After the Zhao Jian is gone,Qi Rui called Watanaba Taro:“Class long,The password of the Contact Department Director is already got,I will let Chen Jiaying contact them.,I will tell them about the news of Wu Tianbao.。”

“Long pool,This thing has been handed over to you,Don’t need anything, please call me,Let’s let go,I believe you。”
NS140chapter Qiushan Yadi!
Rui Rui let Chen Jiaying report to the power committee,The content of the text is to inform the eight major King Kong’s old seven Wu Tianbao by special high school.,Please send people to rescue。
This message appears at the Watanabe Marcho and the well-in-well table.。
“Well,Can the Suichi proud you can bring Zheng Yao to bring people??”Hands of the left, the left right arm Sato,
“it should be OK,Because this Zheng Yao first I also know some,This person is awkward wit to his enemy,Rejection for your own brothers,Especially for his sinister brothers,He received this news, first confirmed true and false first.,Once the intelligence is true,He will come。”The well is very peaceful,
“Owner,Then we can seize this person who has false name.!”
“Aptertice?Why do you say that?”
“Because he and you have a virtual name!”
“Ha ha……Sato!Then, we grab this time, this apostal, the name of the guy,This will make our well-selling public hall,Can also brute the morale of the person,Especially for the efforts。”
“gentlemen,Is it also the killer of the community??”
“Correct,They are the two sniper of jellyfish and pasta。”
“Owner,We sent so many people looking for jellyfish and animal husbandry.,Don’t really have two killers??”
“Sato Tree!The existence of jellyfish and animal husbandry is the true trick,This is a long-term Pool Jun auxiliary,And they are also the murderer killed in the well.,Continue to find these two people under all of us,Because I can definite them in Shanghai。”
Sato Tree Zhizhi and Chiranglao are the two most effective hands in the well.,Now the Chiranglai Sanglang is in the Huang Dao in the Huangdao.,Sato is responsible for some pieces。
After being sent to the telegram, I was called to the special high school.。
“Class long,The news has been sent out.,I believe that Zheng Yao has received,He will let people come today to determine the true and false,I need well on the well.。”
“I have notified him this.,Tomorrow’s newspaper will go out of Wu Tianbao’s photo。”
“Great,So I firmly believe that Zheng Yao will first come。”
“Long pool!You don’t worry alone.,You come with me,I will introduce you to personal understanding.。”
Rui Rui followed the ferry to the gendarmerie,I saw a high-tech female officer who took the military uniform and hit ten Japanese gendarmerie.。
Watanabe pulled a long time to read a wonderful practice,Ask:“Long pool,How is this woman force??”
“Okay,I see her martial arts China Kung Fu.,Is she Chinese?”
“Her name is Qiushan Yadi,Her mother is Chinese,Because her mother’s status is humble?So she wanted to prove sheright from sensibility.?Especially after participating in the army,Her force does not have a few men thanks?Her sword eight paragraph?Judao eight segments,Not only that?She also learned Chinese martial arts,So you have also seen it.?Ten forceful gendarmeries are not her opponent。”
“Do you plan to help me??”
“Yes?I have told her.,Your big name she has long heard,She is now the team leader in the gendarmerie,And also the rank of the price?Strong strength?There are also gendarmer squadrons under the hand.。”
“Qiushan Yadi!”Rui Rui Mingming this name, I thought about it later.,Is this not the murdere of the murderous Warrier in the spy win?!This woman is absolutely a role.,She is not only the team leader,Still a special agent,Let her help himself!I rely on?Is this not a big bomb?。
“Qiushan!”Ferry shouting,
Qiushan Yazi stopped and tribute to Watanaba:“Fate course!”
“Come!I will introduce you to it.?This is a long-awaited talents,Is our ace。”
“Long pool!”Qiushan Yadi gave a military gift。
Hurry and rush:“Qiushan is good!”
“Long pool?It is better to learn with Miss Yazi.,I heard that your sword is at least eight paragraphs.。”

“Ha ha!Not seen in a few years,You guys still have such skills,Pity,It’s not the age of alone”Gao Wei sneered,Wave of both hands。

Monkey Lu by his side took the other three people,Pounced towards Xia Jian from both sides,Xia Jian now,It’s not Xia Jian who could only kick back then,The boxing technique taught to him by Xiao Xiao,He never stopped practicing。
Silhouette flashes,Keep going,Just listen to pops,Xia Jian’s vigorous figure,Like a hero in a martial arts movie,Go right,Up and down,After a few sounds,Four people including Lu Monkey,All fell on the ground。
The box was not very spacious,There are a few people lying inside,Suddenly became a bit crowded,Xia Jian left Li Na in a daze,Out of the door。
“More than five years,I always remember the gift you gave me back then,Otherwise I wouldn’t have this today,Maybe I’m another way of living,Since I hit you again tonight,Then I’ll return it all to you”Xia Jian said coldly,Forced up step by step。
Gao Wei gritted his teeth,Shook his neck,This action,Is his signature move,Whenever he hits someone,Will do this invisibly,Xia Jian remembered it a few years ago。
Swish,Gao Wei suddenly came out,Scratch both shoulders and head towards Xia Jian with both hands,The knee of the right leg is in the air against Xia Jian’s lower abdomen,This trick is both evil and ruthless,And it’s fast。
If this is a normal person,Surely lying on the ground,It’s a pity that he used this trick on Xia Jian,It won’t do much,I saw Xia Jian trick the wild horse to split his mane,Point your hands outward,Knocked Gao Wei’s hands away,Body and move upward,Follow the right leg。
Slap,Knees hit together,Gao Wei snorted together,Two steps back。Xia Jian’s heart trembled,It seems that this guy is really not blowing,It’s much better than Monkey Lu,He must be cautious tonight。
at this time,Just hear a bang behind me,The door was stepped open,Xia Jian thinks badly,It may be Gao Wei’s helper here,It seems that he must be a good man tonight。
If you die in this place,Really become a romantic ghost,Xia Jian thought this way,But you can’t neglect the moment,Slid towards the corner,At the same time, the body made a ninety degree turn。
At the door,No one else is standing,But sister Wang,She is in a cream trench coat,Clasp tightly,Belt,Still tied up,A pair of black high riding boots,Shiny。Sister Wang coldly,There is an indescribable beauty and majesty。
Gao Wei was surprised,Then cried out:“Big sister!How did you come?”
“roll!“Sister Wang has no face,Just said coldly。

“Uncle,Do you want to lift you??

I also want to listen to your story.,how?”
Jiang Shuyu entered the door,I laughed and said that I thought my heart.。
Jin Xijie quickly smiled and refused:“Need not,Need not,I’m full,You go to eat.。”
Li Hui, I thought about it.:“Ginger sister,Since the gold boss said,You don’t have difficult him too.,Let’s go to eat first.,By the way, I have to explain a few things to Zhang Ge.。”
Say,Li Hui also looked at Jin Xijie again.。
“Golden Boss, take a good rest first.,I will arrange it to you at night.。”
Jin Xijie listened to this, I nodded and didn’t say anything.。
Seeing Li Hui’s back with three people,Jin Xijie is also a little flourishing。
At the same time, he also tried to stand up.。
Very easy to stand up,No pain,No uncomfortable,After he took a few steps.,I found that Li Hui Feng said that there is no mistake.,It’s really got to cure him.。
Such a fairy means makes him feel a little fear.。
It’s good to be a team with Li Hui Feng.,Otherwise, he feels that it is a little life, and I don’t know how it is.。
Li Hui has a few people to find a restaurant, just eat a restaurant.。
Zhang Duo sat on the dinner table, some are sitting hard。
“Zhang Ge,Eating,Don’t eat it.。”
“Hey-hey,boss,Do you have anything to talk to me before??
What do you say?,I have nothing in my heart.。”
I heard a lot of saying.,Li Hui’s heart is also a little hesitant,After all, there is still his brought it.。
I thought that the other party’s ability is definitely strong.,As a result, it is found that there is a strong ability to be strong.,But management is not。
“Zhang Ge,I want to reassign our team.,Let your subjective business,And I will prepare for me to take it.,Finance or Ling Sister,how do you feel?”
Zhang Duo listened to this,First glance first,Then I deeply saw Zhao Xiaoling.,Laugh:“boss,Do you hear anyone talking??”
Zhang Ge,This is nothing to do with anyone.,I am discussing with you to expand the split in advance.。”
“Hey-hey,boss,How workers add more than ten,How to split?
And is it to split this??
Do you have any words, just say it?。”
Li Hui has never thought of Zhang Duo actually so deep.。
“Hey-hey,That line,I just asked Zhang Ge.,Why do I check the financial statements, our recent fell,And our workers, I have not remembered that it should be more than 20.?
How do you have something left?,How many people??
And our business,I don’t seem to make money.,Where do we go?,Why don’t we make money??”
For a lot of Zhang,Li Hui has also thought about saying that it is good to say good luck.,I didn’t expect the other foot soft to ask him.,He is naturally will not be used to each other。
Since the village, there is something,His mindset has changed。
Benefits he can give,But want to get inch,He directly let the other person know what is regret。
really,Li Hui said with this series of questions,Let Zhang have a lot directly, I don’t know what to say.。
“Those are temporary,We have recently encountered a bit of trouble.,Waiting for this period of time, it will naturally get better.。”
“Hey-hey,That line,I don’t talk about this first.,Today, you tell me Jiang Xiaomei to take the initiative.,I want to know why today will make Jiang Xiaomei a girl in the face of so much mixing.,In case there is a three long two shorts?
What if I come late??”

Qin Zhi looked nervous,Sweat on the palms,Said to Chen Xiu:“You don’t help yet!”

Chen Xiu shook his head helplessly,Said:“This girl started beating people in a few days,You have to be taught by outsiders to be in awe,Otherwise, there will be no lawlessness in the future!”
Although Chen Xiu said so,Actually he can understand,Chen Han seems to dodge,Actually, it’s not messed up yet,There will be no danger for a while。
Qin Zhi said angrily:“How can you be a brother like this,I hope my sister will be taught!”
Chen Xiu said with a smile:“Chen Han keeps calling you sister-in-law,You are so nervous about her,How about you help her。”
“Help,I’m not as cruel as someone!”
I thought Qin Zhi was just talking,Knowing that she really rushed out,A flying kick kicks a strong man。
“So fierce!”
Chen Xiu looked surprised,Remembered:“correct,She would fight these freely,It’s okay to deal with one or two adult men with her original ability。”
The addition of Qin Zhi reduced Chen Han’s pressure,Tai Chi knocked down the two again,In this way, the number of people that Wan Zhiliang brought is still not enough to stand.。
“……sister in law,You drag the two on the left,Give me a minute,I solve the remaining four。”
“Can it work?”
“……rest assured,They are all dead meat from the gym,Long block is not strong。
Beating them is easier than drinking porridge!”
Said it was slow,That is fast。
Chen Han flew over while speaking calmly,One raised his leg and kicked it in the face,That person subconsciously raised his hand to block。

“Then two in this section、Three worship recovery,Be careful not to let the wound get into water,If the affected area is on the foot,One week after medical treatment,It is recommended that the patient will borate the foot.,Reduce walking,This is not painful,If the wound pain can be used in some painkillers,Or is a slightly slightly ice application,Reduce temperature at the wound,Reduce the degree of pain。”

Zhou Yewei will handle the experience of burns to share with Yang。
“You are hurting me!”Lu Min suddenly screamed again。
Although the people who have seen the lively outside the door have been displaced by the processes and nurses.,But the patients and families living in this room are directly witnessed this scene.,I am scared that I don’t dare to act rashly.!
Zhou Ye once again taking carefully this typical Chinese style dress22Bed patient,Suddenly there is an ominous premonition。
He suddenly remembered the similar example of recently boring in the Medical Forum.……
Now there are two points that may have to be highly suspected:Acute drug poisoning and acute stroke。
In addition to these two highly suspected possibilities,There is also a disease that needs attention to it.,That is the aortic dissection,Especially carotid clamping。
This is also a doctor’s pathogenesis.,Every time you don’t want to think,After all, no one can assume a responsibility of a patient.。
but,Many times, I would rather I have it.,Cannot be believed。
Because,Once misdiagnosis,For patients,It is the test of life and death。
Zhou Niwu called Lu Min’s son,Ask:“22How is the bed nearest??”
Middle-aged man:“I am always diarrhea recently.,In fact, there are very few things.。”
Zhou Ye went down“Um”A sentence,First acute drug poisoning is completely excluded,Because the elderly have recently been diarrhea because of diarrhea,More no eating wine、Special food such as health care products。
He also looked at the ECG monitoring in the old man.,Immediately after acute stroke is also negative,Because the old man is stable,As for the pathological qualities, it is also negative when they have,Muscle strength、The muscle is completely normal。
certainly,Only relying on these medical history and physical examination, it is impossible to make a sure judgment.,Some inspections still need to be perfect,Such as arterial blood gas analysis、SkullCTand many more。
Zhou Ye has walked to the ward,Ready to open a doctor on the mobile phone。
And at this time, I came to the door.22Bed elderly:“I don’t believe you.,You shout!”
I heard the old man repeatedly.,Zhou Niwu’s inner is even shake。
This mother’s,Will it really only have acute mental disorders?
Will it be me more?
At this time,The son of Lu Min also ran out,“My name is Lu Weixin,Yes22Bed son,Doctor, I have something to tell.……Maybe help you see a doctor。”
NS68chapter Discover new clues
Zhou Ye looks to Lu Weixin,Frown,“What do you want to tell me?”
I am upset.,Now he is openCTAnd blood gas analysis is perfect,Then it is the result of waiting for the consultation.!
Now, Lu Weixin runs again, what new clues?
Will not come to trouble again?
But looking at Lu Weixin’s temperament face,He can’t be angry at all!
Because this is piracy“Zhou Yunfa”!It is also my childhood male god.!
After chatting with Lu Wei,Zhou Ye knows that the original Lu family is facing demolition,The children have talked about the conditions with the relevant departments.,But Lu Min is not willing to leave the old house because it is difficult to move because of his home.,Because of this,In recent days, the elderly and children have a long quarrel.。

“Was discovered so easily?Won’t be so awesome?”

“Humph,Let him be awesome。Is this a warning to me?。Haha,Do you really think I’m scared??”
“Na Fei Fei She……”
“It’s okay,Feifei can’t say anything,Nothing will happen。Everyone is tacit,Does he arrange for fewer people by my side??”Biao Qi smiled slightly。
“Paralyzed,When is this kind of enduring life??Just turn your face and fuck with them?”An angry face of a man in a white suit。
“How to do it?Push all the old brothers into the fire pit?Tang Shiming alone,It makes a headache,The two tigers may not be his opponent。Besides, there are many hidden powers over there,Mahjong is also bowing to him,What do you think you can win?”Biao Qi shook his head,Very disapproving。
“Then we’re just so useless,I’m sorry?”
“Correct,That’s it,Everyone take your time。Ha ha,Doesn’t prevent me from doing tricks,Mingxiu plank road。”Biao Qi said,Can’t help but think of three years ago, SZThe gangsters of the city are fighting,I was besieged by myself,When it’s already hard to support,Brother Qiang appeared in time like a savior,A group of mysterious forces swept the entire underworld,Save yourself from defeat,of course,In exchange for working with them。
This person is not only cruel,And the city is extremely deep,Hands and eyes。Underworld、Bai Dao method is more effective,Fierce,Many bosses with background,Uprooted by him。Just one year,SZThe underground society of the city is full of big brothers. This ends the situation,The old gangsters only have mahjong、Geng Laowu and Sun Guaizi。
As the cooperation unfolds,Biao Qi finds out that this person is very ambitious,And what I did was just stunned,Even though I started from the dark,,Also looked scared,Just picking out a few pieces is enough to chop your head a few times。
Biao Qi knows that cooperating with this person will be forever,Helpless to be controlled by others,He obviously feels that he is not his opponent,Several small movements were easily annihilated by the other party talking and laughing。
Biao Qi also understands,The only thing that I let the other person see is the contacts in my hand and the industry with a good reputation.,Once lost these,Brother Qiang can find someone to replace him at any time。
What makes Biao Qi fear and resent the most is,I worked hard for more than ten years,Wife and child、The industry is local,But Brother Qiang came from overseas,You can withdraw at any time in case of change,And he became a super human shield,Don’t even want to run。

Su Seiming did not wake up,A belly fire:“Lu Hao Cheng,What do you send this three more nights??”

Lu Haozheng:“Immediately get up,Before you let you invest in a private hospital??
Call them immediately,Ambulance to my address to you,My dad is an accident.。”
I heard something,Su Sei Ming’s sleep also woke up。
“problem occurs,What happened,Your father is like,How could it be an accident?。”
Su Sei Ming clearly does not believe。
Lu Haocheng Shen Sheng:“Don’t talk nonsense,Come and move,I dragged Qin Ning,After you sent people,Ace,Go to the old house to find a clue。”
Su Sei Ming:“Good,Your old witch makes the moth.,I am coming.,Ah Cheng,Don’t worry,How can life don’t encounter a few big things?。”
Lu Haozheng,Does he comfort yourself now??
Lu Hao Cheng:“Su Sei Ming,Your IQ can break through your height limit?
A little higher。”
Su Sei Ming:“嘿 嘿 陆 成,I am long,Adolescence no jamsmanny,Are you very envious??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He quickly hangs the phone。
Already went to Blue Xin’s side。
Take up her hand,Go to Qin Ning。
Blue Xin looked at him asked:“Can you visit now??”
Lu Hao nodded,“Blue,Let’s go first,Dad can’t be in this hospital。”
Blue Xin saw a few people in Qin Ning,Suddenly understand the bottom,I am only afraid that the chairman is injured.。
Qin Ningyi heard Lu Jianzhen to the hospital,Stand with the same stone,“Lu Hao Cheng,Where do you want to turn your father?,He is now coma.,You are moving him,Just waiting for his life。”
Lu Haocheng watched her deeply cold,A face ridicitial:“Who is his life??
You are very clear in your heart.。
I didn’t expect you to be patient.,This thing tonight tonight,Let you start with my father.。
Qin Ningzhen,You have to stay veryarer,Delicious,just began。”
Qin Ningyi。
Lu Haokai and Gu An An instantly uneasy。
Lu Hao became the face of three people,I saw three people’s face.,Especially Gu An’an,Appetite。
Lu Hao Cheng,Hard bottom,Gu Anan is only afraid that Dad is injured.?
All say that ginger is old spicy,Qin Ning immediately responded,“Lu Hao Cheng,Want to take your father away,First go up from my body。”
Lu Wei was pushing downstairs by her.,She will not let Lu Jian live,Now Lu Wei,Is a living person,Death is also a morning and evening。
Even if he does not die,She will not let him live,She bully this little wolf, so many years,Still afraid that you can’t pay attention to him??
Lu Hao Cheng Junyi’s wind is storming,Tone:“You don’t have to be so anxious,You are afraid that you can’t get you.?”
“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t talk too much,Dad is very good here.,Why do you want to go to school?,Don’t you think that Dad is dead?,Indoof swallowing group。”
Lu Haokai also knows,Never let Lu Hao Cheng take Dad away。
Dad woke up,He is finished with your mother.。
Lu Haocheng listened to this,Face is more ubous,Cool bloom,A strong majesty spread around,Lian Lan Xin,I feel the terrible situation of Lu Haozheng.。

But except for Wright’s‘Own person’outer,The empire has also discharged many civil officials,For arrangements,If Wright follows the normal route,In the future, these civilian officials will also become his staff。

And he went on the road with Wright,And Smith·Joel,This is a tall and thin eighth-level warrior with a bald head,He is also a subordinate of Wright Future,Will serve as the commander of the third division of the Shark Corps。
But just from the number of people accompanying,Look in style,The newly appointed division leader looked like a superior。
Of course this excludes the height over ten meters,The purple-striped black bear guarding the Wright team,A purple-patterned black bear under his command,More magnificent than two 9th-level fighters。
Smith·Joel this person,Wright always felt that he was hiding something under the respect and passion。
Just when Wright and Cecilia were in the same car,The convoy drove towards Xley Province。
Thousands of miles away,The garrison of the Sharks,In a luxurious military tent。
A strong bear-like man,I threw a cup to the ground.!
“Those bastards in the army,Actually parachuted a little boy to be our division leader,In their eyes, are there people like us who have worked so hard to guard the sea?!”
“William,Why is it so angry?!”An old-fashioned look,Wear single-frame glasses,The seemingly slow old man said in a very soothing tone,“Do you have the ability to get the military to take back orders?Besides, don’t you know anything about yourself??The position of the legion,Either have the strength,Either wise,Either have a background,Which side of you!”
Hear the old man’s words,The brawny man named William relaxes,But still a bit unconvinced:“The old leader and Slok are gone,At least you and Big Brother Tiger are qualified to be commanders of the army, right?。”
“All right,William!”It was another man who said this,Doesn’t look very strong,But the body is very strong,Pin a thin sword around your waist。“I heard that the royal family intervened,It is a foregone conclusion that the kid named Wright will be the commander of the army!Are you going to disobey?”
at last,The brawny man named William stopped talking。
One on the edge of the tent,The unremarkable man made a hoarse voice:“Waiting for someone to come,Lets see,If able,That’s all。If not capable,Just let him go!”
“He can defeat the Blue Fort alone,You didn’t and Aya·Horace played!Aya died in his hands,Are you comparable to that old guy Aya?”
“Rely on Warcraft。”Said the husky man,Didn’t speak anymore。

This little bird that is coquettish and cute in the palm of Wright,It was hatched from the Peng Diao egg that Wright brought from the Sunset Mountains half a year ago,Wright took one‘Elek’name,This is the meaning of lightning in the old saying。。

I hope Xiaopeng Diao will be as fast as lightning when he grows up,Waving wings can release countless thunder,This is also a good wish!
The normal Thunder Cloud Eagle is a beast with lightning attributes,Its attack power is very, very scary!Wright saw little Elek’s mother back then,That Thunder Cloud Pengsculpture released a magic power far exceeding ninth level‘Thunder hell’Terrible thunder and lightning,Easily kill thousands of iron-winged fire ants。
But this little guy in his hands is very strangely showing bright attributes,The little Peng eagle who has only been out of shell for three months now,Not more than 30 cm in length,But it has been able to send out a similar third-level magic‘Intermediate Healing’Ability。Of course this is also normal,Cub of Level Nine Warcraft,Three or four levels of strength from birth,And three months after being out of the shell is the fastest growing period of Xiaopeng Diao。
To this,Wright also checked in the library of the First School of Magic in Poon,I even asked my teacher specifically,Cromwell Saint Magister。And the Cromwell Saint Magister is worthy of being an ancient sanctuary powerhouse,There is also a reasonable guess about the origin of Xiaopeng Diao。
The eggs that Suleite brought back then were indeed Peng Diao’s eggs,This must be fine,That special pattern is no problem。Simultaneously,The monster Wright saw at the beginning was indeed the Thunder Cloud Pengsculpture。After all, in the ninth-level bird beast,So Leiyun Diaopeng has the ability to release such a powerful amount of lightning。
in other words,Little Elek’s mother must be a ninth-level Leiyun Pengsiao.。How much can the eggshell pattern,Little Elec must be Peng Diao,At least the blood of Peng Diao。
But the paternal lineage of little Elek,But not necessarily Peng Diao!
Between Warcraft,Although most of them breed from the same species,Form groups,But there are also precedents of similar warcraft groups reproducing each other,It may even form a new group of Warcraft。
And if the strength of the ethnic group is different,Often shows the attributes of the stronger party,Of course, the strength of the average adult is often between the parental group。
Such as the very famous Warcraft‘Lion’,The ninth-level warcraft lion and the eighth-level warcraft saber-tooth tiger are combined,The blue-eyed tiger mastiff。The attributes of the blue-eyed tiger mastiff are the same as those of the lion,Are all fire monsters,Not the soil of the saber-toothed tiger。As for strength,Same as eight-level warcraft,An adult blue-eyed tiger mastiff can easily defeat a saber-toothed tiger!The same,The golden-eyed lion mastiff born from the combination of the lion and the lion-like warcraft lion,It’s also the fire system instead of the lion’s wind system,The strength is also a strong eighth-level monster。
And Leiyun Pengsiao is already the top ninth level of Warcraft,And in the same level of blood,The mother’s role is undoubtedly greater,The thunder system that can beat the little Elek’s mother,It shows that the paternal line of little Elek is very likely to be a bright sanctuary monster!

After Li Ming fully controls this token,Consciousness penetration,Instantly enter a space。

“Similar to the virtual universe of my human race,But it involves a higher level!”Li Ming’s vision is high,Distinguished instantly。
Virtual universe,Universe-level eyesight is enough to distinguish it from the real world。
But the space behind this token,Seems to be a virtual space,but‘simulation’Extremely high,At least with Li Ming’s eyesight,It’s also difficult to discover the real situation without using the secret of will。
“Make it so difficult,Let me see what are the benefits of tokens?”
A thought,A lot of information comes to mind。
“That’s it~”See the message in the token space,Li Ming just understood。
original,The token space is the most important core area of the entire Heart Saint Sect。
“Eight spaces,Three of the three spaces are needed‘Six Holy Merit Points’Before use,Including the inheritance of secret techniques,Treasure Exchange,And specifically ask the Void God and the Eternal God to give pointers—This is needed‘Six Holy Merit Points’Exchanged—The Six Saints merit points need to be completed to obtain。”
“Five other spaces,Are the battle trial space,Can simulate opponents with different fighting styles;Practice demonstration space,Deliberately let the strong practice many moves,Contains extremely clever rules;Refining space、Refining the treasure、The simulation space of mechanical flow;Will space,Can be used to sharpen the will,The effect is similar to the black stone pillar space;Blood space,There are countless bloodline gene maps,You can use this bloodline space to simulate the divine power route—If in real space,It is also very risky for those who do not have a clone to follow the line of divine power,However, the virtual network similar to human cannot perfectly simulate the method of taking the divine power route.。。This bloodline space can。”
“It really is。。This token space can be said to completely make up for my current lack of practice!”
For inheritance,Li Ming doesn’t really pay much attention,Because on the surface,These inheritances of the Heart Saint Sect、The secret technique and so on are not much stronger than the Star Spirit line。
But other channels such as the exchange of treasures、Simulating opponents and practicing secret techniques,Is too valuable to him。
no way,The Star Spirit passed on to him,It’s just a simple inheritance,That a large number of treasures to aid spiritual practice,All equipment is gone。
And this token space,Well made up for these shortcomings。
“Ok,It seems this‘Six Holy Merit Points’It’s not so easy to get。At the master level,An era can accept at most one mission,Generally speaking, a mission is as small as three to five merit points,No more than 20 merit points。And at random a treasure of true god level,Have thousands of merit points。”Li Ming is also a little speechless,Of course only completed 200 missions,almost200In the time of epoch, obtain a so-called Xeon in the universe,Already exaggerated,But it’s a bit slow for me。”
“For me,The biggest benefit for me is the practice of law,I’m here【Jizo】It hasn’t improved for a long time,Let me see how this demo space works。”
Based on previously obtained information,Li Ming knows what to do?
“Demo space,Turn on!”
With the voice falling,Li Ming’s surroundings began to change upside down。