2021 "Tianjin Safety Medicine Month" started

  Tianjin safe medicinal monthly activities are important brand publicity activities in the field of drug safety in Tianjin, which has played an important role in promoting social safety knowledge. During the event, the city’s drug supervision departments will organize the form of publicity activities, including Tianjin Medicine Safety Forum, enter the open day activities of traditional Chinese medicine label, drug safety network knowledge contest, drug safety public open day event, find the most beautiful pharmacist around you, Supervision of science and civilian scientific and technological resources exhibitions, reported to the public to report drug regulatory authorities, publicize the concept of safety and medication, and provide authority, precision, and scientific safety pharmaceutical prophet services for the public.

  Launching ceremony, Wang Wong said that this year is the year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. At the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, the relevant departments of drug safety at all levels will further implement the party. The central government, the decision-making deployment of the State Council, does not relax well with the normalized epidemic prevention and control, and strive to create a highland of medicine industry, and resolutely keep the people’s medication safety. Safeguarding drug safety requires the whole society to actively participate, transmit safety medicines to the public, jointly promote the exchange of drug safety, enhance public drug safety scientific literacy, promote safety social treatment of drugs, and help healthy China construction.