Anhui’s first inner river port "green transformation" contract energy management agreement sign

On November 17, the National Network Anhui Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. Huaibei Branch, Anhui Port Group Sun Yugang Co., Ltd. signed "PV-PV-Power Management Agreement", in the province, in the province, in the province, the inner river port "green Transformation "Integrated Energy Project Cooperation. Sun Yugang Pier is located in Sunyi Town, Yuxi County, Huaibei City, covers an area of ??more than 200 acres, 500 tons of berth, supporting large warehouses, yards, office buildings, canteens, parking lots and other services.

Since July this year, the Huaibei Branch of Anhui Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. has docked with Anhui Port Group and Sun Hao Port Co., Ltd., and the two sides reached a cooperation consensus on Sun Yugang’s "Low Carbon Demonstration Terminal".

Sun Hao Port "Low Carbon Demonstration Terminal" project is a convergent photovoltaic power generation, port shore, charging pile, and storage capacity integrated integrated energy demonstration project.

After the agreement is signed, the two sides will work together to actively promote the "green transformation" of the inner river port. Fully build the first high-altitude of the province’s first optical memory and integrated low-carbon terminal demonstration project, in order to improve the comprehensive energy efficiency service level, help "carbon Dafeng, Active contribution to carbon neutralization. (Liu Wei) (Editor: Ou Wei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.