After the Zhao Jian is gone,Qi Rui called Watanaba Taro:“Class long,The password of the Contact Department Director is already got,I will let Chen Jiaying contact them.,I will tell them about the news of Wu Tianbao.。”

“Long pool,This thing has been handed over to you,Don’t need anything, please call me,Let’s let go,I believe you。”
NS140chapter Qiushan Yadi!
Rui Rui let Chen Jiaying report to the power committee,The content of the text is to inform the eight major King Kong’s old seven Wu Tianbao by special high school.,Please send people to rescue。
This message appears at the Watanabe Marcho and the well-in-well table.。
“Well,Can the Suichi proud you can bring Zheng Yao to bring people??”Hands of the left, the left right arm Sato,
“it should be OK,Because this Zheng Yao first I also know some,This person is awkward wit to his enemy,Rejection for your own brothers,Especially for his sinister brothers,He received this news, first confirmed true and false first.,Once the intelligence is true,He will come。”The well is very peaceful,
“Owner,Then we can seize this person who has false name.!”
“Aptertice?Why do you say that?”
“Because he and you have a virtual name!”
“Ha ha……Sato!Then, we grab this time, this apostal, the name of the guy,This will make our well-selling public hall,Can also brute the morale of the person,Especially for the efforts。”
“gentlemen,Is it also the killer of the community??”
“Correct,They are the two sniper of jellyfish and pasta。”
“Owner,We sent so many people looking for jellyfish and animal husbandry.,Don’t really have two killers??”
“Sato Tree!The existence of jellyfish and animal husbandry is the true trick,This is a long-term Pool Jun auxiliary,And they are also the murderer killed in the well.,Continue to find these two people under all of us,Because I can definite them in Shanghai。”
Sato Tree Zhizhi and Chiranglao are the two most effective hands in the well.,Now the Chiranglai Sanglang is in the Huang Dao in the Huangdao.,Sato is responsible for some pieces。
After being sent to the telegram, I was called to the special high school.。
“Class long,The news has been sent out.,I believe that Zheng Yao has received,He will let people come today to determine the true and false,I need well on the well.。”
“I have notified him this.,Tomorrow’s newspaper will go out of Wu Tianbao’s photo。”
“Great,So I firmly believe that Zheng Yao will first come。”
“Long pool!You don’t worry alone.,You come with me,I will introduce you to personal understanding.。”
Rui Rui followed the ferry to the gendarmerie,I saw a high-tech female officer who took the military uniform and hit ten Japanese gendarmerie.。
Watanabe pulled a long time to read a wonderful practice,Ask:“Long pool,How is this woman force??”
“Okay,I see her martial arts China Kung Fu.,Is she Chinese?”
“Her name is Qiushan Yadi,Her mother is Chinese,Because her mother’s status is humble?So she wanted to prove sheright from sensibility.?Especially after participating in the army,Her force does not have a few men thanks?Her sword eight paragraph?Judao eight segments,Not only that?She also learned Chinese martial arts,So you have also seen it.?Ten forceful gendarmeries are not her opponent。”
“Do you plan to help me??”
“Yes?I have told her.,Your big name she has long heard,She is now the team leader in the gendarmerie,And also the rank of the price?Strong strength?There are also gendarmer squadrons under the hand.。”
“Qiushan Yadi!”Rui Rui Mingming this name, I thought about it later.,Is this not the murdere of the murderous Warrier in the spy win?!This woman is absolutely a role.,She is not only the team leader,Still a special agent,Let her help himself!I rely on?Is this not a big bomb?。
“Qiushan!”Ferry shouting,
Qiushan Yazi stopped and tribute to Watanaba:“Fate course!”
“Come!I will introduce you to it.?This is a long-awaited talents,Is our ace。”
“Long pool!”Qiushan Yadi gave a military gift。
Hurry and rush:“Qiushan is good!”
“Long pool?It is better to learn with Miss Yazi.,I heard that your sword is at least eight paragraphs.。”

Di Chen,Yuan Shou Jia3day。

This……This is horrible,Who is Senior??!!
Who on earth is it?!!
Can you even add things like Yuanshou to others??!!
After two people walked in carefully,I saw the ink painting on the desk at a glance,Take a look,Two people understood in an instant。
All this stems from this painting。
The picture I saw just now,This is the scene on the painting!
Look at the signature above……This……This is what I just painted last night?!!
Grumbling,Ling Tiannan and Di Chen both swallowed。
senior……Sure enough, senior……
If this kind of thing is taken out……Estimate the entire northern state,Do not!!Whole human race,Yaozu,The demons will be shaken for it。
Just put it like this,Never comprehend,Yuanshou,If this is a little insight……Isn’t that……?!!
And this kind of thing……It’s so casually placed here,Isn’t Senior not afraid of someone coming to snatch it??
but,Think so,Ling Tiannan and Di Chen,It’s all pouting,Also……Who dares to grab something from senior,I really don’t know how to write dead words。
only……Two people just broke in,Not greet seniors,If Senior is to blame……
For a time,A cold sweat began to form behind both of them。
Just when the two of you were going out quickly,Ling Tiannan saw the note next to this painting。
Ling Tiannan frowned and leaned forward to take a look,After being stunned for a full three seconds,The expression on the face changed from fright,Turned into ecstasy。

Frightened pheasant,Takeoff blocked,It hurriedly lowered its head,Drilled into the grass。Because of panic,As soon as it gets in,I got stuck by the weeds,Fluttering wings in a hurry。

Xia Jianxin Yiheng,It’s another stick。The pheasant did not move,It’s so dead。
Put on the spoils,Xia Jianxing eagerly rushed to the original place,The magic is Fang Fang did it somehow,There has been a small fire on the top of the mountain。The flame is burning,Two women are standing in front of the fire roasting clothes。
When Xi Zhen saw Xia Jian holding two fat pheasants,Couldn’t help but jump up,She seems to have forgotten that they are still in danger now。
Xia Jian started to have trouble when he threw the pheasant on the ground。This fire,Meat too,It’s a bit cumbersome just how to master it。
Fang Fang looked at Xia Jian and smiled:“This one wants me to come,You sit down and rest a while,Wait for the energy,Let’s start,Can’t wait any longer。The police are waiting,But not this waiting method”
“Oh!President Xia,You gave them your bank card, report it as soon as possible!Why did you forget about it,Isn’t Kari no money”Xi Zhen suddenly said loudly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Card is for them,But I didn’t say the password。These idiots didn’t ask,It seems that these people are not together,Should be put together。Brother Na Biao wants to swallow this money,So no password,Is waiting for the right time”
“Also right!You did not tell them your password,Then let them go to hell with this bank card!”Xi Zhen said,There was a bright smile on his face。
Fang Fang said nothing, digging a hole in the ground with a branch。Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“What are you doing?You really can burn?Don’t burn into coke”
“Do not worry!This is a compulsory course for survival in the wild,If you don’t even understand this,What’s my special soldier?“Fang Fang said,Smiled very proudly。
This anxious,Xia Jian really forgot about it。He laughed and said:“it is good!You two roast pheasant for us,I just use this time,Go find the way。Wait till finish,We set off immediately“
Xia Jian finished,Turned and got into the dense forest,He kept climbing to the highest point of this ridge。More than ten minutes later,A bare mountain appeared in front of you,There are no trees or weeds on it。

Of course if it is the main god,Turbulence across space naturally and easily。

“Humph!”The bloody elf suddenly let out a cold snort,Direct return。At the risk of being swallowed by the turbulence of the space, chase down an enemy that may not be killed?He is not interested。
The Return of the Blood Elf,Patriarch Bud and the lord of Youchang Mansion looked at each other。The bloody elf with the main artifact is gone。。It’s hard for them to kill the elves。
Use the power of the main god,Patriarch Bud can still overwhelm the opponent。Wait for the power of the main god to run out,It’s not difficult for the Lieshan Elves to chase them both。
“Since there is not much confidence,Then go!”The Bard sighed long,if possible,He naturally wants to kill the opponent,But a big enemy。
But now it seems,If entangled,The power of one’s main god is exhausted,It’s the opponent but a big enemy。
Palace Master Youchang’s face is gloomy,But left with Patriarch Bard。
And Wright, who was fleeing in front, also quickly stopped.,Escape at full speed in this place full of space cracks,It’s dangerous for him。
His advantage over other gods,Is the power of divine consciousness,Explore a wider range,Avoid space cracks earlier。But also use the power of the main god,This advantage is minimal。
“These guys finally left!”Wright blasted a space in the ground casually。
“This time it’s really big,Three master-level powerhouses join forces,Maybe I’m not afraid of them fighting solely on my own divine body,But if you use the power of the Lord God,My advantage of fusion supernatural power is offset,I’m not an opponent one to one!”
“It seems that the fusion of law and mystery is a little worse,If the law of the earth merges with one more,Or the law of fusion goes one step further。。。I’m afraid these three are not difficult to clean up today。”Wright is very eager for a breakthrough in strength at this moment,But now he still lacks enough accumulation,Have to go step by step,
A few minutes later,The power of the main god on Wright’s body completely dissipated,Also relieved。
For non-Dzogchen upper gods,Use the power of the main god to dissipate at the same speed。This shows that the power of the opponent’s main god has almost dissipated。In other words,Even if the other party faints, he wants to chase him,I am afraid the ending will only be completely opposite,Unless they still have a second drop of power。
“The probability of having a second drop of the power of the main god is not great,Otherwise, Palace Master Youchang also used the power of the main god,I’m afraid it’s really hard to escape。”
“Since their threat can almost be eliminated,Then I’ll go find Cecilia。。。”There is also a trace of worry on Li Ming’s face,Three major palace masters besieged themselves,Will there be no strong ambush on Cecilia’s side??
But Cecilia also has a drop of power in her hands,If the strong man who goes there doesn’t have the power of the main god。。。Then even the Palace Chief-level powerhouse is hanged and beaten.。
quickly,Wright leaving the depths of the earth very fast,Follow the direction of Cecilia before,Quickly catch up with metal life。
“Wright!”Cecilia’s consciousness is locked to Wright,Not only relieved,Just as Wright worried about her,She also worried about Wright’s safety,After all, it was three master-level masters who besieged Wright。
Li Ming soon knew,Cecilia also encountered an ambush from three strong men。。。Just three seven-star elves。

“cut,Isn’t it a dark attribute?,Look at your frown,I happen to know a way,Since you don’t need,Then I do not talk about it”Long Yuan deliberately hung his appetite。

“Really?I want”Fuming’s eyes light up,Can’t wait to ask。
“Don’t,I am making trouble,You are business,How dare I say”At this time, Long Yuan proudly don’t want it。
“I。。。Can’t I be wrong?”Fuming tone immediately softened,I can’t help laughing。
“Humph,Since you begged me,I’ll tell you”Long Yuan’s voice suddenly became mean,Angrily gritting his teeth secretly。
“I met a dark guy before,That guy also came and went without a trace,As long as there is a little shadow,This cargo can get in,I suffered from him many times,Later I invented a combat technique,Actually it shouldn’t be considered strictly speaking”
“Ok。。。It’s to quietly spread my lightning attributes over all the surrounding objects,This is equivalent to setting up a warning net around me,As long as he steps into my range of perception,Then he can’t run away!”
Fuming showed Mingwu’s look,It turns out that attributes can also be used like this“Then as you say,Is the lightning attribute the nemesis of the dark attribute?!”
Long Yuan shook his head“You think too much,All things grow together,The only thing that really restrains him at the source is the light attribute,So this lightning attribute can only be perceived,Can’t give him a fatal blow”
Fuming nodded“That’s enough,Just know where he is,I can kill him!”
“Mr,Lianfeng Town is here”The driver driving ahead yelled,Brought back the fuming who was thinking,Look through the window,The town says Lianfeng Town。
The car slowly entered Lianfeng Town,There are not many pedestrians in the whole town,Even if there is, it is cautious,no way,The name of the evil eater is too scary,Everyone is afraid that they are the next goal。
The car stopped slowly,Get out of the car and go straight to the mayor’s house in this town。
Set foot in the mayor’s yard,A man with a hunchback came up“who are you?”
“Hello,I am a student of Bailian Academy,I received the wanted order for the lore,This is my information card”Fuming explained,Handed his student information card to the man。

but,For Wang Teng,Actually Wang Teng himself,It’s very indifferent。

Such a thing,Start now,How to solve it。
I won’t talk about other things for now,But then,Such a problem,How to deal with it。
Actually just like this,It’s not easy at all。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,In itself,The more I think about it, the more it feels ridiculous。
“well,Such a thing,It’s very interesting。”
“But I won’t talk about other things for now,At least here,There is still a need to solve it!”
Just look in front of you subconsciously,The more so,Wang Teng is here,Sudden increase in speed。
And those people in front of you,I thought I had a chance to win。
But now look,These people are completely dumbfounded。
These ones,what’s going on,Why and what they see,It seems a little different。
When I was thinking about this in my heart,Actually here,Wang Teng is comfortable。
“but,Your people,It looks like,It’s still a bit too bad。”
slowly,While looking at these,In fact, for Wang Teng,Wang Teng’s heart,On the contrary, I don’t even feel that,What is there to worry about about these things。
Not only that,But the more so,Actually now,Such a thing,How to deal with it。
Just these,In fact, it’s not easy already。
And looking at these,at this time,Actually watching Wang Teng,Wang Teng said directly。
“in fact,I already said,you guys,Not my opponent!”
It’s in Wang Teng,I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously。
obviously,Such a thing,By itself,In fact, it’s more direct and thorough than imagined。

Sure enough, I still eat a long one.?

Yu Yu will help the congratulation,Help him take the dust on the body,Sudden sigh。
“If you leave,What can I do??Zhou Guowu will be like a cloud,Can look at it,Ability to have an appropriate,Only you,Is the most assured。
You are around you,I am in your body.,How can I ask you to go to the town??”
I heard this,He Ruozhen immediately,Give Yu Huan’s grateful:“His Majesty,Although the micro-ministers are dead。In the future, Weichen is more effective to die.!”
Yu Hao once again supported the congratulation,Take a shot of his shoulder:“Hey, I like you.,Let it go,With the palace。”
it’s dark,He is dragging the tired body back to a small courtyard that is not far from Changan Palace。Yu Hao said that he trust him.,but,I heard that he wanted to go to the town.,In the evening, I will let Luyun instead of their own value.。
If it is,He Ruoxi will convince the meaning of Yu。
But when your own old boy is dying in front of himself,And after being taken by Yu Hao,He Ruoyu has a lot of eyes。What exciting is in front of the Yurong,How is it grateful?,Hand grateful。
Once no one is in four times,He will reap over the heart,Recalling every sentence of Yu Hao,Even each action and expression,Carefully try to,What the other party said,What is the motivation?,What is the purpose of do he really want to achieve?。
Then he perceived,I have been so simple and ridiculous.。
Come to the study,He Ruoxi intends to see a while and go to sleep,There is only one old servant in this yard.,He Ruoyu is very simple now.,Complete different from the past。
Previously Luoyang,Hourly hit,An unprecedented。He Rukun is more than just the words of He Ruojia,And he also has the people and dawn wisdom that He Ruoyu does not have.。
And now,People who have a rain and rain are gone,Young He Ruoyu must pick up the responsibility of revitalizing the family,This is for him,Is a small challenge!
Ignite oil lamp,He Ruoyu took a grandson’s art of war from the bookshelf,Just sit down,But found the oil lamp,Half people in the corner!
This is never your own shadow!
He Wei, the sweat is blown up.,He touched the sword hanging on the book wall,Asked the sound while:“Who is there,Sneaky,Give me out!”
“Heavy will,Don’t move。In this room,I take your life.,Only between electric firms。Double knife,Guarantee that you die without knowing。”
A person came out of the screen,The body is actually very short,Blocked the face,Said that He Ruoyu’s son is estimated to have a letter.。
But he holds a short knife with his hands.,The momentum is definitely not installed.!
Is it dead today??
He has an absurd idea in the brain.。The other party is good if it is good,It’s not better to assassinate Yu.?If you really want to kill yourself,Just do it, don’t you do it?,Keep talk nonsense,The other party doesn’t look like a stupid.!
Congrato is calm down,Asked:“Who is it??If you kill me?,No, so many tongues?What is your purpose??”
Seeing the other party does not speak,He If you feel that you should not say something wrong.。
The short child will receive the cuffs,Seeing He Ruoyu。This speed,Really I can practice it a few days.!He is a bit tribute to the other party is a professional assassin.。
Perhaps the double knife,A lot of people。
The other party touched from the cuffs,But not touch the knife out,Instead, it is handed to He Ruo.。
“I am a high-end supervision.,Come today,But send a letter。Original,Your father wants to leave the tiger,Gao Caoyao said that if he returned,Yu Wei must kill your father’s sacrifice。
Although your father does not believe,But also left a heart,Written a suicide note,And tall governor,If he is killed by Yu,Then send someone to give this letter.。
Now,Greater Troad fulfilling the promise,Pass me to give you letters。Today’s letters have been delivered,As for true and false,You think about it yourself,I can’t really,I believe that your father is really saying that you are telling you.,You will leave only your father and son know the dark language,Square forgery,It is forgery。
Finish,This short-selling window,Fast!
He Ruoyu,This only believes that the other party does not kill the heart.。
If the other party really wants to kill himself,Some of the opportunity just now!
He walked gently,Looked outside the book,Extremely quiet,No, someone is swaying nearby,Heart a little。

“Mix,Who let you stand up?,Give me a while going back to eat。”

Nine uncle blows the beard,A female ghost has turned his two apprentices.,Fast。
Liao Wenjie did not say anything,Female ghost sound,It’s a very similar to the fox.,If it is not his mind,I will definitely be fascinated by the soul.。
“I don’t know how to live.,Dare to learn in front of me,Today, you have to fly.。”
Nine uncle takes the wood sword on the table,Anxious,Ready to rush out of Yizhuang to kill the girl。
“Don’t be excited,I will lose out you.。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head:“Nine uncles,Care,You calm down and think about it.,A ghost area,How to dare to 捋 捋。to be honest,Her surface is hooked Qiu,In fact, it is seduce you.。”
Nine uncles:“”
The truth is such a truth,But the words come from Liao Wenjie.,How to listen to how to change。
Liao Wenjie, a boxing, in the autumn waist,Stimulate the pain in physics,Wake the ghosty autumn。
so,Ghost fans are not terrible,Terrible is that no one will wake up next to it.。
“Nine uncles,Let’s take a meal.,Let the girl continue to shout,Be a song,Have something, she is called a night,Who can’t stand it first?。”
Nine uncles:“”
Ghost scorpion,The ghost is not very good.,Qiusheng and WenQ are certainly can’t stand it.。
“Master,Xiao Yu”
Qiusheng Xiangxiang wakes up,I want to ask something,I didn’t dare to talk by Nine Uncle.,Only have to look back to Liao Wenjie:“Jiege,Is Xiaoyu really a ghost??”
“how,Gentle and fragrant,You can’t bear it?”
Yes,Can you discover again in two days later?!
Qiusheng is so thinking,Talk on the mouth:“no,I just feel that people know that people don’t know,A good girl,It turned out to be a ghost, I thought I met my life.,so sad。”
Letter you blame,When you are lying,Manage the expression。
Liao Wenji mouth,Qiusheng full face,Don’t put what is innocent。
“I am waiting for you outside the door.”
“Why can’t you still come out?”
Ghost,Fierce,Qiusheng Gangnao open his mouth,See the fists of Liao Wenjie,Immediate cold stem。
Bury,A gentleman。
Nine Uncle and Liao Wenjie are sitting in the dining hall,Equity of Qiusheng is hurting,Survival,Will not be fans,Others can be different.。
Shoungee for his grandfather and Alway,The security team team went to the gate of Yizhuang,Seeing their wretched expressions,Already in the brain tonic。
Talent and Qiusheng smiled,Alway and others will work,Ren to be an old age, I still don’t accept the old。
Nine uncle is not unreliable,I am shocked by everyone in the courtyard.,Ambiguous,Continuous tape climbing into the dining hall,Still politely on the door。
“Nine uncles,There is a ghost outside,This is how to do?”See Nine Uncle,Running is like finding the main bone。
“Demon,Ghost is to find Qiusheng,Throw him out safely。”

“嘿嘿 嘿……”Zheng Yao just worried about tears,Now laughing out,

Xu Baichuan, I know that this six brothers have only to say that Xiaoxin will have a current smile.,Asked:“Will not be a small nine??”
“No who can he still,Others are not coming to save us!”Zheng Yao first didn’t know that Xiao Jiu saved himself and Tan Lin.,Yes, Fu Ying, telling,
“Xiao Jiu also understands medicine!Be unable to!”Xu Baichuan is also a shocked pop-up.。
“Four brothers,Tan Lin is good,Let him follow the small nine in the future.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“Row,As long as Tan Lin him is willing to say, I am not saying.。”
“Killing Action Group!This name sounds domineering,That is, our family is worthy of!”Zheng Yao first said that the sky was smirk。
“Killing a god action group?Old Six, you are intended to help Xiaojiu to establish a special action group?”
“Don’t use me,This kid should be formed.,Otherwise, you think that I will ask the boss to ask for the boss.,Three people in Tiecheng and Su Wenqian,This is a little bit。”
“I’m here now.!Hahaha……It turns out that he has already premedited.!This stinky!”
“Do you have a grievance??”
“I am not,I can’t wait to follow the little nineteen.!Old six, don’t be ignorant!”
“Wind,This time your task is arduous.!”Wearing expression and dignifying,
“boss!Under the submissive completion task!It must be established to build a military Shanghai station as soon as possible!Take the first shot after we changed the name!”Wang Tianfeng guaranteed,
“Wind,you’re right,This is, we return to Shanghai’s first,You have to give me a toughness!This is crucial!”Wear,
At this time, the power committee has changed its name to the Military Commission Survey Bureau.,Abbreviation is also a military,Wearing as deputy director,But the size of the business is still calculated by him.,Director Chen Lif is hanging a job。
From August 1938,National Government Military Commission Survey and Statistics Bureau,Is the military bureau,At this time, wear is also preparing this matter.。
“Please rest assured!My king is not successful.!”
“Wind,I will give you a year to rebuild the Shanghai Station.,Your strength is a long quilt.,I will come back, I will give you a director.,And guarantee your rank again to rise again!”Dai Chengno Road,
“Thank boss cultivation!”Wang Tianfeng is now the rank of the middle school.,Another level is the top school,In the power of this army, this army is high.,Six people have six people after the establishment of the military,Make a duplication,This position is not a one-point half point。
NS281chapter Nine brothers, you are too grievous.
Rui Rui returned home and put Fu Ying in his arms.,I haven’t seen it in three days, I really miss her.。
“Oops,Dear my mouth!Really!”Fu Ying Snow struggled to push the rites to the cheek,
“Only three days I feel like three years.,Come!Snowman,Let me have two!”
“Vibrate,Go to take a shower first.!”
“You help me!”
“it is good,I will help you wash。”
Waiting for a bath,Finish meal,Fu Ying Snow said that he said Qi Rui:“Have you called Zhuang Xiaoman?,She seems to find you have something to do.。”
“Her phone calling today??”
“Um,You came back before。”
Qi Rui Dial Phone,Fu Yingxue told his boss to send people with a dark language.,Specific detail interview。
“Is there any important thing??”Fu Ying Xue asked,
“The Shanghai Station is basically destroyed by Ding Mun Village, the special service headquarters.,It is estimated that it is a powerful role.,I still don’t know who it is.,Since notify me,May make me help him。”