Could it be that they guessed wrong??

But just now she clearly admitted that she manipulated those who died。
“What about your situation,Why did you come here so soon??”Hu Bailing asked。
“The Dragon Sage Army in Shitou Village has retreated,Only a small part of the periphery is lurking。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Sanglong is very alert and careful,They should also worry that we gather all the power to destroy them,So I immediately abandoned the stone village,Hid elsewhere。”Song Luo said。
“What were you discussing so seriously just now??”Hu Bailing asked。
“It’s nothing,Just asked her,Did you see a special dragon in the Shitouzhai?,I guess the Dragon Army,There should be a leader who is not inferior to human wisdom,If you can know its characteristics and capabilities,Deal with it,It will be much easier to deal with the dragon。”Zhu Minglang smiled,Cover up the question just now lightly。
And the Yin Lingshi girl lowered her head,Silent,One hand couldn’t help but grab a corner of his clothes,Like a sigh of relief,It seems to be afraid of something。
First291chapter Leave in a hurry
I wish Minglang let Xiaobai explore the black lake under the crack。
Black Lake is huge,Save enough water to irrigate all the vegetation of the entire Lihuagou,At the same time there are many gems deposited at the bottom of the lake。
Xiaobai made a round,Did not see any mourning dragons,Even the saliva of a dragon、Hair、No footprints。