Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Census and Protection Ten Years

In the 2021st, Robinka, in the census, in the 70th anniversary of the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China and the 70th anniversary of Tibet, the Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Book Protection Center also ushered in his 10th anniversary. In 2011, the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Office responded to the deployment arrangement of the national public census work, will be originally located in the "Ancient Book Protection Office" of the Office of the Office to the Tibet Autonomous Region Library. It has set up a new one under the approval of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Department – Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Book Protection Center, Tibet’s first comprehensive ancient books, the presence of protection is thus fully open. In this decade, under the strong leadership of the Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Books and Cultural Hall of the Tibet Autonomous Region, under the assistance of cultural, cultural relics and national religious units in Tibet, with the assistance of Tibet, seven cities. Protection.

  As a long-standing Tibetan cultural origin and development, Tibet Autonomous Region has collected a lot of Tibetan ancient books, which have been widely distributed in the Tibetan Autonomous Region Wanchengni in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Temple and folk. In private hand, the distribution of units to be distributed in the census is small in the country.

Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, the government has always attached great importance to Tibetan cultural protection and inheritance. In 2009, the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Hall established ancient books and national preparatory and research work, facing massive census tasks. In order to completely do a good job in the ancient books and protection of Tibet, the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Department established the "Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Books Protection Center", which also combined in the provisional agency of the national ancient book protection work. Public library practice. Please click on the full text: No authorization is not authorized. (Editor: Chang Bangli).