After Li Ming fully controls this token,Consciousness penetration,Instantly enter a space。

“Similar to the virtual universe of my human race,But it involves a higher level!”Li Ming’s vision is high,Distinguished instantly。
Virtual universe,Universe-level eyesight is enough to distinguish it from the real world。
But the space behind this token,Seems to be a virtual space,but‘simulation’Extremely high,At least with Li Ming’s eyesight,It’s also difficult to discover the real situation without using the secret of will。
“Make it so difficult,Let me see what are the benefits of tokens?”
A thought,A lot of information comes to mind。
“That’s it~”See the message in the token space,Li Ming just understood。
original,The token space is the most important core area of the entire Heart Saint Sect。
“Eight spaces,Three of the three spaces are needed‘Six Holy Merit Points’Before use,Including the inheritance of secret techniques,Treasure Exchange,And specifically ask the Void God and the Eternal God to give pointers—This is needed‘Six Holy Merit Points’Exchanged—The Six Saints merit points need to be completed to obtain。”
“Five other spaces,Are the battle trial space,Can simulate opponents with different fighting styles;Practice demonstration space,Deliberately let the strong practice many moves,Contains extremely clever rules;Refining space、Refining the treasure、The simulation space of mechanical flow;Will space,Can be used to sharpen the will,The effect is similar to the black stone pillar space;Blood space,There are countless bloodline gene maps,You can use this bloodline space to simulate the divine power route—If in real space,It is also very risky for those who do not have a clone to follow the line of divine power,However, the virtual network similar to human cannot perfectly simulate the method of taking the divine power route.。。This bloodline space can。”
“It really is。。This token space can be said to completely make up for my current lack of practice!”
For inheritance,Li Ming doesn’t really pay much attention,Because on the surface,These inheritances of the Heart Saint Sect、The secret technique and so on are not much stronger than the Star Spirit line。
But other channels such as the exchange of treasures、Simulating opponents and practicing secret techniques,Is too valuable to him。
no way,The Star Spirit passed on to him,It’s just a simple inheritance,That a large number of treasures to aid spiritual practice,All equipment is gone。
And this token space,Well made up for these shortcomings。
“Ok,It seems this‘Six Holy Merit Points’It’s not so easy to get。At the master level,An era can accept at most one mission,Generally speaking, a mission is as small as three to five merit points,No more than 20 merit points。And at random a treasure of true god level,Have thousands of merit points。”Li Ming is also a little speechless,Of course only completed 200 missions,almost200In the time of epoch, obtain a so-called Xeon in the universe,Already exaggerated,But it’s a bit slow for me。”
“For me,The biggest benefit for me is the practice of law,I’m here【Jizo】It hasn’t improved for a long time,Let me see how this demo space works。”
Based on previously obtained information,Li Ming knows what to do?
“Demo space,Turn on!”
With the voice falling,Li Ming’s surroundings began to change upside down。

But less than a while,She ran into the living room by herself。She smiled and said to Xia Jian:“I wear three times more clothes than usual,But still a bit cold”

“The temperature during this period is not low,If you came when it snowed last time,I don’t want to freeze you”Xia Jian smiled,Hello Luo Yi for tea。
Sun Yuejuan always has a faint smile on her face,I can see that he still likes Luo Yi。Xia Zecheng is a serious book,Talk to Xia Jiandong,Say something irrelevant。
“Jianer!Had lunch,You take this girl to buy some thick clothes,These clothes she wears are not good。Listen to the weather forecast,It’s going to cool and snow again these two days”Sun Yuejuan sitting on the side,Said with a smile。
Luo one by one,Happy face。She smiled and said:“That’s great,I have good luck this time,It seems that I can really see the snow”
“Ha ha!Haven’t you seen snow when you grew up??”The honest Xia Zecheng suddenly smiled and asked。
Luo nodded and said:“Really not,Only watched on TV。It was snowing where I stayed in the U.S.,But every year in winter,I was called back by grandmaGZ,She’s afraid of freezing me”When Luo Yi talked about grandma,,Red eye circles。
Xia Jian quickly changed the topic,He asked softly:“What do you want to eat at noon,Let my mother do it for you”
“ No need to be special,What do you eat,I just follow what I eat,I can eat noodles。”Luo chuckled,Looks very easygoing。This is really rare,She is at home,He is simply a bully。Not only did grandma let her,Even Luo Jun never dared to say a word to her。
Every time Grandma Luo and Luo had a fight,Grandma Luo looks fierce,But Xia Jian knew,Grandma Luo, this is pretend,I’ll still let grandma later。
Make sure to order noodles at noon,Sun Yuejuan went to the kitchen,Xia Zecheng is going to pick up Xiao Chenchen。There are only Luo Yi and Xia Jian left in the living room。
“Hey!Your dad just said he was going to pick up his grandson,how?You have a son?”Luo Yi has a strange look on his face。Is disappointed,Still angry,In short, complex expression。
Xia Jian knows Luo Yi’s temper,This matter is not explained clearly,I’m afraid this woman will show off again。She gets angry,May be alarmedGZWhich way。
Xia Jian thought for a while,Took a breath,Tell Luo Yi about Xiao Chenchen’s life experience。Luo Yi listened,The frowning brows feel comfortable。
But Xia Jian concealed a fact when he said this to Luo Yi,That’s the ambiguous relationship between him and Zhou Li, he didn’t mention a word,Just say they are colleagues。Luo Yi didn’t go into it,Xia Jian can’t say anything。
The two are talking,Unconsciously,Sun Yuejuan’s rice is ready。Xia Jian originally wanted to wait for his father to come back to eat,I didn’t expect my mother to bring the meal to the table in advance。
Xia Jian suddenly remembered,Didn’t this kindergarten let the children come back at noon??Why did my dad go pick Chenchen today??Just ask,The heating pipe in the kindergarten is broken,Half day off in the whole park,To repair heating pipes。
Since this is the case,Xia Jian has nothing to say,Hello, Luo Yi talked about the handmade noodles made by my old lady。What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,Luo Yi’s face is not bad。Although I only ate a small bowl,But she still likes the way she eats noodles。
The food is clean,Nothing hard to swallow。Seeing Sun Yuejuan also laughed,She smiled and said:“Luo Yi!I didn’t expect your noodles to look so good”

“it is good!I, Chen Sanwa, don’t know Taishan,Convincingly lose”Chen Sanwa clasped fists with both hands,Said loudly to Xia Jian。He can treat Xia Jian like this,It’s beyond everyone’s expectations。

Xia Jian takes a step forward,Approaching Chen Sanwa:“I’m Xia Jian, the general manager of Venture Group,I invested in the whole walnut planting in Donglin Township,If you are not convinced,You can come to me in Pingdu”
Chen Sanwa,Three changes in face,This person seems young,But with such great style,It seems that he hit hard stubble。In front of so many people,He had to say repeatedly:“Dare not,Dare not。How offended tonight,I will make you apologize someday”Chen Sanwa finished,Turn around and want to slip away。
How could Xia Jian let him leave so easily,He pulled him over as soon as he reached out,Chen Sanwa is broken,Even his two followers stood there in shock,Dare not move。
In the crowd,I don’t know who couldn’t help laughing,There was a commotion in the crowd。They may have never seen Chen Sanwa look embarrassed tonight。
“Listen to me,Chief Li is my friend,So from now on you can no longer trouble him。He is a state official and it’s not convenient to clean you up,but I am not,I can beat you anytime,Understand?”Xia Jian lowered his voice,Whispered in Chen Sanwa’s ear。
Chen Sanwa nodded like a chicken pecked,He repeatedly agreed。Xia Jian just let go,This guy turned and ran away,Two of his followers also chased up in a desperate manner。
One of them whispered:“Third brother!Do you want to call some people over to clean up this guy??”
“Pack an egg!I might have broken my arm,Go to the health center!”Chen Sanwa said,Strode forward。Soon he disappeared into the night。
Those who watched the show gave Xia Jian a thumbs up,It seems that Chen Sanwa is very domineering in this street,Almost no one dared to convict him。
Back to the small restaurant,Chief Li said with a smile:“President Xia!You are too legendary!Young is the boss of the entrepreneurial group,This is already impressive,But who can think of,Your skills will be so good”
Xia Jian smiled,Raised the glass and said:“Not to mention。But through tonight,This person named Chen Sanwa must be honest。I warned him just now,Say you are my friend,So he won’t be obedient,You move me out。This kind of people,This way is the most effective”
“Thank you Mr. Xia!I really can’t help such a rascal。Don’t you know,Some time ago this guy found me with a bottle of wine,Let me write a note for his house,I am marking a place in the street to build a pavement,How dare you say this person,I didn’t promise to have this one tonight”Chief Li said,Can’t help but shook his head。
The restaurant owner brought up the fried hot dishes,He said smoothly:“This guy has learned a lot tonight,It’s strange that he doesn’t listen to you, Chief Li”
“hope so!But he goes on like this,Something will happen sooner or later。Now it is a legal society,I can’t help him,But the law can plant him”Chief Li said,So I dried the wine in the glass。
Xia Jian fell on him again,The two of them drank and chatted。It turns out that the mayor Li was born in the countryside,So many things have the same insights as Xia Jian,The two chatted very speculatively。

“Ha ha!President Xia forgets more things,I’m boss Wang’s follower,I saw you last time at Pingdu People’s Hospital”Wu Wu said with a smile。

Xia Jian suddenly realized,He just remembered,Last time in the hospital,Wang Youcai did stand in the ward with two people,One of these is him。
“Since you are Wang Youcai’s followers,Then let Wang Youcai come out and talk to me”Xia Jian said loudly。
His voice has not fallen,Just listen to Wang Youcai shouting at the door:“Who is so arrogant,Dare to call me out to talk”The person at the door flashed,Wang Youcai walked in with a big belly。
He saw Xia Jian,I couldn’t help but frowned and said:“President Xia!What a coincidence,Just saw you at lunch,I didn’t expect you to run to us again to make trouble”
“Wang Youcai!Am i making trouble?You ask your people what they have done?”Xia Jian asked a bit unceremoniously loudly。
Ouyang Hongyi listen,Step over,She asked coldly:“What exactly is going on?There really is no King Fa,Come sing a song,You guys have to come to trouble too。Wang Youcai, say,What do you want to do?“Ouyang Hong is very angry,She was so angry that her face changed color。
Seeing Wang Youcai,Busily said with a smile:“Mayor Ouyang,A little misunderstanding。How about this!You guys continue,President Xia and I have a few words next door“
“Stop singing,It’s too early,Let’s go back!I don’t think you and Mr. Xia have anything to talk about,I’ll talk about it tomorrow“Ouyang Hong’s tone of ten domineering,Don’t give Wang Youcai any face。
Yao Junli has a look,He hurriedly picked up He Jing and walked out,Ouyang Hong packed up her things,I glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Go chant!You can talk about it tomorrow“
“Ha ha!President Xia!Anyway,We both grew up in the same village,Besides, I didn’t drink two glasses at noon today.,Since I met again at night,Is it because of my ignorant brothers,You really want to leave?”Don’t look at Wang Youcai’s so ugly,But his speaking level is getting higher and higher。
Xia Jian has understood what he meant,So he smiled and said to Ouyang Hong:“You go back first,Wang Youcai and I recounted the past,Go back later”
“Wang Youcai,You better be honest,Be careful. I’ll find your brother tomorrow”Ouyang Hong glared at Wang Youcai,Talking coldly,Turned away。
Wang Youcai listened,And shouted with a smiley face:“Mayor Ouyang rest assured,We will be fine”
Wait for Ouyang Hong to leave,Wang Youcai’s eyes widened,Roar at Niu Xiaohu:“Take them out,What a shame”Wu Wu waved his hand,And went out with Niu Xiaohu。

“……No way,They will definitely arrange manpower in the coconut grove!”

Chen Xiu handed the carbine to Wang Zilin,I checked my black star point three or eight,There are three bullets in the magazine。
“Wait a moment I will lead them away,You ran towards the beach,Don’t look back no matter what you hear!”
“No way!”
Wang Zilin naturally does not want Chen Xiu to sacrifice herself,He took Chen Xiu’s hand and said:“We finally got together,Big deal dead together!”
Chen Xiu stroked her hair,Said with a smile:“Silly boy,I am not that easy to die。obedient,Later, you will see the people on the outskirts have also entered the coconut grove,Run right away!”
Wang Zilin naturally doesn’t believe it,Is holding his hand tightly。
Chen Xiu saw a fallen coconut on the ground,It’s a palm cut directly,The coconut was cracked instantly。
Wang Zilin stared at the coconut with wide-eyed eyes。
The hardness of the coconut cannot be broken even with a hammer,How powerful is Chen Xiu’s punch!
“Now you believe it,It’s safer for me to deal with them alone。”
Wang Zilin became a member of the National Security Bureau during this time,Naturally received special training,Knowing that he and Chen Xiu would be a drag on him,Had to let go:“Then you be careful!”
“rest assured,I will meet you soon!”
Zhang Shuping left ten guards around the coconut grove,He learned the lessons of the mercenaries before,The more than 30 people brought into the coconut grove are not scattered,So as not to be defeated by Chen Xiu one by one。

“clang!”Another shot,However, Li Ming’s shot blocked the frontal impact of the golden monster。

“Variety,Correct,Marksmanship needs to be changed!”
Li Ming’s marksmanship,It was very strong when I left the Three Realms,But the current marksmanship is clumsy。
It’s not that Li Ming’s marksmanship regressed,But at the ancestral god level,Behind the world,What he is best at is the formation,Naturally fully participate in the formation。In Li Ming’s current state,innocent‘marksmanship’Naturally bad!
His current gun,Marksmanship is just law,The kernel is the operation of the array。
Use marksmanship,Some of his styles are also close to his line。
Compared to close tactics like marksmanship,Li Ming’s chaotic two-yi class array method is more inclined to compaction,Prefer frontal combat,Unload。
Lacks in the dexterity changes required for close combat。
but,How can the formation lack dexterity change?
For many practitioners who are good at formation,The formation is not biased towards power in their hands,Illusion、Ban、Suppression and other effects!
“Variety,In the heart,In the projection of subjective will!”
“In the heart!”
Li Ming’s face showed a smile。
sometimes,Take a step,Difficult,Constant fighting experience,Always difficult to step out!
but,Once you find the key,But everything suddenly became clear,I even gave birth to a feeling of being so dull and stupid。

“of course,You can also try,Try searching other people’s memories。”

“senior,Dare not,How dare i!”
Another,After seeing Lin Yu’s strength。
I heard what Lin Yu said,Dare to say half there,Words that have the opposite meaning of Lin Yu。
“Don’t dare,If you dare,Humph!”
Lin Yu finished,Raise your hand and wave。
then,The space captured by Lin Yu,Split instantly。
Countless spatial turbulence,Where did it melt in。
See the turbulent air in these spaces,Lin Yu raised his hand and waved,then,This breath,Lin Yu was paid into his hands in an instant。
hiss!People around,No one is seeing this,Not shocked enough to take a breath。
of course,These two half-step saints。
Also at this moment,Was shocked,Mouth wide open。
I can’t believe it。

“Don’t ask,I can tell you,I deliberately stimulated Xiao Xiao just now”Guan Tingna didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,She confessed。

Xia Jian took a breath,Hehe smiled and said:“How did you stimulate her,So that she and I became enemies”
“I said she has eyes but not Taishan,And also an ungrateful person。If not for her,Startups will not be acquired by others”
“I also said,I am your lover,I know I can’t be your old wife,It’s not bad to be an underground lover。Besides, I told her,In your eyes,She Xiao Xiao doesn’t even have the qualifications to be your underground lover”
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but yell:“Mischief!You’re just fooling”
“Hey!I’m helping you out,Why are you still shouting at me like this?”Guan Tingna is also a little upset。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Xiao Xiao and I can only say that the differences are different。As for what you just said,We have nothing to do with each other”
“Don’t be stiff。You just like Xiao Xiao,But some of her later practices,Just let you die。We all know this,Don’t avoid it”Guan Tingna said,Started the car。
Xia Jian did not argue with Guan Tingna any more,Because this thing is really like this。Who hasn’t had a past,Anyway。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch,Whispered to Guan Tingna:“It’s still early,Should we go to Nanshan Cemetery,I think about Mr. Xiao”
“sure!It’s better to go outside than stay in the room”Guan Tingna smiled slightly,Happily agreed。But what she said is the truth。You said two people who can’t sleep together,But stay in a room。How uncomfortable this is。
Guan Tingna drives well,She drove her Ferrari quickly between cars。To know,There are a lot of vehicles in Bucheon,Traffic jam is a rare thing。
Okay,Guan Tingna knows the routes here,About an hour,Nanshan Cemetery has arrived。Park the car,Xia Jian bought some memorial things on the side of the road,Then took Guan Tingna to the cemetery。
After Xia Jian found Lao Xiao’s tombstone,Clean up the surrounding debris first,This is the sacrifice。And where is he standing,Closed eyes。Tell Old Xiao silently,Said Beishan’s home was about to be demolished。

Which woman glanced at Xia Jian,Put Xia Jian’s arm on her shoulder,Whispered:“My name is Xiaolan,Mr. Zhu hired from outside to take care of you,She kept me from talking to you“Xiaolan’s voice is as small as a mosquito。

These things,Even if Xiaolan doesn’t say,Xia Jian can know。But he still pretended to be surprised and asked:“Really like this!Then I really dare not talk to you“
“Nothing,She is not often,We can secretly say“Xiaolan said softly,She couldn’t help but glance back at Xia Jian。Just look at,Xia Jian’s heart trembled。
I don’t know what perfume is sprayed on Xiaolan,It smells good anyway,Even if Xia Jian doesn’t want to smell it,But the smell is still tangy,I can’t avoid it。
Going to the toilet is a very embarrassing thing,He is a big man let a beautiful woman hold him,And untie his pants,I almost wiped his ass。But what makes Xia Jian happy is,He really has more strength than the previous two days,Some actions are not that difficult anymore。
It seems that his qigong is really not blowing,It can always achieve unexpected results when it is critical。When coming out of the toilet,Xiaolan helped Xia Jian return to the house,Xia Jian walked slowly on purpose。He looked around,I found out that this is a small courtyard house,It feels like being built in the mountains。
Back to bed,Xiaolan helped Xia Jian lie back,And then sat by the bed,She began to pinch Xia Jian’s body with her soft little hands。I can see that this woman has learned Tuina,She holds the grip very well,Hand to hand,Makes people feel very comfortable,Xia Jian couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief。
“You lie down like this every day,Muscles will slowly shrink,I stole Mr. Zhu and give you a pinch,But you can’t tell Mr. Zhu,Let alone“Xiaolan moved her hands,And whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,But he didn’t say a word。He knows,Such a woman,The better to him,The more unreliable,Maybe she was an undercover agent sent by Zhu Hui。
In a day,Except for going to the toilet, it’s eating,Then just lie down like this。At the beginning,Xia Jian can sleep for a while,But slowly he can’t fall asleep。Fortunately, he can still lie down and detoxify,Otherwise, he won’t be able to live a day like this。
Guo Meili these days,Food is not good,Can’t sleep。Xia Jian suddenly disappeared under her nose,It made her feel scared again。I remember the last time Xia Jian was kidnapped,What people want is money,But this time there was no movement,It’s been several days,Do you think she can be in a hurry?
Lin Wei is also silent these days,Wholeheartedly,Hard work,I can see that she is sighing in her heart,Suddenly something happened to Xia Jian,Makes her feel very uncomfortable。
What makes Guo Meili happy is,Ouyang Hong lived in Pingyang Town in person,She and Mayor Zhao joined forces,Ba Fruit Industry Base、And supervision of the Xiping Village Cooperative。Mayor Zhao also had a brief meeting with the director of the police station,All six police officers in the police station were dispatched,Split into black and white patrols。
And every village has a joint defense team,Especially for these new projects developed by Xia Jian day and night care,Basically not let a stranger approach。
A very terrifying atmosphere enveloped the entire Pingyang Town。Ouyang Hong did not forget Donglin Township,He asked the mayor to personally lead the team,Patrolled and protected thousands of acres of newly planted walnut trees。
In the small private room of Pingdu Limin Restaurant,Zhu Hui and Lu Monkey sitting together,The two of them are drinking small wine,What are you talking in a low voice。
Door closed,Even the curtains are down。Lu Monkey blinked and said:“Mr. Zhu!Are you weird?!Our people have nowhere to start these days,Don’t you know,Except for police cars patrolling at the police station during day and night,Even a joint defense team was established in every village“
“What you said is true?“Zhu Hui glanced at Lu Monkey,Asked in disbelief。
Monkey Lu nodded and said:“How can I lie to you about this?“

“Auntie, this is sick?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。

Xiong Yongji took a breath and said:“Advanced gastric cancer,Can’t live long。But she couldn’t forget this bastard thing before she died,So I can only come with him to trouble you”
“Who is there in your province??Why keep helping Xiong Sanqiang?It hurt him。What you just said was right,Holding people’s money,It’s not justified not to do something for the people,But Xiong Sanqiang not only does nothing by himself,And also damaged a large piece,He dare to do,It’s because he feels there is a backing behind him”Xia Jian couldn’t help but tell the truth。
Xiong Yongji,Took a breath and said:“Our old bear’s single pass,I originally had a sister,But she was given away in order to survive in the early years。I didn’t expect her to be promising,Now working in the province,She knows Sanqiang’s mother’s disease,So give extra care to the top three,I didn’t expect this bastard to know what’s wrong”
“Auntie is like this,Xiong Sanqiang knows?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Xiong Yongji said with tears in his eyes:“he does not know。Although this guy is a bastard,But be compliant with his mother。So his mother doesn’t affect his work,I never told him the truth”
“If you want Xiong Sanqiang to become humane,You must stop relying on his aunt,Otherwise he will go further and further。I didn’t mean to trouble him,If you are a leader, you have to ask him。I punished him this time,He still has no regrets,Just the day before yesterday,And invited someone from outside to attack me”Xia Jian sneered and said。
Xiong Yongji,Face change,He asked breathlessly:“Did you hurt you, Mayor Xia??This rebel really wants to piss our whole family to death”
“He has done this to me twice,I didn’t let the police arrest him,Just want him to wake up,But this person does not know how to change。By doing this he is getting closer and closer to crime”Xia Jian said with a serious face。
Xiong Yongji stood up,Shook his head helplessly and said:“Thank you Mayor Xia,Our old bear’s family can’t help you“
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Xiong Yongji finished,He helped his wife go without saying a word。
Xia Jian looked at Secretary Wang a little puzzled,Secretary Wang sighed and said:“Their husband and wife came to see you today,I just want you to call Xiong Sanqiang back,No need to change any punishment,Let him work with you,Don’t make trouble outside。Because since Xiong Sanqiang was suspended and returned,This person hasn’t been home for a few days“
“It turned out to be such a thing!“Xia Jianchang sighed,Don’t know how to deal with this matter。Anyway,All because of his punishment,I’m not going home。
Secretary Wang looked a bit regretful when he saw Wang Youcai,Then he laughed and said:“You did nothing wrong,If you run into someone else,He’s already in。Back again,We help his parents,It’s duty not to help,No one can say anything“
Secretary Wang’s words sound blunt,It is indeed the same reason。This Xiong Sanqiang has come this far,But it has nothing to do with him。Xia Jian thought this way,But when he thought of Xiong Yongji’s wife’s pale face,He can’t sit still。