Andre·Nikolaevich was shocked:finally come!

See you!Different from history,in history,General Shaboshnikov, Chief of the Soviet General Staff, is accepting《Red Star》During the interview,Said it“If China wants to acquire MiG-29High-performance aircraft,The Soviet government believed that there were no political obstacles”These words,But this time,Gorbachev is receiving《Red Star》I said this during the interview。
Isn’t it just to tell China:We even Mig—29This most advanced fighter can be sold,What else can’t be sold?Hurry up and take a look。
and《Red Star》What is your position in the Soviet Union?
That’s China《Mass daily》good or not。
The head of the Soviet Union in the Soviet version《Mass daily》Made such a statement on,If this does not represent the attitude of the Soviet government,What can represent the attitude of the Soviet government?
What disappointed the Soviets was,After General Shaboshnikov made such a statement on behalf of the Soviet government,There hasn’t been much movement in China,This disappointed Gorbachev, who had hoped to use it to consolidate his position.:You Chinese, come here and buy it quickly。
Fortunately,Huaxia finally spoke up。
“of course,”Andre·Nikolaevich nodded immediately,The whole person is a bit more enthusiastic than before:“Although we have some misunderstandings in the past due to some differences,But history has proven,Although the socialist road taken by China is different from the socialist road taken by the Soviet Union,But the socialist road taken by Huaxia’s comrades suits China’s national conditions,The Soviet government and Comrade Gorbachev are willing to join Comrade Huaxia,Let go of past differences,Join hands again,Be a good brother of socialism,Arms sales,Of course it’s not a problem……Ding,What are you going to buy?”
Andre·Nikolaevich was already looking forward to what Ding Haijun would propose to purchase.。
“this one,”Ding Haijun, who had already prepared, immediately opened the folder,Pull out a newspaper from it and pass it to Andrei·Nikolayevich:“This is it,‘Scalpel over the Barents Sea’,We want this‘Scalpel’。”
Andre·Nikolayevich’s eyes fell on the newspaper Ding Haijun spread in front of him,Eyes are condensed。
Although he doesn’t understand Norwegian,I don’t know that the newspaper Ding Haijun is spreading in front of him is the newspaper with the largest circulation in Norway.《World road》Report,But the photo in the newspaper is too familiar to him:Scalpel over the Barents Sea!
On the photo,On that huge towering tail,Huge“36”Tell Andre clearly·The identity of Nikolaevich:Pride from the Sukhoi Design Bureau,SU—27Twin-engine heavy fighter。
Andre·Nikolayevich did not expect that the Chinese people have such a big appetite,I just watched“Scalpel over the Barents Sea”,But no doubt,This handle“Scalpel”Cannot be sold,He nodded immediately:“Oh,You say mig—29what,Of course, no problem,Comrade Gorbachev has already said,MiG—29Can sell,no problem……”
Ding Haijun smiled,He interrupted Andre·Words of Nikolaevich:“Andre,You are not friends enough,‘Scalpel over the Barents Sea’Not a MiG—29。”
“Why not mig—29?”Andre·Nikolayevich’s nonsense and heart beat:“Look at this towering double vertical tail、You look at the bubble cockpit,This is our MiG—29……”