other party left,Fu Fu, this is loose,I quickly came to the courtyard.,I saw Gao Bo Yi at the center of the courtyard.,Look around。
“Coldness,Let the Dado n’t smile,Please come in,Please come in!”
Fu Fu said。
“Secret is quite idling,But this is my fault,Didn’t take into account your actual situation。
But fortunately,Since I found it today,That I have to say it.。”
Gao Bao is watching a circle in the courtyard.,Then look at Fu’s eyes:“Running gas transfer,General,It is the central general,It is necessary to be committed to the committee right away.。
A family is still squeezing in such a place now,It is really some saying that it can’t be passed.。
Fun’s face,That is, the face of the court。Someone else seeing Fu Fu’s military congestion,How to see the central court?How to think about me Gao Bo Yi?
You and rest assured,Homeship,I will naturally arrange for you.,Today, I only talk about military affairs.,Don’t talk about these trivia,It’s good to pack it.。”
Gao Baoyi big bag,For a time, Fu Fu actually didn’t know what to say.。
A long time later,He hugged the trip to Gao Baoyi:“Trendy love,Fu Fu only the liver and brain can only be repaid,Please come in!”
This attitude can be。
Gao Boi smiled slightly,Then two people entered the study.。
“General,You have some days before,Not asking me what do I have to hand it over??I will tell you now.。”
NS1100chapter Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue(Down)
Narrow and simple study,Fu Fu, this high-top horse,Actually, I am a little bit of uneasiness.,The back is so cold and wet,But try to restrain your emotions。
“I don’t know what the big man is said.,What is it??”
Fu Lu tried to ask。
Make Gao Bo Yi to come home,Even“Small”Thing,I am afraid it is also a major event that can be killed.。Fu Fu is a person,But does not mean that he is a fool。
“I want to put you out of you.,have no idea,Do you have any intentions??”
Gao Baoyi is very kind,It can even be polite.!This makes Fu Fu to be stunned while,Also feel a disturbing taste。
Rhyme,Seek。Look at Gao Baoyi today’s attitude,Be afraid,It is very likely to give yourself a hot sack.。
“Most supervisors,Where are you going?,Where will I go?,Never two words!”
Fu Fu quickly gave a sleeve to the Gao Bao Yi。

Qin Zhi looked nervous,Sweat on the palms,Said to Chen Xiu:“You don’t help yet!”

Chen Xiu shook his head helplessly,Said:“This girl started beating people in a few days,You have to be taught by outsiders to be in awe,Otherwise, there will be no lawlessness in the future!”
Although Chen Xiu said so,Actually he can understand,Chen Han seems to dodge,Actually, it’s not messed up yet,There will be no danger for a while。
Qin Zhi said angrily:“How can you be a brother like this,I hope my sister will be taught!”
Chen Xiu said with a smile:“Chen Han keeps calling you sister-in-law,You are so nervous about her,How about you help her。”
“Help,I’m not as cruel as someone!”
I thought Qin Zhi was just talking,Knowing that she really rushed out,A flying kick kicks a strong man。
“So fierce!”
Chen Xiu looked surprised,Remembered:“correct,She would fight these freely,It’s okay to deal with one or two adult men with her original ability。”
The addition of Qin Zhi reduced Chen Han’s pressure,Tai Chi knocked down the two again,In this way, the number of people that Wan Zhiliang brought is still not enough to stand.。
“……sister in law,You drag the two on the left,Give me a minute,I solve the remaining four。”
“Can it work?”
“……rest assured,They are all dead meat from the gym,Long block is not strong。
Beating them is easier than drinking porridge!”
Said it was slow,That is fast。
Chen Han flew over while speaking calmly,One raised his leg and kicked it in the face,That person subconsciously raised his hand to block。

Although I said that this year of Temples often do some“Trickery”Thing,Tibetan sullet is often something。However, this time I went to the temple.,It seems that the taste is a bit heavy.。

“Yang Zauxian,Please come in。”
Gao Bo Yi made a give gesture。
Yang Wei shook his head,Sighing the temple enters the big huge temple,I saw the empty air,There is a dress in the Ming Tang.“Three clothes”Young monk,Sitting in front of a big Buddha!
“He called Cheng Xi Ning,It is the most faithful guard of the emperor.。”
Gao Bao walked over,Put the high jade to the other party:“Emperor has told the secrets here,Your mission is over,Let’s follow me later.。”
The young monk took the jade,Focus on the high ocean,Retreat:“Large manager,Please come in!”
Yang Hao saw Gao Baoyi,He suddenly found out,Gao Bo Yi Duan to Dazhuang Temple,It seems that it is really not a trouble.!
This bright,What is an amazing secret??
Yang Yu full of stomach,Tight after high,I am afraid that I am lost.。
NS898chapter Golden Buddha(Down)
The structure of the majestic temple is very strange,Located in the front hall,It is not large,At least it is far from it to its identity status in Yucheng。
This is the Royal Temple of the North Queen Royal.,Heaven,It seems to be some small family。
But after passing through a long cloter,Will come to the back hall of Dazhuang Temple,There is also a Buddhist Hall here.,Not only is clean and tidy, not only people cleaning,And still standing twelve big Buddhas。
Look at the law,Quite。
People feel that this should be the main hall of the temple.,But in fact,It is generally not open to outsiders here.,Only the royal family asked to do a speech,I will open this small meeting。
More critical is,This temple,Established time is not long,And it is built under the strong demand of the ocean.,So in the outside,Both a mysterious breath。
Including the twelve big mud Buddha。
At this moment,Yang Hao saw these Buddha statues behind the Gao Biyi,There is a non-coordinated in my heart.,It seems that this will not appear like this.。
In fact, it is not only Yang Wei.,Gao Bo Yi also has this feeling。
how to say,Just like in a decorated ordinary residence,Hard plug in a CNC machine tool,How to see how weird。
“Cheng Xi Ning,How do you say?”
Gao Baoyi asked。This person seems to be a high ocean arrangement here to guard against the twelve big golden Buddha.,For this reason, he is still in the art.,It is also dedicated.!
“Since it is the emperor to give the trolley to the most governor,Then it is naturally in accordance with the spirit of the emperor,Give these things over to the most,Do not ask。”
Cheng Xiu Ning took a gift to Gao Baoyi,Immediately,Shot。
More than ten hammers,Kongwu,Rad straight into the Buddhist Hall,Gifts to Gao Baoyi,It seems waiting in the order。
This scene makes Yang Yu to see stunned
He never thought,In this simple temple,Actually hidden in such a group of people,Guarding an important thing。They are probably the dead loyalty of the Gao Yang,And it is the kind of unclear。
“Be,let’s start。”
Gao Bao is gently swayed。

Real tomb——Li Mozhen&&Little dragon girl&&Wang Yizhenjpg。

Everyone imagines the ancient tombs——Chu Deman&&Grandself&&Xiaoxiangjpg。
“Be right,The ancient tomb sent some things in mid-May。”Chu Deiren said。
“Yes……Sacrifice or burial?”Woody clear,Tomb“matter”It should be these.?
“Do not,It is a good job。”Chu Deiren shakes his head。
Woody Qingqing、Huang Rong:???
“match、Assignment?”Mu Yizhen is more fearful,This year, it is actually better than you.。
“Ordinary!Previously Li girl misunderstood,And self-owned teacher,Some rumors,Just, the head is 18 years old.,Maybe there is a rack of waves,I went to catch up。”Chu Deee Correcting。
I don’t know how,Ancient tomb style,It seems that everyone’s brain supplement is very strange?Where is this prejudice?!
“Li girl?Yes……Li Mozhen?”Mu Yuqing also reacted at this time,This is not the reason why you are looking for someone.?
With Li Mozhen is an ancient tomb?
“Li Mozhen’s sister?Palm?Eighteen years old?”Mu Yizhen repeats these elements,Suddenly began to suspect,The ancient tomb of your own brain,Will not be with reality?
actually……Is another level“horrible”?
“Yes,what happened?”Chu Deirers are also confused,Why is Mu Yizhen say it?,And then stare at yourself。
“What you said,She looks good.?”Mu Yuqing asked inadvertently。
As for Li Mozhen, don’t say,Although the wood is clear, I have never seen it.,However, there are many rumors of rivers and lakes.,No one knows,Actian witch,But the skin is really good.。
“nice。”Chu Debans truthfully,Caise the sound of the molar。
“Ancient tombs except Li girl,And this good-looking head,Who else?”Mu Yizhen asked with his mouth。
“Wang Yin, who takes away from Manda Mountain Villa,Also went into ancient tombs,Is it a small teacher,There is also a disciple of Li girl,Now it is natural to be a tomb disciple.。”Chu Deirers are very honest。
“The king girl is also very good.?Her mother actually is so relieved.,Let you carry a daughter……and many more!Manda Villa?”Mu Yuqing just concentrated on the strange place,Say half of the reaction——Manda Villa?
In Huashan,Chu Deirers also and Mu Qingqing,Mentioned Wang Yizhen,But did not mention Manda Villa,So she didn’t go to a lionery。
Before Li Qingluo can be sent to the old servant,Go to chase the enemy,Naturally, also includes Qinhong Cotton。
“Is Li Qing’s manda!”Mu Yuqing is irritating。
Those old,I really brought a lot of trouble to her in the first two years.。
“Be right,You are very familiar with her.,Specially let me bring a letter,Mrs. Li has seen it.,Let me take a voice from Manda Mountain.……Calculate the words and you are almost the age.!”Chu Deiren“I do not know either,What hidden stories behind this,I am just a honest Lang Jun, which will not ly.”Look。
Mu Yizhen’s original anger,Suddenly。
I still want this time I can’t see Li Qingluo.,At least you can also see Wang Yin, this little woman,I must report a hatred in time.。
However, I heard the Chu Deirers.,I have known the quality of the kind of graceful cleaning after her.,Where can I guess??
Think of the king,And your own life is almost,The fire of the wood is small.。
At the same time, I finally understand,Why did you say the Chu Deirers,You can also bring king language when you return to Dali.……
“Is that woman get along well??”Wooden frown,Unwilling to ask。
“Which one?Mrs. Li is not good.,I am afraid that she is very afraid of her words.,Phrase……See which point you said?,Some fear,I didn’t dare to say it.。”Chu Deirens explained simply。
Wang Yu’s state,Be“Have a good location”still is“Get alongr”,Then you can vary from person to person.,Just short contact,It is definitely good to get along.,Because it is easy to have any difficulties,Treating guardians is some inseparable,But from the perspective of your heart,Some are not good。


Equity and Qiusheng exclaimed,Nine uncle saw two people,Raise your hand。
“Noisy,I am scared by him.,Have you good!”
“Nine uncles,I burned a fire.,The old man is not far from zombies,Looking at my scalp.。”
Liao Wenjie opened again,By the way,Bright, who have been flexed by three homes,The wound has not yore:“I met a zombie for some time.,Not only flying,There is also an control of the control,If it is not a brain?,My blood is sucked by him.。”
Talent and Qiusheng have a cool gas,Stay away from Liao Wenjie,Eyeness,I am afraid that he will change.。
Jiu Shi holds the arm of Liao Wenjie,I saw it up and down.,Determine that there is no depreciation,This is just a lack of:“Ager,How do you set the zombie??”
“simple,I am fighting at night.,Find his coffin during the day,Drag to the bottom of the sun,Directly coffin board。”
“Have a very right。”
“so,Tomorrow, we also give Ren Laoshu Sun Yak Sun.?”
“Nine uncles,say something。”
“Ager,I burned the old man,Indicate simple,But I don’t want to be in Renjiazhuang in the future.。”
Nine uncle shakes his head,Sigh:“Although I am、Practice、Slim,But it is inevitable that the more it is more in the red dust.,Many years,Common thing,I can’t want to do something.,Only for the birth of a lot of yin,After the death, mixed with a qi Dangdang。”
“Nine uncles,Can you say something?,Don’t play the bullry?”
“I am abolished,You still have hope。”
Nine uncle is not a good sentence,His hearts have been sent,Vehicle was won by a pot of cool water,Don’t want to talk to Liao Wenjie。
“You two,Prepare paper strokes sword。”
Nine uncle is not good for Liao Wenjie,For two stupid brothers, it is stylish.,One person and a cerebelow:“What is it?,Yellow paper、Red pen、Black ink、kitchen knife、Wood sword,Don’t you understand this??”
Know that I will take us!
Talent and Qiusheng face grievance,Trojan leaves the hall,After a while, you will be prepared.。
Nine uncle,Take the knife to wipe the living chicken neck,Waiting fresh red blood full of porcelain bowl,Pedal,Cup of handset。
He raised his hand to pick up the glutinous rice,Put on the candlelight,Red light introduces porcelain bowls with flooded chicken blood,Instant flames。
Follow,He took the ink poured into a bowl.,Stir well before the flame is extinguished,Finally, take the gossip mirror,Pour this bowl of black red liquid into the ink groove。
This Taoist is already Mao Mountain secret.,But Nine Uncle is not taboo Liao Wenjie is next to it.,Hell,There is no active invitation Liao Wenjie to watch,There is no way to steal him.。
“Be,You bomb on the coffin with ink lines,This can seal the body of the old man.,He is turning a zombie and he is lying in the coffin.。”
The first half is to say to the queen and autumn,The second half is to say to Liao Wenjie,He is trapped in the red dust.,I didn’t dare to serve my old ashes.,But not sitting in a zombie,This problem is still difficult to fall.。
WenQ and Qiusheng pick up ink,Old and old, survive around Ren Weiyong’s coffin。
“Remember,All places have to be bomb,Don’t have omissions。”
“Do not worry,Master。”
“We still have no problem with this small matter.。”
Liao Wenjie:“”
Forgive him to talk about it,Iron-played autumn,Wen Wencai,These two feeding pits are not a day two days.,Not worth trustworthy。
Not half-shaped,WenQ and Qiusheng will make the coffin to make the ink line,At least the surface is no problem.。

Jingpu came out of this strange space,The expression on Jingpu’s face is a bit complicated。

This stuff……
So simple
Clear the level by yourself in five minutes!
When Jingpu was still lamenting that this thing was nothing fun,Lingju holding tea,Also back。
Lingju who came back looked at him half lying on the bamboo chair,Jingpu was taken aback while holding the formation,Then he looked at Jingpu Road curiously:
“senior??You tried??”
Jingpu nodded,Some boring side returned this formation,Side way:
“Ok,five minutes。”
I heard Jingpu,A small smug appeared on Lingju’s face,So seniors can only hold on for five minutes,I didn’t lose until seven minutes。
Lingju’s face is a little proud,Was immediately caught by Jingpu。
Look at Lingju’s expression……like,Lingju is much better than his own??
For a time,Jingpu understand,Oh~~~