“At that time, I persuaded that old friend not to be arrogant,But his attitude is very firm,Must invest in you1One hundred million U.S. dollars。”

“Seeing his attitude so determined,I had to help my old friend,Voted for you in my name1One hundred million U.S. dollars,Helped you set up a zero fund。”
“what?Dude,You mean,The one that established the Zero Fund1Billion dollars was given by your old friend?Who is your old friend??”
Sanchez’s words seriously overturned Qiao Tianyu’s three views,Qiao Tianyu never thought that the boss of Zero Fund would have someone else?!
so,That old friend of Sanchez actually followed Qiao Tianyu soon after he was reborn,And secretly dominate Qiao Tianyu’s actions。
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu was shocked in a cold sweat,Could it be that the black hand behind Qiao Tianyu has been feeling,It turned out to be Sanchez’s old friend?
In this way,Qiao Tianyu can’t wait to know who Sanchez’s old friend is.?
“Brother Joe,About that old friend,I didn’t want to tell you。” Sanchez went on to explain。
“But now that old friend is in danger,Precarious,Maybe only you can save him,So after thinking and thinking,Today I decided to tell you all this。”
“Brother Joe,As for who is that old friend,I think you should know it by now?”
I heard Sanchez say that,Qiao Tianyu said tentatively in disbelief,“what?Dude,You mean that.That mysterious rich businessman?!”
“Uh uh,Yes,My old friend is the mysterious rich businessman who upset the entire world offshore financial market some time ago!” Sanchez nodded vigorously。“He is the big boss behind the real zero fund!”
“what the hell!Turned out to be him?!”After listening to Qiao Tianyu’s mind,,Almost backed in shock。
But Qiao Tianyu has to admit,If you add the premise that the mysterious rich businessman is the boss of the zero fund,Qiao Tianyu can successfully answer many questions before。
No wonder Qiao Tianyu noticed that there was a black hand controlling him behind his back.!
No wonder the mysterious rich businessman can accurately predict Qiao Tianyu’s actions so many days in advance!
No wonder Cui Kai inferred that,The person who has always controlled Qiao Tianyu from behind is probably their mentor, Mr. Wu Wenjie!
No wonder Qiao Daye said in the letter that the mysterious rich businessman is probably Mr. Wu Wenjie!
If it seems that most of the previous inferences are correct,The black hand behind Qiao Tianyu、Mysterious Rich Merchant、The real boss of Zero Fund,And the old friend of Sanchez,All four identities point to the same person without exception,That is Mr. Wu Wenjie!
Thought of here,In order to finally confirm my thoughts,Qiao Tianyu asked Sanchez tentatively again,“Dude,Excuse me for asking,Is your old friend a Chinese?,His name is Wu Wenjie?”