“Ha ha!Not seen in a few years,You guys still have such skills,Pity,It’s not the age of alone”Gao Wei sneered,Wave of both hands。

Monkey Lu by his side took the other three people,Pounced towards Xia Jian from both sides,Xia Jian now,It’s not Xia Jian who could only kick back then,The boxing technique taught to him by Xiao Xiao,He never stopped practicing。
Silhouette flashes,Keep going,Just listen to pops,Xia Jian’s vigorous figure,Like a hero in a martial arts movie,Go right,Up and down,After a few sounds,Four people including Lu Monkey,All fell on the ground。
The box was not very spacious,There are a few people lying inside,Suddenly became a bit crowded,Xia Jian left Li Na in a daze,Out of the door。
“More than five years,I always remember the gift you gave me back then,Otherwise I wouldn’t have this today,Maybe I’m another way of living,Since I hit you again tonight,Then I’ll return it all to you”Xia Jian said coldly,Forced up step by step。
Gao Wei gritted his teeth,Shook his neck,This action,Is his signature move,Whenever he hits someone,Will do this invisibly,Xia Jian remembered it a few years ago。
Swish,Gao Wei suddenly came out,Scratch both shoulders and head towards Xia Jian with both hands,The knee of the right leg is in the air against Xia Jian’s lower abdomen,This trick is both evil and ruthless,And it’s fast。
If this is a normal person,Surely lying on the ground,It’s a pity that he used this trick on Xia Jian,It won’t do much,I saw Xia Jian trick the wild horse to split his mane,Point your hands outward,Knocked Gao Wei’s hands away,Body and move upward,Follow the right leg。
Slap,Knees hit together,Gao Wei snorted together,Two steps back。Xia Jian’s heart trembled,It seems that this guy is really not blowing,It’s much better than Monkey Lu,He must be cautious tonight。
at this time,Just hear a bang behind me,The door was stepped open,Xia Jian thinks badly,It may be Gao Wei’s helper here,It seems that he must be a good man tonight。
If you die in this place,Really become a romantic ghost,Xia Jian thought this way,But you can’t neglect the moment,Slid towards the corner,At the same time, the body made a ninety degree turn。
At the door,No one else is standing,But sister Wang,She is in a cream trench coat,Clasp tightly,Belt,Still tied up,A pair of black high riding boots,Shiny。Sister Wang coldly,There is an indescribable beauty and majesty。
Gao Wei was surprised,Then cried out:“Big sister!How did you come?”
“roll!“Sister Wang has no face,Just said coldly。

First0052chapter Beauties tender

The meeting broke up,When back to the office,Xia Jian discovered,Just kicked,Hurt myself too。
Black leather shoes,Also wiped off a piece of skin,Take off your shoes and have a look,Ouch,Inner forefoot,Also got a big swelling,It seems that I can’t leave my mouth,Fist,It really makes sense,This time,I really haven’t practiced much on my feet。
Door opened,It’s Secretary Wang,She’s handy,Closed the door。
“I scared you just now!”Xia Jian hurriedly put down her feet in her hands,Tolerate pain,Asked with a smile。
Wang Lin nodded,Sat down in the chair opposite him,Took a breath and said:“So risky!Thanks to you,I was careless,Did not listen to Mr. Xiao’s arrangement”
“How to say?”Xia Jian looked puzzled,Does this Xiao Xiao have the ability to reach the sky?,I knew there would be no today。
A small bottle in Wang Lin’s hand,Put it on Xia Jian’s desk,I trimmed my messy hair,Settled,Just say:“Yan Zhengsen and Zhang Chenglin are friend friends,Support each other within the group,Did a lot of detrimental activities,Mr. Xiao already knew,she is not here,These two will definitely jump out and make trouble,When I moved Zhang Chenglin,prepare in advance,But I was in a hurry,I’m busy with this”Wang Lin shook her head regretfully。
I didn’t expect the company’s boss to do it so hard,It seems that not everyone listens to the boss,But Xiao Xiao’s arranging trick to kill the chicken to show the monkey,Which Yan Zhengsen will be honest for a while at least,It’s best not to make trouble when you are in office,Xia Jian thought,Can’t help but shook his head。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“I never thought Mr. Xia was so young,With such a good skill,It seems that President Xiao chooses,Generally not wrong,Today this,If you change someone else,I don’t know where I lie now“
Mature woman smile,More lethal,Wang Lin was shocked just now,She is now,Like a wounded bird,Be caring for everywhere,Xia Jian suddenly felt like a hero,The one in front of you is the beauty,Hero saves beauty,Why not。
Xia Jian excited,Ha ha smiled:“I have no other skills,Just can’t get used to other people’s rampage,Especially bullying“Talking,Great heroism is here,The right foot moved involuntarily under the table。
“Ouch!“Xia Jian couldn’t help but yell。
This is shameful,I was talking big just now,It hurts right now。
Wang Lin,Stood up immediately,Grab the small bottle on the table,Bypass the desk,Walk directly to Xia Jian’s side,Say warmly:“Come,let me see“
Which look,Which tone,Even a piece of steel,Will also be melted。Xia Jian immediately made a voice in his heart,Bastard,who are you!Dare to think,You are now the acting boss of the group,I’m your secretary,Xia Zhima sat up straight,Said with a serious face:“Nothing,Go busy with you!“
Wang Lin doesn’t listen to Xia Jian at all,Squatted down,Grabbed Xia Jian’s foot,Oh my God,I’m Xia Jian in his twenties,Except for my own mother,This is the first time I have been like this by a woman,And still such a beautiful woman,Xia Jian’s body is soft。
When he reacts,Shoes and socks,Has been taken off by Wang Lin,Xia Jian reluctantly squeezed out two words from his mouth:“No need to“

“This is normal,Changed me,I would think so too”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。

Bai Li glanced at Xia Jian,Stood up slowly,She smiled and said:“I thought it was a bloody investigation。I didn’t expect to follow Mr. Xia,It seems that we can do this without a weapon”
“Hard to say,With such an arrogant person like Wu Xiong,He dared to do anything in a hurry”When Xia Jian said this,,A little worried。
Bai Li smiled like a child and said:“I’m not scared anymore,Just follow you,I think we can handle everything”
Xia Jian heard Bai Li say this,He is still very happy。When he was about to say something polite,The phone in my pocket rang suddenly。He took out his phone and took a look,Luo Yi called。
More than a day,Luo Yi just made this call,Xia Jian still feels a little unhappy。Because of this,After all, it matters,Dangerous。
Xia Jian glanced at Bai Li,Connected to the phone。Luo on the phone smiled and said:“Good job?”
“What do you mean?None of us officially launched an investigation,How good is it?”Xia Jian said in a puzzled way。
Luo Yi laughed and said on the phone:“You can start from the outside,The first method is right。I can connect with Zhang Xiaodong today,The right person。Let me remind you,Zhang Xiaodong is our person,You can use it boldly,Please let him know if there is any danger”
“Ah!It turns out our actions,You know everything!Zhang Yong told you or Bai Li?”Xia Jian said,Took a look at Baili。
Luo smiled and said:“The two of them with you,Impossible to do this。I let you pass,Can’t be alone,There are people on our side,Of course,None of these people will show up before the time”
“Ha ha!Or these people,It seems that our team is not small!”Xia Jian heard Luo Yi say this,I feel more comfortable。
Luo Yi sighed and said:“I let you go through。These people will come out to help at critical moments。I didn’t tell you in advance because the time was not ripe,If it’s not possible, it will startle the snake。But your pace should be faster,So as not to have long nights and dreams”
Luo Yi finished saying this,Hung up。Xia Jian looked at Bai Li,A blank look。He doesn’t know why Luo Yi and his son did this?
Bai Li glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“I know more about this than you。So let me say a few words here。Don’t have any complaints in your heart,Luo Dong and his daughter are really helpless in this arrangement。Because the owner of the branch,They can’t be sure,Who can still use,And who are no longer available”
“So Luo Dong can only let us come,Those who can continue to use,And like Li Yueming,Tag him,As the main target of this inventory”
Bai Li said so,Xia Jian slowly understood the difficulties of Luo Yi and his son。He is standing in front of the glass window,Overlooking the tall buildings in the distance,Can’t calm down。
the whole afternoon,Xia Jian and Bai Li stay together。They are discussing the next work plan,Because it’s too big,If you are careless, you will lose everything,Even life-threatening。So they are cautious,Lest there be any mistakes。
Although the two didn’t come to the scene in person,But my mind is not idle。By getting along,Xia Jian felt that the assistant Bai Li sent to him by Luo Yi,Don’t look at her age,But also a great character。
First2193chapter Wang Youcai comes out

“No,I just want to ambush down the cloud sword formation after the mountain protection formation,When this monster enters the mountain,Urged suddenly,Must catch him off guard。”

“so,You have moved the elders of the sword hall?”
The Taoist Hugh was silent,Is to admit。
“A little sure?”
“Less than two points。”
“Less than two points,You dare to bet like that?So where do you put the safety of the sect??”Taoist Baimei suddenly yelled。
“Sovereign humiliated,If my Jianzong doesn’t respond,Also talk about the safety of the sect and its future use?”
“presumptuous!”The old man with white eyebrows, beard and hair,“My sect has gone through tens of thousands of years,How many ups and downs have been experienced during this period?Don’t say the lord was humiliated,That the entire gate was captured,Almost slaughtered by the enemy’s disciples,I have had this experience more than once,But Qingyang Jianzong is still passed down to this day,What does it rely on?Is faith,Is wisdom,Is the awe of the avenue,Instead of your reckless behavior!”
“My ancestors,How long have you not joined the WTO?”
The old white eyebrows are shocked,Then sneered,“You mean to say,Ran outside with Xingjue,I thought I was knowledgeable,Can’t you look down on the old??”
“Disciples dare not。”Hugh Taoist bowed his head,“But since it talks about the outside world,Disciple courage,Because of the sudden change in the atmosphere of the world,Most sects choose to hide、Escape,Seems to be able to take care of himself,Inheritance,Or it’s called flexion and extension,Follow the time,Escapism,Dig your own grave。”
The old white eyebrow stood up abruptly,Pointing at the Taoist Hugh,But my fingers trembled for a long time and I couldn’t speak。
Hugh Taoist is unmoved,Still speak loudly,“Ancestors calm down,Vomit the old and accept the new,Fang is the way of growth and reproduction,So self-proclaimed can only become more dull and rotten,If you talk about the gains of the disciple’s trip,Just this sentence,I have recite from the beginning,Only remembered the day before yesterday,It turns out that the disciple never took this to heart。”
“Nothing more,Nothing more。”Baimei Old Dao slumped,“You are the designated future suzerain,Since the heart is settled,Let’s talk to the elders。”

A suffering of suffering,I don’t forget to pull the Chu Deirers.。

Chu Deirers feel,Just pack different and wind,Far away from yourself“Not talking about the rules of the rivers and lakes”Degree,Naturally, there is no meaning and other people,Trailing:“Three strokes?Also,This is the place of Murong,You don’t have to lose,Give the heroes play a monkey play!”
Said that I have already shot,Although it is abroad,But still reach out,Three finger stresses evil from the wind wave。
Original wind wave, I saw Chu Deirers acknowledged“Trick”,Also thought it is the other party,How is this refron is so far?,I only afraid of the participation fingers of my son, I don’t want to catch it.?
In fact, it is also a bad mist.,Murong is now martial arts,Absolutely above the Chu Deirers,Just the participant and dance, the Qiankun is far more than the distance.?Also I want to have a heart!
The three points of power under the control of Chu Deirers,Several non-color invisible,Although the wind is evil still feels,Even the knife is busy,But this refers to the turn of the air.,The circle hit the waist side of the wind wave、Vest and knee lone……
The wind wave only feels that it is striking three punches——Hurt,But there is no imagination so much.。
“Three strokes have been……”The wind is evil, and the single knife is played.,First, show your martial arts,Two is also reminding the opponent to be careful,It is not a yin。
Abi and Aizhi want to stop,However, the wind wave is evil is a good person.,Now there is a head,How can I let go??
Just disappointment,I thought Chu Deirers’ martial arts,Just when the wind is almost almost,Chu Deiren Direct Dynamic Road:“You still play a monkey play.!”
I saw the right hand of the Chu Deiren just tried.,The wind wave is very unclear.,Suddenly feel the legs,Then the waist is cold、Unconsciously……
Chu Deee is another shake,The wind is evil directly spread the knife,Slaidly, it is a different turnover,I feel straight to twisted my waist.!
This is not like the means of the big rivers and lakehood,Injudgment is the means of Taiji Masters in the 21st century——Put the people in the field,Even skeptical,This wind wave will not be a nursery。
But others suspect,The package is different but it is impossible to doubt,Did you have a chu deer to make a means of evil gates?。
The wind is also a violation,One force to force the suppression of their own strength,The result was injured three points.,Planted to the ground、Another squid、Another lazy torrential toss。
See the brothers in different packages,I am busy drinking:“stop!Speed except my four brothers!”
Said that I also cut the knife to the Chu Deirers,But this is anxious,Directly,Internal force perfusion, knife four overflow,Although it has increased a bit of power,But there are few……
“Bao Song and so on!”A Zhu still wants to stop“Oneself”Tap,But how can I get a package??
Chu Deiren saw the bag and cut,But it is moving,I don’t even see the sword、Not seeing,Just achieve the peak of different force,When the knife is running,Chu Deirers suddenly moved……
“flowering”A process,“bloom”But it is a flash of turning fleet!
From the time axis,Flower is either bloom,Either in the wit,No matter how long,All flowers“bloom”all the same,Just in this blooming momentum。
No one in theory,Be able to fold“bloom”if,Maximum is infinitely close……
at this moment,Chu deer reached out,Just as if it is extended in the long run,To grasp the most beautiful hand——Flowers are blooming,Do not have flowers!
Old people don’t feel such a clear gas change,Unlike the package,Also feel that the Chu Deee reached out,Later……Somehow,Just on the back of the knife,Then in our own pulse,I first feel the palm of your hand.,Then the wrist,It is actually between a trick,I was taken by the Chu Deirers.!
Eating melon:???
Although I know that Chu Deirers are not,After all, the rumor is in the five-five five-five-five,but……This is too fast.?
Murong’s person,Are you so weak??
Mi Yoko is squinting,Start doubting that these two are not different、Wind wave,It is the nursery of Chu Deirers.!
I don’t know,In fact, at the beginning of Hengshan City,Chu Deirers and Yu Yuhai for dozens of tricks,It is completely inlay,only“Peacock open”Look fancy,Therefore, it is not ugly to see on the scene.。
But after two months,Chu Deirers now meet Yu Yuhai,It is really possible to open five five,even……Can better defend less!
Package、Wind wave flow,The big arrival is better than the cloud、Little in Yue Laosan。
certainly,Distinguished,Winning or see。

Zhou Ye is very serious,But just softly“Um”write。

I thought I didn’t expect the ventilator in the old-age ward that the patient came with it.!
It’s a poor acid room.……
“This is not recent,This ventilator is always faulty,He often disables ventilator,1Patients before we came to emergency because of obvious chest tightness,The emergency people are also handling,Slightly evaluated the turnover to our oldest ward,The ward is empty,I can only rely on my face.。”Ma Pianyi shakes his head,Facelessness。
In the hospital is like this,Whealthhouse rooms are empty in the ward,It is easy to be emerged as a strong plug!
The ward in the department is equivalent to the doctor’s waist,The bed is filled.,Can you have a hard waist?,There is a forcibly arrangement of an emergency.!
I heard the patient’s breathing is a failure.,Zhou Ye guess the incentive of seventeen points。
“Not ingenious, he breathed tonight.,Right?”Zhou Ye can’t laugh softly.。
Ma Chao Yi’s face suddenly gave birth to a piece of embarrassment,This is really a bit shackled.!
Zhou Ye worsen patients with this chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,After the past few days in the ward, I understand and check the room.,Already quite experience……
Most of the patients and respiratory in the elderly ward and the patients in the respiratory are not like!
How can I not smoke??The effect of the drug is still?
SuchCOPDIt is not common!
So he feels that this patient seems to be a bit,Ask:“What is the past history of this patient??”
NS33chapter Reflections on patients
Ma Chaoli recalled some。
He looked at Zhou Ye,Slowly:“Previous history is relatively simple,Previous high blood pressure20year,diabetes15year。”
Zhou Ye is also“Um”A sound。
The past history refers to the major illness he has suffered.。
If it is just simple hypertension and diabetes,That is still relatively simple。
I hope that the patient should not conceal the medical history.!
Think of Li Si Feng concealed the family history of his tuberculosis,Zhou Niwu is still afraid。
If each patient does not cooperate,The clinical diagnosis of the original is a bigger difficulty.……
Doctor is difficult。
Do a doctor who is not lie by the patient is more difficult!
Zhou Ye asked a big medical record and habits,By the way, I asked a sentence.,“What is the special history of this old family??”
Ma Chao:“Ask him that I said that there is nothing special.,I haven’t seen his straight family since the time.,Send him is the nanny at home.。”
Please also get a babysitter?
It seems that there is money.。
No wonder that there is no invasive ventilator。
Now the market is a little new version of the fish jumping card.110,000 yuan started。
Chatty,Elevator has been from14Flock18building,Short2Minute process,Let Zhao Swino have already interested in this new patient.。
“The front is our old age ward.。”Ma Chaoli starts with a tour guide in front.。
Look at,It’s really empty!
No wonder patients who are emergency phases……
This is empty, and the wilderness will also see it.。

“Uncle,Do you want to lift you??

I also want to listen to your story.,how?”
Jiang Shuyu entered the door,I laughed and said that I thought my heart.。
Jin Xijie quickly smiled and refused:“Need not,Need not,I’m full,You go to eat.。”
Li Hui, I thought about it.:“Ginger sister,Since the gold boss said,You don’t have difficult him too.,Let’s go to eat first.,By the way, I have to explain a few things to Zhang Ge.。”
Say,Li Hui also looked at Jin Xijie again.。
“Golden Boss, take a good rest first.,I will arrange it to you at night.。”
Jin Xijie listened to this, I nodded and didn’t say anything.。
Seeing Li Hui’s back with three people,Jin Xijie is also a little flourishing。
At the same time, he also tried to stand up.。
Very easy to stand up,No pain,No uncomfortable,After he took a few steps.,I found that Li Hui Feng said that there is no mistake.,It’s really got to cure him.。
Such a fairy means makes him feel a little fear.。
It’s good to be a team with Li Hui Feng.,Otherwise, he feels that it is a little life, and I don’t know how it is.。
Li Hui has a few people to find a restaurant, just eat a restaurant.。
Zhang Duo sat on the dinner table, some are sitting hard。
“Zhang Ge,Eating,Don’t eat it.。”
“Hey-hey,boss,Do you have anything to talk to me before??
What do you say?,I have nothing in my heart.。”
I heard a lot of saying.,Li Hui’s heart is also a little hesitant,After all, there is still his brought it.。
I thought that the other party’s ability is definitely strong.,As a result, it is found that there is a strong ability to be strong.,But management is not。
“Zhang Ge,I want to reassign our team.,Let your subjective business,And I will prepare for me to take it.,Finance or Ling Sister,how do you feel?”
Zhang Duo listened to this,First glance first,Then I deeply saw Zhao Xiaoling.,Laugh:“boss,Do you hear anyone talking??”
Zhang Ge,This is nothing to do with anyone.,I am discussing with you to expand the split in advance.。”
“Hey-hey,boss,How workers add more than ten,How to split?
And is it to split this??
Do you have any words, just say it?。”
Li Hui has never thought of Zhang Duo actually so deep.。
“Hey-hey,That line,I just asked Zhang Ge.,Why do I check the financial statements, our recent fell,And our workers, I have not remembered that it should be more than 20.?
How do you have something left?,How many people??
And our business,I don’t seem to make money.,Where do we go?,Why don’t we make money??”
For a lot of Zhang,Li Hui has also thought about saying that it is good to say good luck.,I didn’t expect the other foot soft to ask him.,He is naturally will not be used to each other。
Since the village, there is something,His mindset has changed。
Benefits he can give,But want to get inch,He directly let the other person know what is regret。
really,Li Hui said with this series of questions,Let Zhang have a lot directly, I don’t know what to say.。
“Those are temporary,We have recently encountered a bit of trouble.,Waiting for this period of time, it will naturally get better.。”
“Hey-hey,That line,I don’t talk about this first.,Today, you tell me Jiang Xiaomei to take the initiative.,I want to know why today will make Jiang Xiaomei a girl in the face of so much mixing.,In case there is a three long two shorts?
What if I come late??”

When Xia Jian and Xia Fei were chatting,Chen Jing ran over in a panic,She yelled to Xia Fei as she ran:“How to do?My mother has arrivedKMUp“

“what!She really came“Xia Fei said,Hurriedly stood up。
Chen Jing glanced at Xia Jian,Lowered his voice and said:“I’m dead this time,She just called and said,She will be at the hospital in twenty minutes”
“How about this!If your body feels okay,Just go back with Auntie,I’m looking after Mr. Xia here,Wait for his hand to fully recover,I people drive back,Such a long way,I can’t do it alone!”Xia Fei whispered to Chen Jing。
Xia Jian glanced at Chen Jing a little puzzled and said:“Come here!You are so scared of your mother?”
“I ran out secretly this time,She thought I was at work,I went to see me at my work yesterday,Things are exposed,She might have cleaned up Gu Yue”When Chen Jing said this,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
Xia Fei smiled and said:“Nothing,Everyone knows your mom’s temper,No one compares with her,You should hurry up,Go with her!I’ll say hello from the hospital,Complete the discharge procedure as soon as possible,I can’t finish it”Xia Fei said,Take Chen Jing and leave。
Xia Jiangang is about to get up,Xia Fei suddenly said to him:“Don’t show your face in the ward while you sit here,I’ll call you when Auntie leaves,Remember,I won’t tell you, just sit here for you”
Hey!What does this mean,Is Chen Jing’s mother a tigress?。Xia Jian thought this way,But he sat back honestly。
It’s a long way out,Chen Jing suddenly turned back and waved to Xia Jian and said:“Goodbye!I’m hereGZwait for you”Looking at Chen Jing reluctantly,Xia Jian suddenly felt an unspeakable feeling in his heart。After all, they live and die together,Spent the most dangerous moment together。
The sun gets bigger,Xia Jian feels a little hot,He stood up,Walking slowly in the garden with your hands behind your back。Even though he was wearing a full-length hospital gown。People who can walk here,Like him all the time。
I want to have a good time out this time,Unexpectedly, Gu Yue was kidnapped first,Then there is this terrible avalanche,Almost buried him on the snow mountain。Xia Jian felt scared after thinking about it。
If you really die here,What can you do with the family??Can parents withstand such a big blow??And Zhao and Wang Lin,Will the two of them cry?
Thinking about,Xia Jian laughed himself。I don’t know what happened to him this time,Always thinking about such bizarre questions。Suddenly Lin Na, the nurse who took care of him, ran over。
This girl is very beautiful,The care for Xia Jian can be described as gentle and considerate。Lin Na ran to Xia Jian,Hand Yiyang said:“Someone calling,I’ve played more than ten,You quickly return one!“
“Ugh!I ask you something,Did Chen Jing in our ward go through the discharge procedures??“Xia Jian asked tentatively。
Lin Na nodded and said:“just now,Here comes a beautiful aunt,Looks like Chen Jing’s mother,She’s so amazing!As soon as she came in, she scolded Chen Jing and Xia Fei as a doggie。

This cult can only collect some gold and silver,The pattern must not be much bigger。

quickly,The big toast came to Li Ming,Li Ming also took out some gold from Shanruliu and gave it to him,But his eyes are locked on this big toast concealedly,Thinking about the innate strength shown,Can you capture the opponent。
of course,The fanatical mood of the believers around,Maybe it will bring him little trouble,But that’s it。
But Li Ming gave up this tempting idea temporarily。
No other,Because he still intends to see who else is behind this big toast。
Although on the surface,Seems to be just a cult,But this hall is quite empty underground,I’m afraid it can’t be made by ordinary innate。
Cult gathering,Very short,It may also be because Li Ming and others are more peripheral believers,Soon at the big toast, I asked the next gathering to be dedicated to‘Gods’More offerings。
Believers who have been brainwashed,Nature only agreed,And left the underground palace in an orderly manner。
of course,As‘spy’Li Ming,Naturally won’t leave so easily,Halfway back to my residence,Then put on a set of impervious magic robe,Use this magic weapon to cover your breath,Sneaked into the hall again。
“what。。。There really is someone behind this cult!”Hidden behind a stone pillar behind the main hall,Breath convergence,The five senses remain at the pinnacle level of the innate realm。
Li Ming can see,Before that, pretending to be a mysterious cult toast,At this moment, he is crawling under the body of a man in a red robe。
“the host!”A big toast kneeling down with incomparable respect。
“Asan,I let you build a sect,Not for the gold and silver,I let you collect the purple river cart、The blood of a virgin,There are also Jiugui Zimu。”Hoarse voice,And full of deterrence。
“Great master,Please listen to me。”The body trembles on her knees,But it is still very clear:“In the ordinary,As long as there is enough gold and silver,Zichehe can be easily bought,The blood of virgins can be bought with some effort。Even if it’s such a treasure,It takes time to make a layout。”

If it is supernatural power blessing,Li Ming’s power is completely comparable to a Taoist monarch。

As for the blue and white mist,It is comparable to the magical power of a Taoist monarch,But you can’t use magical powers,Can’t control the formation in isolation,It’s still worse。
Break through the world,Itself is the process of sorting out one’s own Tao。
Many Taoisms are sorted through this layer,Better fit each other!
“Heart world,expansion!”
Li Ming’s heart moved,The Tao that has been improved and sorted is the core,Continue to expand the world of heart。
“Boom boom boom~~~~”
The World of Li Ming’s Heart,But it has expanded to a diameter of more than 50 billion li。One formation,Very stable in the way of mind。
It can be said,Even without the blue and white mist,Li Ming’s thoughts can completely destroy a chaotic world。
And the Three Realms,The terrible movement is only slightly smaller than the deity。
“Samcheong,What do you think!”Suiren looked beyond the chaos,Amazed!
“On the movement of the breakthrough,Empress Nuwa was far inferior to him in ancient times!”The Sanqing Taoists are also full of surprise。
Before Li Ming’s mental strength breakthrough,But it can be hidden silently。After that, the blue and white mist is slowly rising。
And this time the breakthrough is mana,Great natural action!