The old man looks back,It’s Ou Sheng,My face is wrinkled。

“Grandpa,Didn’t you say that your rheumatism is going to be guilty again in recent days,How to clean up by yourself。”
In the past, Ou Sheng snatched the chicken feather blanket in Fang Zhishan’s hand,It’s not like Fang Zhishan, but he insists on saying:“Little girl,do not move。Grandpa knows you are kind,Want to help grandpa。
But you count,From small to large,Every time you help me clean things up,How many antiques broke me!”
Osheng Laodi was ruthlessly exposed by the old man,Feint:“No return on a good deed,I don’t want to help you clean!”
After a while,Seeing Fang Zhishan ignored his own temper,Had to complain:“Didn’t you ask more than one person to help see the store?,Don’t do everything by yourself。”
“I asked a young man to help,But he only promised to work at night,Come here later。”
Fang Zhishan is looking up and down Chen Xiu,Slightly said:“Xiaosheng,Why not introduce your friend。”
“Grandpa,Hello there。I am Chen Xiu,Er Dong Chen,Monasticism!”Chen Xiu is a familiar self-introduction。
O Sheng said with a red face:“Who is your grandpa?,This is my grandpa!”
“Isn’t your grandpa our grandpa,Who do i share with you,is not it。”
Osheng’s face is even redder,Lower your head and say:“You are you,I am me,Who did you follow!”
Fang Zhishan sees everything in his eyes,The little young man in front of him actually made himself, his always unrestrained granddaughter, also have such a shy face,Look happy。
“Grandpa,Let me clean it for you。”
Chen Xiu was very familiar with the chicken feather blanket,Even more:“Actually, I also opened an antique shop,I opened a store called Tingyuxuan in Anshan。”
“Hello this mouth!”
Fang Zhishan looked at Chen Xiu’s youth and still had some doubts。