Sorry,do not know,never seen it,Who are you!

now,Swordsman Wu Lao Xing felt myocardial infarction,Sloppy,I didn’t expect Leo to be so shameless。
“it is good,I go to the Warring States,I’ll see what you say!”
“Find you numb,You have the ability to find it,I really thought I was a five-star!”Leo scolded again。
The other side is not talking,Only the phone bug lowered his head shyly。
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First172chapter Warring States Call(6/10)
Troangoth stood a little dazed,He thought about countless possibilities,I never expected Leo to curse directly,Put the bloody head of the scolding dog,Then retreat。
This trick has no time to play。
“Boss,Your hand is great,This way, the five old stars can’t help you!”Tlangote admires。
“Don’t lick,Do you know that licking the dog has nothing?”Leo gets up。“You think too simple,Wu Lao Xing won’t just count it like that,I must trouble me!”
but,Just a little trouble,After all, Sengoku and Karp won’t sit idly by after knowing this.。
And the Gang Bone Kong, who has never seen it before, will not let the five old stars convict Leo.。
and so,No problem。
“I guess within three minutes,The Marshal of the Warring States Period will call me!”