Equity and Qiusheng exclaimed,Nine uncle saw two people,Raise your hand。
“Noisy,I am scared by him.,Have you good!”
“Nine uncles,I burned a fire.,The old man is not far from zombies,Looking at my scalp.。”
Liao Wenjie opened again,By the way,Bright, who have been flexed by three homes,The wound has not yore:“I met a zombie for some time.,Not only flying,There is also an control of the control,If it is not a brain?,My blood is sucked by him.。”
Talent and Qiusheng have a cool gas,Stay away from Liao Wenjie,Eyeness,I am afraid that he will change.。
Jiu Shi holds the arm of Liao Wenjie,I saw it up and down.,Determine that there is no depreciation,This is just a lack of:“Ager,How do you set the zombie??”
“simple,I am fighting at night.,Find his coffin during the day,Drag to the bottom of the sun,Directly coffin board。”
“Have a very right。”
“so,Tomorrow, we also give Ren Laoshu Sun Yak Sun.?”
“Nine uncles,say something。”
“Ager,I burned the old man,Indicate simple,But I don’t want to be in Renjiazhuang in the future.。”
Nine uncle shakes his head,Sigh:“Although I am、Practice、Slim,But it is inevitable that the more it is more in the red dust.,Many years,Common thing,I can’t want to do something.,Only for the birth of a lot of yin,After the death, mixed with a qi Dangdang。”
“Nine uncles,Can you say something?,Don’t play the bullry?”
“I am abolished,You still have hope。”
Nine uncle is not a good sentence,His hearts have been sent,Vehicle was won by a pot of cool water,Don’t want to talk to Liao Wenjie。
“You two,Prepare paper strokes sword。”
Nine uncle is not good for Liao Wenjie,For two stupid brothers, it is stylish.,One person and a cerebelow:“What is it?,Yellow paper、Red pen、Black ink、kitchen knife、Wood sword,Don’t you understand this??”
Know that I will take us!
Talent and Qiusheng face grievance,Trojan leaves the hall,After a while, you will be prepared.。
Nine uncle,Take the knife to wipe the living chicken neck,Waiting fresh red blood full of porcelain bowl,Pedal,Cup of handset。
He raised his hand to pick up the glutinous rice,Put on the candlelight,Red light introduces porcelain bowls with flooded chicken blood,Instant flames。
Follow,He took the ink poured into a bowl.,Stir well before the flame is extinguished,Finally, take the gossip mirror,Pour this bowl of black red liquid into the ink groove。
This Taoist is already Mao Mountain secret.,But Nine Uncle is not taboo Liao Wenjie is next to it.,Hell,There is no active invitation Liao Wenjie to watch,There is no way to steal him.。
“Be,You bomb on the coffin with ink lines,This can seal the body of the old man.,He is turning a zombie and he is lying in the coffin.。”
The first half is to say to the queen and autumn,The second half is to say to Liao Wenjie,He is trapped in the red dust.,I didn’t dare to serve my old ashes.,But not sitting in a zombie,This problem is still difficult to fall.。
WenQ and Qiusheng pick up ink,Old and old, survive around Ren Weiyong’s coffin。
“Remember,All places have to be bomb,Don’t have omissions。”
“Do not worry,Master。”
“We still have no problem with this small matter.。”
Liao Wenjie:“”
Forgive him to talk about it,Iron-played autumn,Wen Wencai,These two feeding pits are not a day two days.,Not worth trustworthy。
Not half-shaped,WenQ and Qiusheng will make the coffin to make the ink line,At least the surface is no problem.。