Zhou Ye is very serious,But just softly“Um”write。

I thought I didn’t expect the ventilator in the old-age ward that the patient came with it.!
It’s a poor acid room.……
“This is not recent,This ventilator is always faulty,He often disables ventilator,1Patients before we came to emergency because of obvious chest tightness,The emergency people are also handling,Slightly evaluated the turnover to our oldest ward,The ward is empty,I can only rely on my face.。”Ma Pianyi shakes his head,Facelessness。
In the hospital is like this,Whealthhouse rooms are empty in the ward,It is easy to be emerged as a strong plug!
The ward in the department is equivalent to the doctor’s waist,The bed is filled.,Can you have a hard waist?,There is a forcibly arrangement of an emergency.!
I heard the patient’s breathing is a failure.,Zhou Ye guess the incentive of seventeen points。
“Not ingenious, he breathed tonight.,Right?”Zhou Ye can’t laugh softly.。
Ma Chao Yi’s face suddenly gave birth to a piece of embarrassment,This is really a bit shackled.!
Zhou Ye worsen patients with this chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,After the past few days in the ward, I understand and check the room.,Already quite experience……
Most of the patients and respiratory in the elderly ward and the patients in the respiratory are not like!
How can I not smoke??The effect of the drug is still?
SuchCOPDIt is not common!
So he feels that this patient seems to be a bit,Ask:“What is the past history of this patient??”
NS33chapter Reflections on patients
Ma Chaoli recalled some。
He looked at Zhou Ye,Slowly:“Previous history is relatively simple,Previous high blood pressure20year,diabetes15year。”
Zhou Ye is also“Um”A sound。
The past history refers to the major illness he has suffered.。
If it is just simple hypertension and diabetes,That is still relatively simple。
I hope that the patient should not conceal the medical history.!
Think of Li Si Feng concealed the family history of his tuberculosis,Zhou Niwu is still afraid。
If each patient does not cooperate,The clinical diagnosis of the original is a bigger difficulty.……
Doctor is difficult。
Do a doctor who is not lie by the patient is more difficult!
Zhou Ye asked a big medical record and habits,By the way, I asked a sentence.,“What is the special history of this old family??”
Ma Chao:“Ask him that I said that there is nothing special.,I haven’t seen his straight family since the time.,Send him is the nanny at home.。”
Please also get a babysitter?
It seems that there is money.。
No wonder that there is no invasive ventilator。
Now the market is a little new version of the fish jumping card.110,000 yuan started。
Chatty,Elevator has been from14Flock18building,Short2Minute process,Let Zhao Swino have already interested in this new patient.。
“The front is our old age ward.。”Ma Chaoli starts with a tour guide in front.。
Look at,It’s really empty!
No wonder patients who are emergency phases……
This is empty, and the wilderness will also see it.。