He suddenly remembered the famous sentence these days“The swordsman who keeps cutting everything”。

Because he faintly feels that he has touched this state。
“I thought it was a joke,But I didn’t know the horror of this sentence until I reached this state!”
He feels that he should have walked a short while on the road of Jian Hao,But only this“Cut constantly”The state of。
Nothing else,Can make a piece of paper swing dozens of times in the world’s top swords、Hack and cut to stay undamaged,What a horror is this。
That’s a famous sword for blowing and breaking hair,Just being close to the blade can make the paper shatter,And someone can cut dozens of times without destroying the paper,This level is quite high。
“So my second step is towards‘Keep cutting everything’The state of?”Leo gradually realized something。
He has no shortage of strength,He feels that because of the pressure of the sea,Very good at controlling power,But still far from reaching the state of Koushiro。
“I still have a long way to go from the great swordsman!”
Leo walked on the road slowly converging his thoughts,No delay,I quickly went to the Navy Branch。
At this time, the atmosphere of the branch obviously changed greatly。
how to say,Become serious?
Walking on the road,Many branch navies greet Leo,Leo smiled in return。
He still maintains an attitude of being kind to others in this past life,As long as it doesn’t threaten his life,He is still very talkative。
Ok,At least he thinks so。