and many more,Is this old man saying he is a god?Li Tianchou laughed blankly,Throughout the ages,There are many rumors of Fei Xian,But no one has seen a real god,But this old man’s outfit and the current scene are a bit bluff,Could it be that I was caught again and that organization was working as a guinea pig,He immediately recalled the scene of life and death tossed by that research institution,Every day after the injection, there are some strange scenes in my mind,Some are more celestial than what you see。

Chapter six hundred and twenty seven Xi Lao Secret Realm(2)
“Not bad,Feathered Flying Fairy。”The old man nodded,There is a little more pride in his eyes。
“so,The old man is a god?”This made Li Tianchou wary,The old man’s not much different,Although he is so beautiful,Spiritual,It’s also a bit of a fairy style,Comparable to the white clouds of flowing clouds、Qingyun is not much stronger,Say something old god,That’s a polite compliment,Living conditions are good now,There are many people who know how to keep healthy,It’s nothing unusual for a hundred-year-old old man,From this perspective,The old man wants to make a joke with himself, but I don’t know。
“Haha,Do the dolls do not believe?”The old man laughs。
“Old gentleman misunderstood,Gods may have,But i haven’t seen。”Li Tianchou is honest,Didn’t say enough,On the one hand it hints that the elderly should not fool others,On the other hand, I really want to hear about the emergence of a fairy,Most of the records in the Liuyunguan classics are vague,Mysterious and mysterious,Is there really a fairy in the great world??
Far away,Many wonders that happened to Li Tianchou himself cannot be explained by science,Although he has never seen a god,But the god bird has seen one,It’s the same-named bird in the Purple Garden,The bird of ancient legend,He still carries a feather of the same name in his arms,Has become one of his life-saving methods,The energy contained in feathers,The colorful light field excited made him experience miraculous things,It’s fake to say it doesn’t itch in my heart。
But when I think of feathers with the same name,Li Tianchou’s mood immediately fell,do not know why,It and the linden leaves have turned into coke,Like I burned myself,Until now, my chest still aches。
“Have never seen,That’s all。”The old man’s look suddenly became weird,suddenly“what”The sound of,His eyes immediately turned to Li Tianchou’s left chest,“what is that?”
The old man’s eyes suddenly brightened,Li Tianchou immediately took a big step back subconsciously,But it makes no sense for him to retire,The distance between him and the old man is still two or three feet away,Hasn’t changed,Suddenly realized,This is the old man’s place,Weird everywhere,Just like when he first entered Ziyuan in Liuyunguan,I was struggling to pass the bamboo forest at first。
Could it be that this old Secret Realm is as magical as the Purple Garden?The more Li Tianchou thinks about it, the more likely it is,Suddenly feel cold,The yellow silk that had been hiding next to his body flew to the old man in a swaying volley,He is very anxious,Quickly reached out to catch,But suddenly the body can’t move as if nailed to the ground,Can’t help being surprised。
“You old man,Rob people for nothing,What intent?”In a hurry,Li Tianchou reaches out to touch the pistol at his waist,I lost a hand when I fell into the cave,But don’t have a handful。
“The old man hasn’t cured you of trespassing in secrets,What’s not to look at with a little outside?”The old man looked cold,The smile just now became so domineering and arrogant,An invisible coercion is coming,Li Tianchou suddenly felt that he had hit an invisible huge rock head-on,dizzy,I can’t help but want to do my best to resist,But it was in vain,His insignificant power is like a moth to a fire,Sink into the sea,The bones of the whole body began to creak due to the tremendous pressure,There was a chill in my heart,Secretly, how terrifying this not amazing old man is?
The old man slowly stretched out his hand to catch the flying yellow silk,Spread it in the palm of your hand and carefully checked the appearance,Look surprised。
Huang Jian has actually been burnt into a black pile,Stick together,I can’t tear it,The outer edges of the feathers are carbonized,Bodhi branches and leaves are naturally even more needless to say,But even so,Li Tianchou was not willing to throw it away,Thinking about handling the matter between him and Zhang Zhiqiang,After he rescued his family, he returned to Yunguan,I believe that the answer to the problem will be found in the purple garden。
But this kind of thinking doesn’t have much confidence,Because the two babies were burned inexplicably,Li Tianchou felt that the connection and induction between him and Ziyuan was much weaker,I don’t know what happened to Liuyunguan,I’ve been anxious。
The old man seems to be preoccupied,After peeling off the yellow silk carefully,The whole person seems to freeze suddenly,like a statue,The invisible pressure on Li Tianchou’s body at this time has been reduced a lot in an instant,Rao is so,The big bead of sweat still rolls down from his forehead like opening the gate。
I don’t know that the old man is worse than Li Tianchou at this moment,When his hand touched the feathers under the yellow silk,It’s like being burned by the coals,The pain reaches the bottom of my heart,The old man almost hummed out involuntarily,There was a voice in my ear,Anger in majesty,“brat,Take your dirty hands away!”
The sound rang like a bell in the old man’s heart,The old man’s complexion changed several times in an instant,Quickly take a closer look,Can’t help being surprised,“Forgiveness,Xiaoxian had no intention of offending,All because of the hairy boy in front of him breaking into Xiaoxian’s former forbidden place,Xiaoxian is afraid that he will be unpredictable,So stepped forward to investigate……I didn’t expect this baby to be bold,Dare to wear the seven flames of the immortal……”
“lie!It’s obviously your wrong heart,Countering false accusations,Could it be that I can’t get there,Want to occupy my treasure?”The majestic voice in the ear of the old man became more and more angry,The volume suddenly changed from hitting the bell to thunder,Aftermath,Momentum。