Addo know that he is to be stopped no stopping, so respectfully bowed to Shi, take them out the door..


  Let go of the woman, Addo gotta feel Xiao Yu report Lingzui, he knew Xiao Yu chase temperature is nine, so, came to the Prancing Horse Street.
  He did not expect to come here to see a Xiao Yu eyes closed in bed.
  ”Ake sister, Marshal him how, do the authors, headache disorders and attack?”Addo concern came up and asked.
  Wen nine saw more than one ah, did not immediately answer him, but let the plum bamboo and wood, and others, to go out.
  Others go, in addition to Xiao Yu, the house was alone with his two Addo sober person, the temperature only nine open asked: “You Marshal, usually eat what medicine?”
  Wen nine know, Addo Xiao Yu Guards, Xiao Yu about all the things that are better than others Addo.
  Xiao Yu know what medicine to eat, she can address the problem, give him a treat.
  So, this thing can only ask Wen nine Addo the.
  ”Medication?What does it mean?”Addo listened temperature, then nine, his face is very ignorant, Xiao Yu Although headache disorders, but he usually does not take medicine.
  Addo was asked, Wen nine felt some unspeakable words.
  She hesitated for a moment, then said: “Is.In that respect, impotence and the like.In short, this is a mess of drugs, he did not eat?”Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  1014 does not require the kind of medicine

  Wen listened t广州桑拿o nine this problem, Addo’s face became embarrassed.
  I thought, Wen nine this woman, even if born in the country, there are always the little shame of it, so aphrodisiac, she asked how can export it?
  Wen nine see more silent, a look back to see him frowning face, the whole thing with constipation.
  She knew that she should not be given A Duoken asked just like that.
  Wen nine rolled his eyes, I thought, if she is willing to ask it, she felt too ashamed Well?
  But for Xiao Yu fainted in front of her, in order to better ascertain the reasons for his timely treatment, she do not care what things Xiao Yu yin or yang eat it!
  ”Do not misunderstand, my private life to your home Marshal’s not interested, but he just suddenly fainted, should be eating the wrong medicine, given before, happened to his room to do.Keke.So, I guess, because he is not over-indulgence, tired, why they need to eat the kind of medicine.”
  A duo listened to nine temperature, then a layer of dark complexion and again.
  What is the over-indulgence, tired?
  If Xiao Yu woke up, I heard nine Wen said this will certainly be an angry old blood erupted again fainted.
  ”Ake sister, you are mistaken, he Marshal.Never do such a thing.He does not need that kind of.The medicine.”
  Addo really want to say to temperature Nine, to accompany him in the side for so many years Marshal, Marshal only interested in a woman only nine warm you up.
  Wen nine Addo say, but with the eyes of Xiao Yu looked up and down about it, I thought, too, looked at the man’s physique, even if he is really over-indulgence, you will not be tired.
  If the medicine can not eat, he just looks like that, how was it?

  The young man pointed outside: “Dispensers something went.But what I say is the same thing with the.”Yuehua Jian Shen night saw the stack of paper in his hand, he could not help eyes lit up:” But to sell the manuscript?The matter I will be able to call the shots.”


  Then he reached out to sink late wins over the hands of the manuscript.
  Shen did not expect this young late so rude, without any explanation to seize her manuscript, the moment some displeasure, they go lean recapture.
  Teenage just gave it a line, see Shen late to recapture go, could not help clenched his manuscript to step back, shouting his mouth: “Oh, anyway, you do not also sell the manuscript to the Well?Xiaoye me see, how the?You can not rely on your account?You say how much money, Xiao Ye afford!”
  Shen late great disgust as his assistant manager should face, shortness of breath the moment: “I do not sell!I also manuscript!”
  Shen late Exploration hand Quduo, after it refused to let her counter juvenile wins, two one to two back, just listen to stab friends soon, a stack of manuscript torn in two, and the late Shen also pulled his head during wear the hats were knocked landed on the counter.
  Teenager holding pile of manuscript and a half, between the rise flawless, clear touch is a pair of Ling Ling seemed monstrous Xieguo unyielding meaning of Cham black eye.
  Shen night saw half pile of manuscript in his hand, gritted his teeth, then raising his hands will give all residue draft flung the young face: “Rogue!”
  Language strike, bring hats, without looking away from the den.
  Good long while before the ink-vegetarian hear the sound of loud curse: “This is the crazy!!”
  Author has to say: There are two more wood 北京夜网today.

Chapter 73
  Holding hands, “Wu Kong”, is a teenager almost silently worship Yiziyizi.His eyes lit read word one point, they look excited one point, when read to ‘want that Buddhas have vanished sank’, suddenly excited face reddened, just felt chest ignite a force to break the sky, he could not restrain inner frenzy, suddenly raising his hand again and again to face striking case, repeatedly shout slogans few good character.At this moment he has completely substituted into the role, only to feel as if this has been the embodiment of the protagonist, separate heaven and earth, with a cavity that lone brave single-handedly against the sky deities, unyielding kind of deep meaning simply to be through break the sky, the moment he passionately excited.
  ”Yu Yi, how this is?”Then a middle-aged man walked from the outside, dressed in a green-brown satin gown, medium build, square face, looked very kind.
  This man surnamed Feng name of Mao, it is club, teenager behind the counter here is the den of his wife’s clan nephew, Meng Yuyi.They couple had no children, his nephew has always been regarded as pro-child, now see that Meng Yuyi is stare teeth is Penhold case, not help to worry about quickly came to view.
  Feng Mao loud interrupted sky imagined Meng Yuyi, had come out from out of the role.
  Back to God, come to see, Meng Yuyi the hands of a pile of broken manuscript to quietly hiding behind a possession, and then piled face smiles: “Oh all right, uncle Well I do not know, can kill the body strong head cattle, to have what matter?Yes uncle, I suddenly remembered I was a bit in a hurry, right, I’m in a hurry to go out!I will not come back to this one ink-vegetarian, ah, and so I’ll just go home after finishing things go find aunt, uncle will not have to wait for me, ah – “Soon as he finished, people would have been like a violent wind channeling out.
  Feng Mao anxious straight stamping behind him: “You can have what you hurry!Hey, wait a minute point do not hurt too much!You should never go out to stir up trouble Kazakhstan.”Before he finished, that car did not shadow the early.
  Feng Mao shook his head sighing.His nephew mettle this is good, but is being pampered at home headman powerful, this lawlessness to develop this unruly temper.This does not, the reason why two days before the night came from Yangzhou Jinling, not because this kid again Jinling stir up trouble, this is screwed his father these days to avoid misfortune.
  Ranging from walking to the front of the piece of home smoke long lane, Shen late emotions calm down slowly.Stop the pace a little rest for a moment, then decided to twist the body, and walked quickly back.
  That she was going back to her vegetarian ink manuscript.
  Shen late tan, Mind your own tough enough in the end, under numerous thoughts anger actually wrote down that piece, “Wu Kong”.Past She was deeply impressed by the charm of reading between the lines of text, and this world, when dignitaries pressing harder and harder until forced her to the cliffs, she’s suddenly understand the article was never really convincing rhetoric but whose characters that indomitable will, that does not follow the crowd nor a compromise to the powerful chamber lone brave, and that fighting for freedom of fearless!
  So, the real party is Wukong charm.
  Shen night took a deep breath, walked to the scent of ink fast pace and some.In the end she is confused.Even though “Wu Kong” could rubbing into a book, even if the book can be widespread, but little impact on that Yin Huo how high it?Zhibuding end their own but also by some prison.After all, although this is not like the former toward the Daxing literary inquisition-like, to beEnd speech is not entirely free, so if this innuendo rubbing published after all is not right.

peddler who come to our village, what think China, homespun silk flower, ratt北京夜网le cloth tiger, what to Han, a colt goods bear a cabinet, shaking his rattle humming “Hey-long boom, hey Lung boom “.Every time heard the sound of children, I will immediately leave open all Saya Zi out of the house.Shining ah, a person comparable to the fair when the lively effort, a group of women and children around him, want this to that, and occasionally want something he did not, he had to Haoshenghaoqi the center next time bring.Time to go, the children and teenagers, teenagers are chasing after him, when he’s pestering ask again.”


  Wenzhou said this time, it was a look of longing, to see that he was really thinking about for a long time.
  Wang Xiangqin no idea of Shining fact, she had not seen the last generation Shining, Shining in this life does have to Xiushui village, the village can usually stay in the sun the other无锡夜网 end of the dam, she seldom went to the other side, on the one hand is nothing in particular, they want something, the other is really what it takes to make a completely incidentally helped Ningshi.
  However, listening to these words of Wenzhou, Wang Xiangqin mind a very clear picture emerges of the scenes, the moment and asks him: “Are you thinking about for so long, that it occurred to you, so if when a peddler, intends to sell what?Still others sell what you sell what?”
  ”That ye might do?I was a young man, if sold, like others, aunt aunt certainly not patronize my business.I long to be good, the top is good to find out in advance what someone good village to a wedding, candy fruit snacks to help people calculate that you need, as well as meat, wine, ah, ah, to help his family when I have a neat repairing anyway, I have cooke苏州桑拿网d the nearby village eight mile

  Rest home, she has nothing to do with.


  Hatano understand what she meant, teenager rubbing dark heart relieved, interactive disc Yin Zhi is instantly disappear.
  ”Ah, sister, I am back to you earn Patent life, but also let you do the family patriarch lady.”Youth internal organs are burning, blazing ambitious, and now it will not wait in front of the little girl Pengdao highest position.
  Jiang Rou he jokes: “Patent life are generally to mothers, young married woman earns, wh广州桑拿ere his wife had to earn, or keep you and give you the future of young married woman, she gave me a province to be unhappy.”
  Qin Ye frowned, there are some things to say now, but in the throat, rash and felt unable to speak.
  He had rolled fingertips ginger hair Rou, meaningful way: “His wife does not agree, I do not get married, you and I had each other all these years, do not have a third person beeped.”
  Shusao They had closed their easy life, the elders no bundle, no child under the care of Ru, peace of mind is very comfortable, that is, ginger Rou daily sleep Rishangsangan, no one would dare say she is not the last part.
  This and other comfortable, ginger Rou is also not quite think it was sabotage.
  She broke off from a finger count, this year’s birthday is on the way to Beijing before, and now the two nominal age XIV, but also clean the day a few years, the idea is really in no hurry to set pro-marriage.
  Then squinting girl nodded: “into, but if you have a favorite girl ten million to keep me say, I am fine, there are going to propose marriage, our family is not the first gatekeeper, just look at the character, there is a certain to love your girl is only for hello to.”
  People are selfish, and in the event of marriage Qin Ye, Rou Jiang still hope that he will encounter a Zhilengzhire and considerate.
  Hatano oblique look at her, enigmatic, said: “Yes, she is still a little young, I have to wait, and it lasts will now mention to scare her.”
  Jiang Rou erect surprised, but then she said, not wishing to have a really big brothers like a girl?
  Her whole person sit up straight Leng Leng asked: “Which girl?I know what?”
  Qin Ye shut up and not say, just looking at her eyes Shining.
  Ginger has Rou moment of trance, she shook her head and asked: “how her character?Hello good for?”

  [Cold, cold, cold finally.]


  [This name disgusting me more than three months after it disappeared from our posted yet?]
  [Tang Tang is dead, something burning incense, who later mention the name of a dog who is!]
  So the whole paste it in peace spent上海夜网 three days, the results of the third day early in the morning, first dog appeared.
  Super Exciting news, Tang Tang to come to the middle school!
  It has been seen enrollment report Tang Siu-tong in the Office of Academic Affairs, but the application is not already set down.
  This photo was repeatedly confirmed that no trace of the P-picture, so it is not rumor, is true!This is simply a grab than the original Tang Tang Feng Yang light position but also shocked.
  Who had vowed Titang Tong who is a dog, come now Tang Tang, who do not control your dog dog!
  At the moment it is the first morning lesson, learn good honors are still serious lectures, dawdle rich kids were the first to explode, I heard a horizontal slot has enough to describe the mood at the moment.
  [My crazy day of it, these days anyone can enter the middle school?]
  [English exam before she broke the news that the twentieth, I’m blind Mongolia Mongolia than her high.]
  [Did not talk about her father did not call it an orphan, no money, no score how come?]
  [Tang Xin heritage might grab her father forty percent?]
  [Funny the fourth floor, Tangxin her dad all the estate add up to even half the playground can not afford.]
  [Fifth floor Shabi why it played with Tang Xin, Tang Tang is not bad enough to grab heritage of?]
  Tang Tang, Tang Tang, Tang Tang is full, lectures mood is gone, the moment, the group heard the news Banqun quarters of all active, watching the teacher lectures on the podium still, I can not wait to get out.
  Who is now in the mood to listen to you in class?
  Teachers also noted that the students behind the agitation, but these students that they are untouchables, so the eye, close one eye, wait a minute immediately left the teacher.
  The teacher front foot left, rear foot classroom on falling out, “did not read did not read!”
  ”Finally the class was over I quickly suffocated TM, this Editor’s Note ah?Tang Tang also can enter the middle school?”
  ”What middle school affiliated to the Tang Tang?”This time I do not know people who know,” Why ah.”
  ”Who knows,” the boys, led by the phone ends up in his pocket, “stiffly do not know?”

  They just thinking about the first eight Lai those who say, and my heart just like a cat Naoliao, that girl walk away Meng Tong Zhao gave three hundred twenty drafts Shane situation, which makes them what they think of the room that everyone Meng a locked room.


  They do not think these two drafts are Meng Tong genius earned, it was identified that in that room was locked up in the house.This allows large pillars and Meng Meng seven pounds in the heart of remorse just as badly coming in, only to find that three hundred and twenty drafts this respect are two of them.
  But look at home in front of the shadowy Meng Tong, plus it’s only a wolf, Meng Meng large pillars and seven pounds even flooded the hearts of greed, so there is no courage to break Meng everyone in.
  ”Tong Meng do not know how that girl who was with those bureaucrats have anything to do.”Go back on the road, Meng Meng seven pounds could not help muttering with large columns whispered.
  ”How to link important relationship, it is important that the girl who is now with those bureaucrats who climbed on the relationship, the future will not be a demon child E remediation Men.”Meng pillars sullen Road.
  Meng seven pounds a black face, increased aid cried, “she北京风月网 dared!”
  Meng big column of dark eyes glanced Meng seven pounds one, only this one let Meng seven pounds understand – she was really Tong Meng dare.

  ☆, 154 Hospitality

  Can be thought of Tong Meng hand held the money, Meng seven pounds and feel extremely itching.
  ”Let your mother to please, the biological mother-to-door, the Tong Meng Meng Japanese girl who can not let the door stopping?”
  Meng large column of bright light eyes, shook his head and can be followed with, “Mother certainly will not go, the mountain where there might be wolves in it.”
  Meng seven pounds also felt that it was quite tricky, “you say how the wolves would not attack those bureaucrats do?Is it because they are not imputed when they come the first time, so that wolves do not attack those grateful the bureaucrats?”
  ”Nonsense Shane?”Meng Meng big column seven pounds a stare, Mozhaoxiaba bow like a long while, just pull over Meng seven pounds leans his ear whispered.
  Meng seven pounds of a smile appeared on his face slowly until Meng pillars finished, he laughed excited, “with tens of two exchange a few hundred two, which is certainly a silver Mother’s joy.”
  Two brothers smiled at each other, work together trotting go out into the old one to catch Meng.
  In the kitchen with Tong Meng busy everywhere at once, they did not know their own two uncles but also the whole demon child E.
  She sweating at this time is with pots of meat frying.
  Stir-fried deer intestines, liver sauce deer, deer belly fried mushrooms, hot roast deer kidney, egg and bamboo fungus snake soup, pheasant mushroom stew, roasted birds, pickled blackfish pieces, stir-fried eel, venison honey , spicy rabbit small.
  Hot dishes are placed one by one on the side of the table, in the spring Erniang “indole indole,” the fast cut with cold dish made of fruits, the edge has been cut and a pot of spicy pickled radish, melon pot, a bowl of watermelon, cucumber salad pot.

  Soon turned away from the other words, wearing s杭州桑拿ilk clothes fat middle-aged man Xiaohe He said, “Yan boss came back I went to see that scene, really can make people aftertaste ah, Yan boss has a master’s touch right.”


  There Jiaoshu and he asked the man, “Did not you say you have several children also like Mrs. Yan boss play it?”
  The man laughed, “Yan boss play too expensive, even I only had time to grab two tickets.”
  Others joked, “It was with your favorite son is still the most favorite concubine ah.”
  Fat middle-aged man waved quickly, “not scarcity are not suffering, to avoid their fight to fight, I had to see for yourself the.”
  Gee crowd exclaimed, indeed the Shanghai famous cornucopia.
  Continue talking, but no longer mention Zhao Sihai.
  Two days later, Zhao Sihai broken leg can be considered safe to leave Shanghai, nobody blocked shots.

Chapter 79 of the Republic heartthrob
  Ji Shao neat they also deal with the funeral.
  This is why other forces, even the police station did not intervene, because the tube is whisk the Yen family floor face that they themselves can not hack it.Shanghai where seemingly everyday, Longshehunza, but actually forces entirely different,
  Yen floor hands too fast, even if it never had happened three years,
  This shot, or so Henli.
  Lobby peacefulness, it was on the second floor, knocked deluxe room, I heard the voice inside dare to go in,
  ”Seventh Lord.”
  This looks chilly elegance is also quite handsome man, is on the beach Conspire cloud cover as rain, and even government officials had met with courteous one-third of Qin Qi Ye, Qin Yu.
  Yan said a man came home floor, and Redstone help things, starting from Zhao Sihai interest to please all of Shanghai’s most famous actor of the red, Zhao Sihai lying in the hospital had to be strapped on the boat, and both detailed.
  ”I know.”Qin Yu eyes closed, nodded slightly.

Prince is wearing a dress, Mangpao in the body, the head Dai Yuguan, two Prince not wearing armor, also belong wearing Mangpao Prince, only a green cloth wrapped around the hair, if it is too dark tan, refined dress could see the blood of life and death decisions.


Similar two of life, and the line side by side, it is felt BROTHERS IN ARMS, close.

Later the man is familiar.

Weiqi Hui gave birth to this well, previously in Kyoto in time is more fair, because the wind and sun, some of his dark skin, but become more masculine flavor.

Xie Fei into the temples of the eyebrows, straight taper nose, thin lips sipping fo杭州桑拿rtitude compared with the original, Dandyism faded glitz, calm temperament up.

Su exquisite even know that he should not be small change, did not know he was such a big change, and it gets tall it seemed a bit high.

Su Wei Qiyue shaking exquisite arms, “my brother!”Quite excited tone.

I did not expect out of a trip, my brother calm up, it is far beyond her expectations.

Weiqi Hui after the city, they have been trying to find the Soviet Union in the crowd exquisite, movement sister heard the moment, he looked over.

In the Soviet Union exquisite pair of eye to see the moment, his eyes light up, where what resolute上海419论坛 calm, or the little dog milk.

Su exquisite saw this familiar eyes, lips curled, eyes shining smile also, Wei Qiyue little disappointed, feeling just a little calm her brother, and now back.

  But this dance too crazy, too difficult to control, and also it is not suitable for Xiao Xi Zi who set.Xiao Zi Xi is the only person to set up big beautiful masterpiece, you put yourself into something of ghosts and goblins, and also when what beauty?


  Xiao Zi Xi to cut some hair comb into a ponytail and put on loose sportswear, with millet went to the dance training room.
  Xiao Ying Zi has arrived, just dance studio next door, but the door closed, estimated to be afraid Xiao Zi Xi lying at the door peep it!She is not never done this thing, otherwise it will not be dedicated to the practice room to rehearse the edge of Xiao Ying Zi.
  Xiao Zi Xi to the dance studio when a dance teacher came, and another has not come, I am afraid it is not coming!
  Song teacher so refreshing to see Xiao Xi Zi, the haircut in front of him, still surprised, after all, every time I saw this girl, heavy makeup color is simply not to look like she had.
  Very pretty girl, no wonder known as the peerless great beauty of it.
  Xiao Zi Xi sweet greeted with a smile, “Good Song teacher, sorry for being late.You come for a while, right!Tough.”
  Song teacher did not know that just this girl, and this is the arrogance, the same as I do myself Girls?
  The first phase was scolded her dance, she turned and put them hammering discredited by a few, it seems they are all wrong dance teacher.She is so obviously have to jump out of trouble the whole blame on their heads, so that the original Li quit, today is said to be a new teacher, to now has not come yet.
  Not surprisingly, Xiao Zi Xi Song teacher shocked, she smiled and stepped forward and said: “Song teacher, I feel good dancing is not appropriate to say before, I want to change my.”
  Sure enough, not a good thing, but also as a demon.
  ”Keke, is about to start recording, and time is running out, I’m afraid time is too late.”Song teacher Hao Zhao did not want to continue with her.Founder also impossible to escape what good stuff can jump on the stage himself with a few on the line.
  Xiao Zi Xi smiled and said: “too late, I have thought.This is the music, which I like a good dance, you sit, it looks like the edge.”
  Xiao Zi Xi said the music using a mobile phone open, slowly breath, began to dance.
  The original Xiao Zi Xi is very fond of dancing, and especially good results.But later he broke his leg, parents do not allow her to continue to learn to dance, so it diverted to learn the violin.
  The original owner Xiao Zi Xi also been learning to dance, although the jump is not very good, but th北京夜网e flexibility of the body is nice.
  Beautiful soothing music rang, dancing girl, the same as if the butterflies.Each step stepped on the notes, rotate, jump, graceful posture, light dance, giving a dreamy, like a general in the foggy, the United States and some untrue.
  ”Good, good, very good.”Someone came over to applaud,” Yes, you can not think jump so well.”
  Millet has excited rushed past, “Teacher Chang, how are you?”
  Tommy smiled and said: “Because no one came to ah!”
  Millet: “.”
  ”However, Xin loss I came, picked up treasure.”Tommy smiled Xiao Zi Xi Road.
  Tommy circles considered very powerful choreography teacher, HE Cham source also concerts Queen’s choreographer, almost always followed by HE Cham sources, regarded as his right-hand man of.
  Such characters can appear in the practice room Xiao Xi Zi, the com北京夜网pany has not seen the dance teacher to Xiao Xi Zi equipped, and can only use this Tommy squatting Great God.
  The book also came Tommy, but was the original owner Xiao Zi Xi gas enough to choke, he would not come back after the second period, but added Song teacher accompanied her to reach the end.

Qin Jun does not speak, the Soviet Union exquisite look there is some inexplicable grievances from his eyes to.


But Su exquisite made up his mind not to take him, and if he put on, when it comes to how to convince the play Zhou Yi 南宁桑拿论坛Jia?

“I want Chou good pointers about me, ask for help or please be sure to eat better.Lu brother is your friend, I will not say directly shortcomings, Chou is the author, any connection with the three quarters of the crew, he was the best guide I.Brother, I know you care about me, but if you passed, you are a winner, Chou look on your face will not embarrass me.That I could not progress.”Delicate said Sue.

“Yesterday, I wanted to ask Chou eat, think sets of cotton, Chou quit.Before agreeing down today, maybe he also has experience for me just show.”Girl smile curved facial features, she was wearing a set of beautiful little dress, makeup charming, but there are usually innocent smile.

Qin Jun’s heart jump, he is too deep into the drama yet?

“That Zaoquzaohui.”

Hand man suddenly pulled up, “Brother, I’m sure, be back before nine.”

Qin Jun’s hand was like a girl’s temperature a bit hot, he retracted his hand.

Big Brother 7 winner is

If acting is holding up the small soft enough this role, why should cut off the small soft component of it?

Suddenly as it came the idea to let Zhou Yi trembling, trembling body, he is about to sit still.