So Dao Ke and Xin Na quickly inferred what the three people will do and their purpose.,It’s like a group of wild dogs on the wasteland facing a formidable opponent,Entangle the opponent,Non-frontal attack,Just take a bite from time to time,Then broke up,But soon they gathered together and adorned far behind,Take another bite,Until the opponent’s blood is drained。

“Drain the blood of the blood?”The knife man laughs up to the sky,There has never been a race that dared to let go of the blood of the blood,And he is very narcissistic,I dare not even have this idea,No race dare,Because they fear the power of ancestors,They don’t understand what ancestral power is,That is the river of blood deep in the galaxy,The river of blood that has been flowing for thousands of years,With indescribable power,It is the root of the blood,Its source is……Even Swordsman and Sinna don’t know,But Fei Yu successfully found it,And created the Holy Blood Array,Make the blood family and the river of blood have a real connection again,This is the whole blood race to avoid destruction,The foundation of revitalization。
The current blood race has once again reached the threshold of reincarnation,Nirvana with the help of ancestral power again is also the inevitable way for race continuation and even rebirth.,Who dare to destroy,Must be retaliated by the whole family,The most terrifying revenge。
“Let’s burn blood again。”The knife man stared at the cloud hole high in the sky,In the dense snow,The dark hole looks very gloomy,He has a very uneasy feeling,I always feel that the sky has passed his hands and feet。
Several elders around heard this,Face changed drastically,But Sina has no objection,One by one,And the knife man doesn’t care about these eyes,The huge praying mantis knife swept into the air,Several powerful supernatural powers came to him immediately,Among them is Shen Wenyu。
“Take me to see the world of mortals。”The knife guest gave Shen Wenyu a blank expression,Then the body soars into the sky,One by one light and shadow lift off,Soon submerged in the cloud。
“Dear Sir Sinna,Can no longer burn the blood of the people,Three times before and after,I think every corner of this world has clearly heard your call。”An elder persuaded。
“Dear Sir Sinna,Should stop the swordsman,At least before finding the Holy Blood Array,We must make sure that we are not paid attention to by the entire mortal society。”
“Is Lord Zhehong still dreaming??Once the large-scale blood oath sacrifice to heaven is launched,Is it possible not to be noticed by Fansheng??”The elder who was hiding in the shadow asked coldly。
“It’s better than being so impulsive?In case there is a twist in the middle,Our race will fall into the vortex of siege,I will regret it then。”
“Siege?You mean being besieged by ants?Orihiro,I am ashamed of your thoughts。”
“Mortal individuals are indeed as fragile as ants,But they have taken another strong road,Easy to be ignored by us。”Elder Zhehong shook his head,“The deceased live in the mortal world for a long time,A little bit about this,They call this powerful technology,Powerful firearm,There are other powerful magic weapons,Not lost to powerful magical powers,Xiao Yanda and Shen Wenyu are more familiar,They have many records,Not as weak as we think。”
“Ambition,Destroy our clan……”
“enough!”The high priest Sina who had never spoken interrupted the quarrel of the elders,The complexion is even colder and terrible,“The knife man makes sense,Prepare for the fourth blood oath。”
Chapter nine hundred and eighty four Anti-sneak attack
When the blood light rushes to the sky again,Li Tianzhen completed his second sneak attack,Still escaped dangerously and dangerously from the col,This time,The high priest and the elder hiding in the dark still didn’t make a move,Because they are presiding over the intricate totem pattern on the base of the altar。
Even so,Li Tianzhen is still injured,Did not meet the swordsman,But under the attack of two priests and an elder,It’s not easy to escape,This stalker sneak attack will become more dangerous every time,Because no one else cooperates,Every sneak attack is equivalent to jumping into a trap。