Shenzhen Luohu Union Huizhou Zhongkai launched a government service "Bay District"

Original title: Enterprise masses are no longer "return" Luohu Joint Huizhou Zhongkai launched a government service "Bay District", after cooperation with Shantou, "cross-city" cooperation, Shenzhen Luohu District is cross-regional in government service Add new initiatives in cooperation. Around the enterprise and the masses between the enterprises and the masses in the city of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao, Luohu District jointly launched a government service "Bay District" on June 25th. This move will create a more convenient and fast, unified normative, and high-quality government service environment for enterprises and masses in Shenzhen Luohu, Huizhou Zhongkai and other regions.

  Shenzhen Luohu and Huizhou Zhongkai use "online + line" cross-regional cooperation method. Online, at the Guangdong Government Service Network site online "Bay District" service area, providing online full process network service.

Under the line, in the Entity Government Hall of the Entity Government, the "Bay District" service window is established. Through the 5G visual equipment, it is carried out through 5G visual equipment, and the innovation launch "interplay window, the pro-delivery, remote handling, postal delivery" New mode of government service.

  At present, in Guangdong Government Service Network, Luohu Zone and Luohu District Administrative Service Hall "Bay District", "The first batch of 7 departments have achieved a total of 32 Huizhou matters can be in Shenzhen Luohu" Bay District ", involving corporate establishment Register, high-frequency events such as foreign trade operators record registration, benefiting about more than 14,000 Huizhou household registration personnel living in Luohu.

At the same time, 60 matters in 11 departments in Luohu, Shenzhen, can also be in Huizhou Zhongkai "Bay District," can all have close relationships with the masses, no criminal records, etc., as well as the market main body of the business registration. Service matters.

  Next, Luohu District will further expand the "cross-provincial" "cross-city" "Bay District" "Bay District", according to "high frequency priority, should be on" "online priority, online supplement "" Realize a batch, announce a batch "principle, constantly combing increased ones. By setting the service area, open service specials, deploy a multi-channel cross-regional approach to multi-channel online, etc., allowing convenience services to more enterprises and masses.

(Reporter Feng Qing correspondent Feng Tingting) (Editor: Zhang Yuwen, Chen Yizhu).