Assistance Tibet Development Foundation to carry out materials donation activities

  Recently, the secretary-general of the Tibet Development Fund Party, and the Secretary-General Ye Yinchuan went to the Hui Tibet Foundation to Gong Dang Township Gong Dang Village in Gaolang County in the village.On the same day, Ye Yinchuan went to visit the old party members and the old cadres, gave a blood pressure gauge and common drugs, and asked them about their physical condition in detail.

At the same time, the relevant staff should care about the love of the old comrades, often understand their lives, and want to help them solve the difficulties in life.With the love of border rural primary school children, Ye Yinchuan also donated the cotton three-piece set, washing machine, cotton sweater, pen and other materials, with a total value of about 10,000 yuan.

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