“I mean,This money is lent to me personally,It has nothing to do with Zero Fund。”

“Lend you personally?”David was shocked,Look hard。
This is not compliant。
As usual,It is common for financial institutions to borrow funds from each other,But generally require bonds and other collateral。
For example, the most common securities repurchase loan between banks falls into this category。
Even if the fund borrowing time is short,Too late for mortgage,At the very least, it is guaranteed by the credit of financial institutions。
And like Qiao Tianyu just proposed to lend funds to individuals without any collateral,Is a taboo in the financial market。
Qiao Tianyu knows that this requirement is a bit difficult,But he has no other choice,I can only count on my relationship with David。
The frowning David took out a cigarette and lit it,I got up and walked to the window and sucked for a long time。
Qiao Tianyu knew that he was doing a strong ideological struggle,Didn’t bother him。
Until the cigarette was completely smoked,David seems to have made great determination,Turned and walked back。
“Joe,I believe you!I will arrange to call you the money immediately!”
Call the CFO immediately after speaking,Arrange6000Ten thousand funds were all transferred to the account designated by Qiao Tianyu。