Sure enough, I still eat a long one.?

Yu Yu will help the congratulation,Help him take the dust on the body,Sudden sigh。
“If you leave,What can I do??Zhou Guowu will be like a cloud,Can look at it,Ability to have an appropriate,Only you,Is the most assured。
You are around you,I am in your body.,How can I ask you to go to the town??”
I heard this,He Ruozhen immediately,Give Yu Huan’s grateful:“His Majesty,Although the micro-ministers are dead。In the future, Weichen is more effective to die.!”
Yu Hao once again supported the congratulation,Take a shot of his shoulder:“Hey, I like you.,Let it go,With the palace。”
it’s dark,He is dragging the tired body back to a small courtyard that is not far from Changan Palace。Yu Hao said that he trust him.,but,I heard that he wanted to go to the town.,In the evening, I will let Luyun instead of their own value.。
If it is,He Ruoxi will convince the meaning of Yu。
But when your own old boy is dying in front of himself,And after being taken by Yu Hao,He Ruoyu has a lot of eyes。What exciting is in front of the Yurong,How is it grateful?,Hand grateful。
Once no one is in four times,He will reap over the heart,Recalling every sentence of Yu Hao,Even each action and expression,Carefully try to,What the other party said,What is the motivation?,What is the purpose of do he really want to achieve?。
Then he perceived,I have been so simple and ridiculous.。
Come to the study,He Ruoxi intends to see a while and go to sleep,There is only one old servant in this yard.,He Ruoyu is very simple now.,Complete different from the past。
Previously Luoyang,Hourly hit,An unprecedented。He Rukun is more than just the words of He Ruojia,And he also has the people and dawn wisdom that He Ruoyu does not have.。
And now,People who have a rain and rain are gone,Young He Ruoyu must pick up the responsibility of revitalizing the family,This is for him,Is a small challenge!
Ignite oil lamp,He Ruoyu took a grandson’s art of war from the bookshelf,Just sit down,But found the oil lamp,Half people in the corner!
This is never your own shadow!
He Wei, the sweat is blown up.,He touched the sword hanging on the book wall,Asked the sound while:“Who is there,Sneaky,Give me out!”
“Heavy will,Don’t move。In this room,I take your life.,Only between electric firms。Double knife,Guarantee that you die without knowing。”
A person came out of the screen,The body is actually very short,Blocked the face,Said that He Ruoyu’s son is estimated to have a letter.。
But he holds a short knife with his hands.,The momentum is definitely not installed.!
Is it dead today??
He has an absurd idea in the brain.。The other party is good if it is good,It’s not better to assassinate Yu.?If you really want to kill yourself,Just do it, don’t you do it?,Keep talk nonsense,The other party doesn’t look like a stupid.!
Congrato is calm down,Asked:“Who is it??If you kill me?,No, so many tongues?What is your purpose??”
Seeing the other party does not speak,He If you feel that you should not say something wrong.。
The short child will receive the cuffs,Seeing He Ruoyu。This speed,Really I can practice it a few days.!He is a bit tribute to the other party is a professional assassin.。
Perhaps the double knife,A lot of people。
The other party touched from the cuffs,But not touch the knife out,Instead, it is handed to He Ruo.。
“I am a high-end supervision.,Come today,But send a letter。Original,Your father wants to leave the tiger,Gao Caoyao said that if he returned,Yu Wei must kill your father’s sacrifice。
Although your father does not believe,But also left a heart,Written a suicide note,And tall governor,If he is killed by Yu,Then send someone to give this letter.。
Now,Greater Troad fulfilling the promise,Pass me to give you letters。Today’s letters have been delivered,As for true and false,You think about it yourself,I can’t really,I believe that your father is really saying that you are telling you.,You will leave only your father and son know the dark language,Square forgery,It is forgery。
Finish,This short-selling window,Fast!
He Ruoyu,This only believes that the other party does not kill the heart.。
If the other party really wants to kill himself,Some of the opportunity just now!
He walked gently,Looked outside the book,Extremely quiet,No, someone is swaying nearby,Heart a little。