I am not He Bu,And the spatial energy levels in the body are completely different,So Lu Menglin couldn’t help but carelessly。

but,Only one thing is confirmed now,Is the reward skills given by the system,Is a technique that can drive spatial energy,If you continue to complete the task,Get more skills,You can unlock the secret of space energy,Transform into your own power。
Gradually,Lu Menglin sketched out the simplest structure in his mind,This is based on his existing intelligence,Made a bold guess。
King of the Flies once said,There are two major races in the exotic world,The Dark Clan and God Nation,Horn flies belong to the dark clan,And the dark black wild boar hunted by himself,Mostly belong to the dark clan,Even the names that the system has given to them have the word “Dark” in them,Probably can’t run。
And what Lu Menglin saw before,Those foreign lives that drilled through the cracks in space,Those strange snakes that move strangely,And chickens and dogs,The power of these alien beings is weak,Very low wisdom,So we can safely pass through the space channel guarded by the human face spider,They don’t have much wisdom and memory anyway.,The dream-making ability of the human face spider,For them,Has no effect at all。
That’s why these alien low-level beings can continuously pass through the space channel,Those who are truly wise,Powerful alien life,It’s hard to cross。
You can basically make a bold conclusion,These bodies contain space
energy,Exotic creatures that like to live in the red mist,Is the dark clan。
If this judgment is not wrong,Then He Bu’s true identity is about to emerge。
can be used《Basic tactics》,Drive the space energy in the red mist to fight,But it is completely free from the pollution and transformation of the red mist,Is this the characteristic of the Shenmin clan??
It turns out that the appearance of the Shenmin clan looks exactly like humans,Will their ancestors also be human,Just living in a foreign space,Influenced by the environment ring,Opened another branch of evolutionary mode?
How strong is the Shenmin clan?What is their attitude towards the human world?All this is still unknown。Lu Menglin suddenly fell into thought。
Actually these problems,He shouldn’t have thought,Those high-level people in the human world should be troubled by such things,It’s just coming,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but think about it。
Two parallel worlds have begun to blend,What is the future of mankind?Is to win this plane war,Get the infinite resources of a new world,Still no match for alien life,Enslaved,Even wiped out,No one can tell this kind of thing!