Frightened pheasant,Takeoff blocked,It hurriedly lowered its head,Drilled into the grass。Because of panic,As soon as it gets in,I got stuck by the weeds,Fluttering wings in a hurry。

Xia Jianxin Yiheng,It’s another stick。The pheasant did not move,It’s so dead。
Put on the spoils,Xia Jianxing eagerly rushed to the original place,The magic is Fang Fang did it somehow,There has been a small fire on the top of the mountain。The flame is burning,Two women are standing in front of the fire roasting clothes。
When Xi Zhen saw Xia Jian holding two fat pheasants,Couldn’t help but jump up,She seems to have forgotten that they are still in danger now。
Xia Jian started to have trouble when he threw the pheasant on the ground。This fire,Meat too,It’s a bit cumbersome just how to master it。
Fang Fang looked at Xia Jian and smiled:“This one wants me to come,You sit down and rest a while,Wait for the energy,Let’s start,Can’t wait any longer。The police are waiting,But not this waiting method”
“Oh!President Xia,You gave them your bank card, report it as soon as possible!Why did you forget about it,Isn’t Kari no money”Xi Zhen suddenly said loudly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Card is for them,But I didn’t say the password。These idiots didn’t ask,It seems that these people are not together,Should be put together。Brother Na Biao wants to swallow this money,So no password,Is waiting for the right time”
“Also right!You did not tell them your password,Then let them go to hell with this bank card!”Xi Zhen said,There was a bright smile on his face。
Fang Fang said nothing, digging a hole in the ground with a branch。Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“What are you doing?You really can burn?Don’t burn into coke”
“Do not worry!This is a compulsory course for survival in the wild,If you don’t even understand this,What’s my special soldier?“Fang Fang said,Smiled very proudly。
This anxious,Xia Jian really forgot about it。He laughed and said:“it is good!You two roast pheasant for us,I just use this time,Go find the way。Wait till finish,We set off immediately“
Xia Jian finished,Turned and got into the dense forest,He kept climbing to the highest point of this ridge。More than ten minutes later,A bare mountain appeared in front of you,There are no trees or weeds on it。