Although Su Xuehen is wearing headphones,But the other half of the ear can hear the conversation between Wang Shaoxiao and Lu Menglin clearly。

“it is good!But I have something to do this Sunday,I won’t give you tutoring this week。”The squad leader said lightly,Hear someone’s heart straight,Are you jealous??
but,Of course Lu Menglin wouldn’t say it,Just wrong,Nodded:“also!There are some questions,I’ll ask you again on Monday。”
Su Xuehen blinked,Bury your head,Refuse to speak anymore。
Saturday morning,Lu Menglin went to the market to finish breakfast,Walk along the boulevard of the park,Go to the Gaogan guest house hidden deep in the green shade。
He knew that Jiang Jinghong and the three of them lived there,Strange,Since I saw Jiang Jinghong there last time,Su Xuehen will never go again,Not even mention that place。
Lu Menglin knew that the squad leader was at the same table, although he didn’t say anything,But it’s clear in my heart,She doesn’t seem to like to deal with Jiang Jinghong,And in fact,The three of them have a natural gap with Liufang’s teenagers.,Maybe never approached。
Although Jiang Jinghong helped him once,But Lu Menglin didn’t think that was the reason why the girl liked him so much,Just because I still have some value in the eyes of the other party!
unconsciously,Lu Menglin walked to the door of the small courtyard。
A white truck parked outside the courtyard,Before Lu Menglin approached,Suddenly black smoke came out of the bottom of the truck,Then suddenly left。
Lu Menglin steps into the hospital,Just walked a few steps,I heard someone calling his name on the second floor。
“Lu Menglin,Come early!Come up soon,Show you a good thing!”It was Jiang Jinghong’s brother Jiang Jingchuan who was calling,Although he has always been very easygoing,But there is still something incompatible with Liufang’s personality.。
Lu Menglin said,Upstairs,As Jiang Jingchuan came to a side room on the second floor。
The side hall at the end of the corridor is empty,Except for an arcade machine and a girl who plays games seriously,Nothing extra。
“No way?This also works!”Lu Menglin couldn’t help but let out an exclamation。
He found that he still underestimated Jiang Jinghong’s obsession with games,To practice the king of fighters97,I actually made an arcade machine and put it at home to play by myself?
Hear the footsteps coming from behind,Jiang Jinghong didn’t look back,But frowned:“what?The joystick is not working,It’s parallel imports at all!”
Lu Menglin stepped forward,Seeing Athena Asamiya on the screen of the game hall was beaten back and forth by the computer,Can only take off in vain。
“Character can’t move forward?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Jiang Jinghong glared at him,Angrily:“Yes, it is!I didn’t let anyone debug it when I unloaded the cargo.,be cheated!”