2021 Hainan Island International Fashion Week December 11 Sanya Xiu Xiu

On December 11, 2021 Hainan Island International Fashion Week will open in Sanya. This fashion week is the theme of "changing Hainan has no end", using Hainan’s unique natural scenery, subverts the traditional limit of the show, collecting many new designers and trend brands to release the latest works, bringing a stylish shock wave.

During December 11th to 15th, there were a total of 6 big show in the Spring and summer conferences of the Awaylee2022 in Sanya Tianya Cape Scenic Area. Embouncing cultural tourism integration new scenario 2021 Hainan Island International Fashion Week, try breaking through the shackles of the show space, choosing the gathering romance, cure, leisure the seaside show to release the tide card energy. In the end of the earth, the innocent style is presented on the beach of the landmark, fresh and deep and thick, excited. In the coconut forest of the Star Base, the mirror T platform walks, with sea breeze, bringing a visual experience of map sky cloud flow.

In Sanya Bay, Dramahaus and other brands will deliberate the story of time with ancient tides. The romantic island and popular fashion will also provide a new model of vacation consumption. Creating a tidal card in winter to release a new show 2021 Hainan Island International Fashion Zhou, with Hainan’s open pattern presenting a new fashion week free vitality, and the fashion week is jointly involved in the new design power and trend brand. On the first day of the opening, the Fashion Week will usher in the cross-border show of the aerospace Casci and multi-brand cooperation.

Half-wind, broadcast Broadcast, Toper PioneercaMP, etc. A few days later, different characteristics of the brand appear one by one.

Encyclopedia TAIFAR, integrate "Heaven" concept into the product and serve the modern life; reinterpret the new classic concept, the urlazh of women temperament is Lan, retro and beautiful colors bring you to the 1980s Dramahus playworks serve different classic playworks with the "Drama Film Art Leading Contemporary Aesthetics" as the core.

This is also the first time that the brand appeared in the domestic fashion week.

The Awaylee brand is a romantic color that belongs to the girls in Sanya with romantic breath.

Supported local exploration industries 2021 Hainan Island International Fashion Week actively promotes local brands, closing the Show comes from the "Phuibu" of the cultural idea with inheritance, innovation and fashion.

They are hand-made in hand-made works, and the characteristic element is sourced from the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park.

On December 15th, he bought the experience fashion show, Taobao anchor will bring a live broadcast of the boiler, and the line is connected to the live side of the single path. Unlock Ideal Cultural Life New Ways 2021 Hainan Island International Fashion Week uses urban romance, fashion culture to create IP, and create a new type of living field. In addition to inviting designers, fashion comments writers, clothing buyers, etc., also through different ways, let fashion culture into the public life.

Keep up with the cloud look at the windspace of this breakthrough, this time the week will bring cloud watching seaside.

On Sanya Bay Beach Devices, the international first-line brand 2022 Spring and Summer Duxiu’s lens is constantly flashing, allowing the audience to receive the latest fashion information overseas.

All themes have also invited the medical staff of Sanya City People’s Hospital, the Sanya College of Clothing Design, close to the charm of fashion culture. Mount Huang Xuechen, a Chinese trick swimming team, whoched for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, starring "Love Very delicious", "Ideal" and other series of TV actors Zhou Cang and other trend youth representatives, and also participated in this fashion week. , Use the influence of its own influence to publicize the fashion concept. 2021 Hainan Island International Fashion Week Hainan Island Spring International Art Exhibition Organizing Committee, Sanya Municipal People’s Government, Hainan Radio and Television Terrace (Group), Sanya Tourism Culture Investment Group Co., Ltd., Hainan Satellite TV, Sanya Tianya International Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Events have been officially strategic partners, Chang’an, French Filorga, Filorga, Dongtian Modulation School, Official Strategic Cooperation Media Tencent Fashion, Official Partner Haishu Bay Mangu Holland Resort Hotel and other aspects.

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