Sun San on the side saw Li Yingying’s smile and a sly smile flashed past.,Regained its original dull appearance,Although he hides it quickly,But there is no Chen Xiu who has been silent again。

“Imitating the Huadoucai Seawater Animal Pattern Tank,Fake,High imitation,Market value of three thousand yuan!”
Sun San took out the bucket of colored sea water with a different animal pattern,A message appeared in Chen Xiu’s mind long ago。
“General fake tips are worth zero,This fake is worth 3,000 yuan,No wonder you can fool a master like Li Yingying,It seems that the technology of fraud is very high!”
Chen Xiu secretly looked at Sun San,“This person deliberately made a smell of soil,The fingers also have dirt,It just makes people misunderstand that he just came out of the soil。It looks like a professional liar!”
“Mr. Sun,What price do you want……”
“Yingying,Don’t be busy。I’ll take a look。”
Li Yingying has obviously been confused by this imitation,Direct price,Chen Xiu interrupted her directly,Sun San saw that the fish had been hooked,But was taken away,He gave Chen Xiu an unhappy look:“Hurry up,I said I was eager to ask for money to see a doctor so I gave you such a low price。If you don’t want me, go to the next house!”
“Mr. Sun,Do not misunderstand……”
Li Yingying apologized and was about to make a price,I don’t want Chen Xiu to just chip in and say:“Since Mr. Sun is selling at a low price,We don’t be that kind of unscrupulous businessman,Please go back!”
“Chen Xiu……”
Hearing Chen Xiu rushing guests,Li Yingying is very anxious。
Chen Xiu gently pulled her hem,Whispered。
Li Yingying wakes up like a dream,In fact, she was not very cold when she looked at this Doucai seawater alien pattern tank and concluded that it was genuine.,I was just bewildered by high profits for a while,Chen Xiuyi reminded her to wake up to the principle that she just talked to Chen Xiu about the unclear things.。
“Pooh!I’m a genuine one and rushed out of the tomb of the Ming Dynasty to be fake。Don’t you understand!You don’t accept,I find another home!”