Chapter VIII Night visitors

Li Tianzhen suddenly felt very lonely,in the past,Whether leading the Yuxing brothers to discuss life,Still in‘Ranger’Shadow member,With companions and comrades in arms,But now such a chaotic time and space,Only he walks alone,Travel far,It seems difficult to distinguish which space is where he should go。
Sometimes he even suspected that he was always in a dream,Never wake up,Especially when I go to Xinglongshan Mental Hospital,This feeling is the most profound,Looking at the crazy patients,They all live in their own world,Are living in a deformed dream,Every living person is a mirror,Li Tianzhen seems to see himself in the mirror,Wandering in the bizarre world,Trying to capture all kinds of weird pictures,But I can’t catch it,Did you really catch those pictures one day,The dream really woke up?
Judgment has been biased,Chuck did not visit,But Li Tianzhen woke up from meditation,I quickly perceive this remote courtyard outside,Coming visitor,There are seven or eight,And they are all magical,These uninvited guests did not deliberately hide their whereabouts,And didn’t spread out and surround the courtyard,Are concentrated in front of the courtyard,And grandly knocking。
“Who?Knock on the door in the middle of the night?”The question in the courtyard is the entourage who has been with Zhang Mugen,Except for Li Tianzhi at this moment,Everyone is already in the courtyard,Zhang’s father and son are particularly nervous。
“Big brother,I am the sixth,By the order of the old lady,Visit today’s expert。”
“What’s the sixth and seventh,You found the wrong place。”The entourage responded according to Zhang Mugen’s gesture,Obviously he is not willing to let the other party see Li Tianchou。
“Big brother,Don’t want small belly chicken intestines,Just call on,Never look for trouble。”
“Say it again,Found the wrong place,Stop knocking。”
“Coward,Today’s things are not over,Don’t think you can do whatever you want with new support,You can remember Laoshi’s life。”
“Gui Lao Liu,You threaten me?Have I been scared for so many years?”Zhang Mugen finally couldn’t help but sneer,“If Lao Shi didn’t make a fool of himself,,I ran to my house after hearing your nonsense,Can something happen to him?Counted on Lao Tzu’s account?Don’t be so bloody!”
“Whatever you say,If you don’t open the door again,Don’t blame me for waiting!”
“You try……”
“It doesn’t hurt to see。”Li Tianzhen suddenly walked out of the room,People from outside rank sixth in Zhang’s family,According to the family map and list compiled by him and the instructor before,This person should be Zhang Yingen,Seems to follow‘Blood shadow’Walking tight,The relationship with Zhang Zhiqiang is not bad,But in this space, he is in the same position as Zhang Mugen。
“The disturbing envoy in the middle of the night,Mugen’s Fault,Don’t pay attention to these rascals,The feast between them and me should not involve the envoy,The Zhang family has this kind of stuff,Also unfortunate……”
Li Tianzhen knows that Zhang Mugen is supporting the scene,The people outside really want to rush in,He can’t stop it,Knowingly,But to be like this,Not stupid,But for him,I want to find opportunities to tie together,This is his purpose。
“It doesn’t matter,this late,Come all the way again,It’s not right not to meet。”
Zhang Shungen died at the hands of a puppet,Actually died in Li Tianzhen’s hands,Although he hates Zhang Shungen’s personality,,But didn’t mean to kill him,Because I was quite hated at the time,The puppet, sensing the will of the gods, blatantly put a heavy hand,It shows that he can’t control the puppet as he wants,In short, he must bear this responsibility。
Zhang Mugen had to let his entourage open the door,Hula swarmed in,A chubby middle-aged man headed by is Zhang Yingen,Li Tianzhen saw him in the Unknown Mountain Palace in that world,He was with Zhang Baogen at the time,Still have a little impression。
There are seven others,All are supernatural powers with good cultivation,There are two‘Tianzhenwei’,One of them,Met during the day,This person whispers in a low voice beside Zhang Yingen,Zhang Yingen immediately turned his attention to Li Tianzhi。