A strong man with a javelin stepped on the void,Take two steps to the outside of the temple,Looking ahead at Wright。

The breath of a strong man holding a javelin,Wright is very familiar,Full of oppression like the breath of my teacher。
This is the breath of god!
“God’s projection clone,Just an energy aggregate,Won’t have the godhead。Energy limit,It’s just the limit of the sanctuary。”Wright’s voice sounded:“You think you can beat me?”
Although Wright’s face is solemn,But not panic。
In the original,The protagonist Lin Lei has also faced this projection clone,Although defeated,But it’s not the overwhelming advantage of God level to Sanctuary。
On strength,Do it yourself【Water and fire compatible】Fusion of water and fire elements,The power is no less than the power of the Dragon Blood Warrior。
On Xuan’ao,Lin Lei and the projection clone are just normal sanctuary limits,Wright’s law of fusion,In fact, the degree of mystery has surpassed a single complete mystery。
As long as the projection of this divine power does not have the law of fusion,I have no reason to match!
This thought flashed through Wright’s mind,At the same time the spear in his hand is already raised。
And the strong man holding a javelin glanced over Wright:“Stupid defiler,You don’t even know the difference between God and you。I,Third Ranger under Lord Prequel‘Balsese’,Just let you know our gap!”
Between discourse,The javelin in his hand passed through the space instantly,Arrived in front of Wright。
Chapter 29 Beirut
“Qian!”The sound of weapons clashing came from where the two collided。
Display【Water and fire compatible】Wright blocked the shot。But the body recedes steadily under the power of this gun。
“This product is absolutely fusion of law and mystery,How did Lin Lei escape from this guy?!”Wright shouted inwardly。Fortunately【Water and fire compatible】Offensive and defensive,It can withstand his attack。