It is the nine avenues under the water of heaven。

The Three Realms of Heaven is Nine(Not chaotic),There are many avenues in the eighty-one avenues that are completely covered by heaven,Some avenues are partially involved。
Ruyuanshui Avenue、Drip Avenue、The roads of flowing water are purely subordinate to the road of water。
Ice avenue、Snow Avenue、Xuanshui Dao is somewhat related to the Yin Tian Dao Yang Tian Dao。
Foggy Avenue、Bloody Avenue、Sea Avenue is even more complicated,Involve all aspects。
“Compared to the destruction of heaven,Shui Xing Tian Dao seems to be slightly more comprehensible~”Li Ming has a faint feeling。
But it’s normal to think about it。
Yin Yang Tian Dao、Birth and death of heaven are both two heavens opposing each other,Only the five elements of heaven are the five ways of heaven,In order to achieve mutual growth and restraint of the five elements,Great strength。
Although the Five Elements are the foundation of the Three Realms,But in fact, in terms of a heaven alone,The birth and death of yin and yang are higher than those of the five elements alone。
When comprehending the destruction of heaven,Li Ming spent three hundred years,In fact, under the opportunity of the mirror of the universe, it was only one step away from the understanding in no less than 300,000 years.。
And the water goes to heaven,If Li Ming is devoted to understanding,I’m afraid it will be close to the complete heaven in 20,000 years。
Fight against the Bull Demon,Comprehend that the moves that contain water and travel to heaven are naturally far inferior to the double chance in the space of the universe mirror。
but,Li Ming also feels that water travels to heaven,And keep learning。