“The tenth floor of Tongtianqiao??”Li Ming nodded,“Really have to try。”

And under the black robe of the black robe messenger on the side,The corners of the mouth are up。
Through the tenth floor of Tongtianqiao,The difficulty is equivalent to the cosmic level primitive Tongtian Mountain,The difficulty is actually much harder than simply wanting to enter the primitive secret realm。
Usually he receives some immortal strong men,Let him be an ordinary master of overwhelming pressure,Now there happens to be a little guy like His Royal Highness Li Ming,I’m sure to molest him。Calm down the nervous mood。
“correct,His Royal Highness Li Ming,The enlightenment of these countless practitioners52Monument of Chaos,It also left some systematic nicks in the houses in this Chaos City–Any house with a nick that is considered to be of great value,Are all shared,People not allowed to live,As long as there are no people in other houses,You can occupy the next room。”
“But these are second,You’d better go to the City Lord’s Mansion to see the Chaos Monument,That’s the most effective way to improve strength。”
quickly,Li Ming came to the City Lord’s Mansion。
City Lord’s Mansion is vast,Buildings inside,Occupy a thousand li。
The black robe messenger leads Li Ming,Came to the city lord mansion。
Li Ming raised his head,Look at the majestic building with a height of more than 300 meters,You can see the three most dazzling lingua franca of the city lord’s mansion from far away——‘City Lord Mansion’,I couldn’t help being attracted to the handwriting,It’s as if the handwriting has its own space and a universe,The spirit of the whole person is constantly being absorbed,It’s like sucking into the space inside the handwriting。
“The three characters of the City Lord’s Mansion are really extraordinary!”Li Ming sighed,And the black robe messenger on the side was also slightly surprised—Because under normal circumstances,Although those young talents have great potential,But it’s a lot worse on will,I didn’t feel dizzy when I saw the three characters in the City Lord’s Mansion,The will is quite powerful。
“His Royal Highness Li Ming,52How precious is the chaos monument,Not easy to watch,Let’s go take a look52Simplified engraving of the monument of chaos,Choosing the Chaos Monument for Practice,Then you can get the permission to see the Chaos Monument。”
“This sees Chaos Monument needs permission?Is there a time limit?”
“Time limit,One enlightenment is seven days。of course,There are also ways to obtain this permission,Cross a layer of Tongtianqiao,Get a qualification for enlightenment。”
“Tongtianqiao??”Li Ming smiled:“I happen to plan to pass the tenth floor in these 30 years。”A domain master with wings next to him gave Li Ming a weird look。
The black robe messenger held back a smile:“His Royal Highness Li Ming,Let’s take a look at the painting and engraving of the Chaos Monument first.,You can feel this52Respect the breath of Chaos Monument,So I can choose the most suitable chaos monument。”
quickly,Li Ming saw this52Simplified image of the monument of chaos。