Zhao Hong cleaned up the water in the house,So I found a pair of slippers and put them on,Only then climbed up the Kang to find Xia Jian clothes。She climbed up like this,The skirt moves up,Her white snow almost reached the roots。

Xia Jian couldn’t help taking a look,He slammed the door shut,So wet, he jumped on it,Climbing Zhao Hong on the kang。
“do not do that!Change clothes quickly”Zhao Hong said softly,But she did not refuse,Even my breathing became quick。
Xia Jian at this time,Like a hungry wolf that hasn’t eaten meat for a long time,He swooped down,I set off Zhao Hong’s short skirt,Lifted to the waist,Showing her attractive red inner.pants。
When Xia Jian’s hand was about to tear off Zhao Hong’s last fig leaf,Suddenly,There was a loud noise,Even the house was shaken。
“earthquake!”Xia Jian shouted,Got up from Zhao Hong’s belly,Opened the door and rushed out。Zhao Hong tidied his clothes,Also chased up from behind。
In Xiping Village,Messed up。Vocal,Barking,Mixed into one,Listening to Xia Jian can’t help but think of the flood a few years ago。Is it the end of the good life of Xiping villagers??He dare not think anymore,But ran towards the gate of the village committee,Because there seems to be a lot of people together。
At this moment,Chen Erniu ran over from the entrance of the village,Mud all over him。Once he arrived in Xia Jian,Shouted loudly:“Oh no!Beishan landslide,The vegetable shed is all crushed underneath”
“what?“Xia Jian shouted,Let go and run towards the entrance of the village。Behind him,A large group of people followed。
The Beichuan River roared and turned a big wave high,The flood drain at the mouth of the village has overflowed,Turned into a small river。Xia Jian ran to the river,A little helplessly stopped。Because of such a big river,He can’t get through anyway。
“How to do?All underneath“Zhao Hong charged up,Pulling Xia Jian’s arm,Crying loudly。
The villagers all followed,But facing the big river like a beast,No one can do it。Look around,Beishan feels almost gone,The rushing mud spreads out black,Crushed hundreds of acres of vegetable greenhouses and disappeared。
Xia Jian asked in a trembling voice:“Is anyone in the shed?“
“nobody,When it rained,Everyone ran home“Some villagers shouted loudly。
Xia Jian turned around,Patted Zhao Hong on the shoulder and said:“Just don’t overwhelm someone,The rest is not important“
“Nothing,Our greenhouse is gone,Isn’t there a breeding plant??“Chen Erniu’s voice came from behind。
Xia Jian quickly turned around and asked:“Is the farm okay?!Where you have a lot of workers,Don’t make mistakes“