Xiang Chen’s tone is suspicious,The throbbing in this heart feels like deja vu,I can’t help but think of it not long ago,I almost made myself reimbursed。

“Not bad!Kuang Tianyou is my little brother!”
Qu Tianyi changed and nodded,I am not surprised that my own skill is recognized。
Screamed bitterly,But Xiang Chen didn’t bother to make any extra expressions。
This is more explainable,Why is the dragon head of the dragon group here。Not just a matter of interest,It is also mixed with personal grievances。
“This round is a bit exaggerated!”
Xiang Chen pretending to be relaxed,It seems that Long San and Long Si are Qu Tianyi’s henchmen,No wonder only brought so many people,Public revenge,It’s really not suitable for too many people to participate,Just thinking about the brigade,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but feel a little funny,Looking at Qu Tianyi,There is also a feeling that the other party has been busy for a long time but it is too late,So Xiang Chen understood the serious expression on Qu Tianyi’s face…
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventeen Battle Dragon Head3
Qu Tianyi’s breathing became heavier,Long battle,The body is overwhelmed by fatigue,My hole card was exposed in advance because I was eager for success,This is the most taboo question。
Fight with people,The hole card is the most important means of life preservation,Qutian nowyyltsj.A handful of his hole cards showed up,Naturally not intended to perform。
Completed the breath quietly,Offensive again,Qu Tianyi won’t let Xiang Chen have such good luck。
Xiang Chen has been staring at Qu Tianyi’s palms,No wonder when we were fighting before,The changes in his hands are so quick,Now Xiang Chen found the answer。
If you can notice Qu Tianyi’s white palms from the beginning,Maybe find out earlier,Mo Mo wouldn’t be lying on the ground in pain like this。
Sand poison!
Thinking back to my tortured experience,Xiang Chen can roughly feel the pain Mo Mo endured。