The Destruction King A Chung Yoyo replied:“I will be stronger than it!And the boss you will get an invincible army!I will build on the original foundation of the Dark Race,Optimize and improve,Create more suitable units for combat,Including those ghost giants outside,Zuma、Demon Dragon、Three types of units。”

“If you are willing to keep me on this plane,Stay in this red zone battlefield,It only takes a month at most,You can get these loyal soldiers!”The Destruction King Ah Chun said with a slightly excited voice。
“One month?How much can be produced?”Lu Menglin is very interested,Can’t help asking。
“The Golem Giant has been added to three hundred,More than 1,000 warriors,Three thousand Zuma fighters,Demon insects can be tens of thousands。”Ah Chun, the king of destruction replied。
Lu Menglin was startled,I thought I really deserved to be the king of destruction!Nothing else,Those ghost giants,Each has a combat power of about forty-four,Even if it is placed in Shenmin Continent,At least it’s a master of guarding one side。
Just one month,Can produce 300 rank forty-four combat power,This can be said to be crazy,Not to mention there are a lot of Zuma lines、Demon Dragon and Demon Warrior。
In other words,Just put the Lord of Destruction on this plane,One month later,Lu Menglin will have a truly powerful army,Enough to challenge Tianzun God City without falling into the wind。
“These creatures you created,Do they have the characteristics of the dark race??”Lu Menglin asked。
“Of course there is!But what does it matter??They all follow you,Have the highest level of loyalty,Even you Let them die,They will execute without hesitation!”The king of destruction says。
Lu Menglin nodded,indeed so!Even if we bring such a powerful army back to Shenmin Continent,As long as they don’t actively attack the gods,I believe that not many gods will be stupid enough to provoke such an army,And I can make it public,These are units that mimic the Dark Race,Biological weapon,Is used to fight against the dark race。
Anyhow, this Wuhao master,Also known as the favor of the dragon god,There is also such a small name,The problem shouldn’t be big。
“Clone One can return to Shenmin Continent with you!With these divine crystals,Its strength will increase again,And will not be considered a dark race!Congratulations!”The rare king of destruction, Ah Chung, actually has a little humor,Said。
Clone One nodded,Although it failed to get the body of the evil god,But now this plan,For it,The risk is much smaller,The income is okay。
After all, it’s just wishful thinking to become a fat man.。
“Give me enough divine crystals,I want to break through to level 46!”Doppelganger 1 flicks its long tail,Said。
“can!Then give you a divine crystal that breaks through to level 46,Leave the rest to the boss!The boss’s strength needs a breakthrough!Back to Shenmin Continent,You are responsible for protecting the safety of your boss。Only through him,We have the opportunity to continue to grow。If you are not honest,I will recycle you。”
The words of the king of destruction,Clone One immediately caught its tail,Much more honest。
Lu Menglin suddenly felt,The king of destruction, Ah Chung, is the real life of high wisdom,Don’t look at it, it’s been nesting in the wilderness and never moved,But it’s about every move of Clone One,Know well,And after showing up, I got the most benefit,Even more than my own master。