“cut,Isn’t it a dark attribute?,Look at your frown,I happen to know a way,Since you don’t need,Then I do not talk about it”Long Yuan deliberately hung his appetite。

“Really?I want”Fuming’s eyes light up,Can’t wait to ask。
“Don’t,I am making trouble,You are business,How dare I say”At this time, Long Yuan proudly don’t want it。
“I。。。Can’t I be wrong?”Fuming tone immediately softened,I can’t help laughing。
“Humph,Since you begged me,I’ll tell you”Long Yuan’s voice suddenly became mean,Angrily gritting his teeth secretly。
“I met a dark guy before,That guy also came and went without a trace,As long as there is a little shadow,This cargo can get in,I suffered from him many times,Later I invented a combat technique,Actually it shouldn’t be considered strictly speaking”
“Ok。。。It’s to quietly spread my lightning attributes over all the surrounding objects,This is equivalent to setting up a warning net around me,As long as he steps into my range of perception,Then he can’t run away!”
Fuming showed Mingwu’s look,It turns out that attributes can also be used like this“Then as you say,Is the lightning attribute the nemesis of the dark attribute?!”
Long Yuan shook his head“You think too much,All things grow together,The only thing that really restrains him at the source is the light attribute,So this lightning attribute can only be perceived,Can’t give him a fatal blow”
Fuming nodded“That’s enough,Just know where he is,I can kill him!”
“Mr,Lianfeng Town is here”The driver driving ahead yelled,Brought back the fuming who was thinking,Look through the window,The town says Lianfeng Town。
The car slowly entered Lianfeng Town,There are not many pedestrians in the whole town,Even if there is, it is cautious,no way,The name of the evil eater is too scary,Everyone is afraid that they are the next goal。
The car stopped slowly,Get out of the car and go straight to the mayor’s house in this town。
Set foot in the mayor’s yard,A man with a hunchback came up“who are you?”
“Hello,I am a student of Bailian Academy,I received the wanted order for the lore,This is my information card”Fuming explained,Handed his student information card to the man。