“Hello manager Wang,I came here for an internship”Xia Jian’s reaction was quick,He smiled and said。

Wang Dongping frowned and asked:“Came here for an internship?What is a good internship in a warehouse,Are you wasting your time??Who arranged you to come?I do not know how?”
“Manager Tian Dong arranged,The warehouse supervisor knows!”Xia Jian said with a smile。
When Wang Dongping heard that Xia Jian was arranged by Tian Dong,He couldn’t help but look at Xia Jian from head to toe carefully。He suddenly changed his face and said:“You come with me!”
Xia Jian was taken aback,What does this guy want to do?He doesn’t know if it is an enemy or a friend。
First2369chapter Adventure action
At the far east of the warehouse,Has a very beautiful office。And the doorway not far from this office,The guard on guard is exactly the Du Hai brought by Xia Jian。It seems that Tian Dong’s arrangements are in place。
Wang Dongping brought Xia Jian into his office,Then he turned around and closed the office door tightly。Wang Dongping’s move,Frightened Xia Jian。
“Be honest,What are you here for?”Wang Dongping glared with both eyes,Pressing Xia Jian and shouting。
Okay,There is no one in Wang Dongping’s office。Xia Jian glanced at this guy,Replied casually:“I said I’m here for an internship”
“you are lying!Our factory has been in operation for many years,No one has come for an internship yet。Moreover,One person in our warehouse,Pass by me anyway。This time Tian Dong passed me and put you in the warehouse,Don’t you want to mix up?”Wang Dongping approached Xia Jian step by step,Fire is coming out of my eyes。
What does this guy want?Why is he so serious about this??This made Xia Jian suspicious of him。It seems that he does not take any measures,This guy will ruin their whole plan。
Thought of here,Xia Jian suddenly shot,Grabbed Wang Dongping by the collar,Lowered his voice and asked:“What do you want to do?”
Wang Dongping’s face changed drastically,He probably never thought that Xia Jianhui would do something。But this person’s response is not bad,He raised his knees violently,Sneak attack on Xia Jian’s belly。