Everyone is not offended,Many men work,Especially for this kind of physical work,I like bare shoulders,Can’t say that people’s behavior is uncivilized,Even offended everyone。

The boss is almost fifty,And Zhong Wenqiu’s cousin is a smoker and a drinker。
Don’t look at the boss,But usually off work,I also followed the workers in my factory to eat and drink,call each other brothers,Not a boss at all,And the consciousness that is almost fifty years old。
Zhong Wenqiu’s cousin used a supper,Got the boss’s consent,The equipment inside can be used at will,But if you break it, you have to pay,There is nothing to say。
and,The boss also came to observe,Meet Hu Yang and others。
to be frank,The boss also heard of stone betting、Cut stone,After all, he is dealing with stone,But never dared to play,Because my friend was hurt by gambling。
Lessons learned,He naturally dare not get involved。but now,Can watch for free,Naturally will not miss。
“Yixing also sells gambling materials?”The boss was surprised。
He has been here for many years,I haven’t heard of anyone playing rock gambling in Yixing!and so,He saw Populus and others come to the door with the jade rough stone to cut the stone,Just a little puzzled。
“We got it by accident,I have to use the boss’s machine next。”Hu Yang smiled politely。
The boss nodded:“use,It’s ok!I happen to be able to see it。”
That rock is not big,About the size of a plate,Slightly flat。One of the locations,Because it is often used to sharpen knives,Already wiped out a hole,I saw what Jade said“fog”,That layer of fog is very thin,Populus euphratica was irradiated with strong light from a mobile phone,Everyone can see the green light。
therefore,This piece of material cannot be cut,Can only rub slowly,Is rubbing with abrasive tools,Wipe off that layer of stone skin。
have to say,The equipment here is pretty good,Rubbing,There is water to clean on one side,Wash away the stone dust,Keep the piece of material clearly visible at all times。