Wang Yufei replied:“1283A!”

“Have you verified it??”
“of course!”
John looked at the phone,It is not China Time:“When did you start from the lab?”
Apparently when leaving the lab,Wang Yufei specially watched the time,Very accurate answer:“early morning7point23Minute。”
“meaning is1225minute1283Factorization calculation of one million digits,It takes less than a minute to complete a complex factorization calculation。More importantly, it can calculate continuously without error。Oh my god,do you know?This is a miracle。”John exaggerated,Look forward to。
Yes,Longing,After listening to Wang Yufei’s introduction,He really can’t wait to see what Xiaozhi in this young man’s mouth looks like。
“Cough,Very sorry,Professor John,I think we should switch to the topic just now。This directly affects that your trip is just to participate in academic events,Or maybe get close to the world’s leading quantum computer。So can we start again?”Lu Yuxin turned the topic back in disappointment。
When Lu Yuxin spoke,Wang Yufei smiled awkwardly and politely again,No more。
John blinked,Looking at Lu Yuxin with a serious face,Nodded depressed:“Ok,This beautiful lady,Lu Yuxin,and many more,The name seems familiar。do not care,Then I would like to ask if I want to see the cross-age quantum computer in your mouth, what is the price?Personal privacy??Or security review?no problem,I’m just a simple teacher。I can pass any form of security review。”
Lu Yuxin shook her head,Then speak:“I’m afraid it’s more than that,Professor John。In fact, security review is necessary,In Huaxia Civilization, it is called the background investigation before employment,But the most important thing is,You may need to sign this contract to meet our quantum computer。”
Finished,Lu Yuxin from the small car cabinet,Took out a prepared employment contract and handed it over。
“This is a,Employment contracts?”John·Martinis asked in surprise after seeing the cover of the contract。