“Mix,Who let you stand up?,Give me a while going back to eat。”

Nine uncle blows the beard,A female ghost has turned his two apprentices.,Fast。
Liao Wenjie did not say anything,Female ghost sound,It’s a very similar to the fox.,If it is not his mind,I will definitely be fascinated by the soul.。
“I don’t know how to live.,Dare to learn in front of me,Today, you have to fly.。”
Nine uncle takes the wood sword on the table,Anxious,Ready to rush out of Yizhuang to kill the girl。
“Don’t be excited,I will lose out you.。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head:“Nine uncles,Care,You calm down and think about it.,A ghost area,How to dare to 捋 捋。to be honest,Her surface is hooked Qiu,In fact, it is seduce you.。”
Nine uncles:“”
The truth is such a truth,But the words come from Liao Wenjie.,How to listen to how to change。
Liao Wenjie, a boxing, in the autumn waist,Stimulate the pain in physics,Wake the ghosty autumn。
so,Ghost fans are not terrible,Terrible is that no one will wake up next to it.。
“Nine uncles,Let’s take a meal.,Let the girl continue to shout,Be a song,Have something, she is called a night,Who can’t stand it first?。”
Nine uncles:“”
Ghost scorpion,The ghost is not very good.,Qiusheng and WenQ are certainly can’t stand it.。
“Master,Xiao Yu”
Qiusheng Xiangxiang wakes up,I want to ask something,I didn’t dare to talk by Nine Uncle.,Only have to look back to Liao Wenjie:“Jiege,Is Xiaoyu really a ghost??”
“how,Gentle and fragrant,You can’t bear it?”
Yes,Can you discover again in two days later?!
Qiusheng is so thinking,Talk on the mouth:“no,I just feel that people know that people don’t know,A good girl,It turned out to be a ghost, I thought I met my life.,so sad。”
Letter you blame,When you are lying,Manage the expression。
Liao Wenji mouth,Qiusheng full face,Don’t put what is innocent。
“I am waiting for you outside the door.”
“Why can’t you still come out?”
Ghost,Fierce,Qiusheng Gangnao open his mouth,See the fists of Liao Wenjie,Immediate cold stem。
Bury,A gentleman。
Nine Uncle and Liao Wenjie are sitting in the dining hall,Equity of Qiusheng is hurting,Survival,Will not be fans,Others can be different.。
Shoungee for his grandfather and Alway,The security team team went to the gate of Yizhuang,Seeing their wretched expressions,Already in the brain tonic。
Talent and Qiusheng smiled,Alway and others will work,Ren to be an old age, I still don’t accept the old。
Nine uncle is not unreliable,I am shocked by everyone in the courtyard.,Ambiguous,Continuous tape climbing into the dining hall,Still politely on the door。
“Nine uncles,There is a ghost outside,This is how to do?”See Nine Uncle,Running is like finding the main bone。
“Demon,Ghost is to find Qiusheng,Throw him out safely。”