D-18TWhat is the life of the engine?

Say it to scare you:in1987Years ago,only500Hours。
First875chapter fishing(4000word)
500Hours,Contrast Rawls·RoyceRB211Ten thousand hours,20Times the gap,How to compare?
of course,D—18TThe life of the engine is so low,There are many reasons,Among them, there is indeed a vice that the Soviet military system does not pay attention to life.,But the Soviet Union did not develop such200Thousand-Niu level large bypass ratio、The experience of high-thrust aeroengine is also“Contributed”(from80The continuous deterioration of the Soviet economy since the 1970s also prompted the Soviet government to focus on equipment“Economy”A big reason)。
But no matter what the reason,The Soviets themselves knew,equipmentD—18TEngine safety—124Strategic transport aircraft is not a MiG—21、MiG—29That can be fast、Mass manufactured“Battlefield consumables”,Is strategic equipment,Engine only500An hour life is definitely not enough,Too wasteful!Must extend life!
and so,D-18Tin1982After years of successful research and development,1984In the year,Ivchenko Design Bureau received an increaseD—18TEngine life“Three steps”task:Within three years,willD—18TThe life of the engine is increased to800hour;Within five years,willD—18TThe life of the engine is increased to at least1500Hours;10During the year,D—18TThe life of the engine must reach300Hours。
Obviously,This is given by the competent department of the Soviet aviation industry“Three steps”The task can also be seen,The Soviets themselves felt at least in terms of engine life,I can’t catch up with my European and American counterparts in a short time。
The order is down,The Ivchenko Design Bureau had to accept,at the moment“first step”I’ve gritted my teeth,Material preparation started last month、The batch is expected to be officially completed by the end of the yearD—18TThe life of the engine has reached800Hours,But here comes the problem,From the current500Hours increase to800Hours can be considered as a step to climb,How can I800Hour climb1500hour?How to get from1500Hour climb3000hour?
The Ivchenko Design Bureau is having a headache for this order.,Fernandez·Chen is here,Then his secretary said that Fernandez·Chen got andD—18TThe engine is at the same thrust level、But the British Rolls with an engine life of up to 10,000 hours·RoyceRB211All engine technology、Patent and production materials。
Go directly to the British、Ask if they can“Learn”a bitRB211How does the engine achieve a life of 10,000 hours?,You don’t have to think about it,Kelly·Hicks“Inadvertently”When the revealed news is placed before our eyes,Yuri·The people of the Ivchenko Design Bureau headed by Kravchenko suddenly realized a possibility:
If we can“Learn”、“Borrow”a bitRB211Craftsmanship and production materials,Dare not say easy willD—18TFrom the present800Up to1500Hours or3000Hours,But at least we can know what our western counterparts do。