Coping with technical challenges, promoting the fifth international precision medical conference of Innovation Collaboration in Shanghai

The 5th International Estate Medical Academic Annual Meeting and Industry Conference on the Fifth International Conference in 2021.

In order to further build a production and research cooperation platform, promote the transformation of accurate medical science and technology achievements. On November 13th, "5th International Accurate Medical Academic Annual Meeting and Industry Conference" (referred to as "Accurate Medical Conference"), this sessionCompleted Medical Branch of China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association, Shanghai University of Meng Chao Tumber Hospital, Shanghai University Cell Treatment Innovation Research Institute and Shanghai Cell Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center.At the opening ceremony, all participants set up silence, remember, and tribute to China’s "precision medicine" pioneers – Wu Mengchao, Wu Hao created the China Medical Biotechnology Association to accurately Medical Branch, and served as the first session of the Director of the First Precision Medical Branch.

The 5th International Estate Medical Academic Annual Meeting and Industry Conference on the Fifth International Conference in 2021. This session of the medical conference is the theme of "Extreme Medical Crystal Stone, Treatment of Medical Cells". The General Assembly adopts live broadcast and recording, linking domestic and foreign first-class innovative research scientists, clinical diagnosis and treatment experts, diagnostic testing technology industry and industry elite, and in-depth and in-depth Discussion, and combined with the new situation in the current domestic and foreign countries, especially under the influence of new crown epidemic, actively participate in the challenges to meet the new technologies of medical and health, jointly promote the technical innovation and cross-region collaboration in my country’s precision medical field, contribute to human health. .

At the meeting, Wu Zhaohui, vice chairman of the China Medical Biotechnology Association, delivered a speech in the form of online form.

President of Shanghai Cell Treatment Research Institute, Professor Qian Qi Jun, Associate Director of Shanghai University Medical College, delivered the theme.

At the meeting, the Dean of the Shanghai Cell Treatment Research Institute, the professor of Qian Qijun, deputy dean, Shanghai University Medical College, issued the "high-speed development cells and gene therapeutic industry being coming", "he said:" Cell and gene therapy are gradually become medicine. One of the three pillars, Shanghai Cell Treatment Group is dedicated to the original innovation of cells and gene therapy, solving the ‘card neck’ of cells and gene therapy, and develops current prices and generalymeal drug development into ordinary people. Products, truly helping tumor patients can be. "Professor Cheng Chuancheng, Cheng Chi, Cheng Chi, Cheng Ji, a Shanghai University, delivered a speech.

Professor Cheng Chijie Professor Cheng Chuanji, a Shanghai University, delivered a speech for this conference.

From the interview of the dean, I found that in 2012, the third "Rehabilitation · Life Xinzhi" Medical High-end Forum, under the leadership of the "Father of China’s Hepatobiliary Surgery" Wu Mengchao, "Finding Medicine Science" God’s particle ‘is’ precision medicine’, "actively promotes the establishment and development of domestic precision medical branch. In 2013, Professor Qianjun created Shanghai Cell Treatment Group. After years of practice and exploration, Money led the team to deliberate "cell health, cell drug, cell medical", and construct a "super cellular system" to create cell therapy The "three integration" strategic closed loops in the field, providing different needs, different levels of health support and medical support services for healthy people, sub-health populations, and tumor diseases. Meng Chao Tumber Hospital, Shanghai University, is part of Shanghai Cell Treatment Group, is the landing link of the cellular medical treatment in the "three integration" strategic closed-loop, carrying out major tasks of cell therapy clinical research and transformation. After a short year, the hospital has established a deep cooperation with Shanghai University in clinical, scientific research and talents, and has become the "Accurate Medical Branch" under the unit; at the same time, through the "Note Forum" invitation Nobel Prize The domain winners came to research and cooperation and academic exchanges, formed a good academic exchange atmosphere in the hospital, attracted many famous experts and outstanding talents. The director of the National Molecular Medicine Transformation Science Center of the Air Force Military Medical University, the director of the center of the COVID-19, the COVID-19, published the keynote speech in the form of video online. He said that cancer treatment has entered the precision medical era, in which CAR-T represented cell immunotherapy, reputation To accurately destroy the "special combat force" of cancer cells.

Submitter of Montessor Hospital, Shanghai University, the original MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, LIU Changong, a lecturer, published the theme speech. Submitter of Montecens Hospital, Shanghai University, the original MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, Liu Changgong, a lecturer Liu Changgong, is the topic of the topic of the topic. He believes that genomics is the basis and core of cancer precision medical methods, which is of great significance for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

From the perspective of diagnosis, there are currently only several cancers can use precise screening to conduct early diagnosis. The development of genomics makes it possible to screened a variety of cancer.

Genome-based new screening methods include CTDNA mutation detection and methylation detection in free DNA.

CTDNA is a DNA fragment produced by free in extracellular and cancer cells. Minimally invasive liquid biopsy can complete the detection of CTDNA, which is of great significance for cancer early sieve and health monitoring. Methylation Reproductive Effect is a chemical modification of DNA.

These modifications can determine the opening of the gene or off.

Multiple cancers, such as lung cancer, are associated with non-normal methylation. Multiple cancers can be implemented in the future by means of methylation of genes.

The 5th International Estate Medical Academic Annual Meeting and Industry Conference on the Fifth International Conference in 2021.

Lifetime professor at Pennsylvania, Academician, American Academy of Sciences, Carljune, awarded a topic speech around Car-T cells in the form of video online, and expounded the practical significance of cell therapy.

Professor, Professor, Director of the Cancer Department of the Tenth People’s Hospital of Tieji University, Director of the Tenth People’s Hospital of Tongji University, Professor Liang Xiaohua, Department of Oncology, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, Director of the Affiliated Cancer Hospital, Fudan University, Zhu Zhengfei, Shanghai Jiaotong University Professor Huang Qian, director of the Center Laboratory of the People’s Hospital, Director of the Immunology Department of Henan Cancer Hospital, Professor Wu Bingyi, Director of the Precision Medical Center of the Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, Professor Zhang Yi, Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Shanghai Traffic Ge Jianwei, director of the University of Renshui Hospital, etc. , Enhance human health well-being.