“Ha ha!Sister Cao,I don’t need any gratitude,I like something more practical!I want you to do me a favor,Repeat the task link just now。simply put,I want to enter the hive。”Major Maosen’s tone was soft and hard,Unpredictable。

“No way!It’s too dangerous to do it again!Now that we have completed the task,You should go back to safety immediately。I hope you can keep your promise,Escort us away immediately。”Cao Wen’s brows are getting tighter,Because she already felt a smell of danger,Shouted。
really,There was a mocking look on Major Mausen’s face,Smile but not smile,Shook his head:“Do not,That won’t work!This is too unfair to me!You are doneATask,I get nothing!I must enter the hive once!”
At this moment,He Bu suddenly raised his head,Seriously:“Take Major,If you want rewards,I can give you that share!You really helped us a lot,We should thank you!”
When everyone heard that He Bu was going to give the biggest reward to Maosen,Secretly deplore all in my heart,Think he is stupid,Hard adventure,Busy for nothing,Finally made the wedding clothes for others,Really unwilling。
Only Lu Menglin and Wei Xiaoxing nodded secretly.,I understand He Bu’s actions very well。
Stay in the green hills,Not afraid of no firewood!Now Major Maosen has the initiative.,And the other party is already thinking,Everyone is not as strong as him,Of course don’t pester him,Give up the benefits,Security is the first priority。
“Do not,Do not!I have already said,I am not interested in your mission rewards。I want to get into the hive to take a look。I need someone to attract the attention of the bee colony,As for how you will arrange the following links,I do not care。”
Maosen said,Raise arm,Gently stroke the blade of the sword with two fingers,Shining cold light。
Sometimes,Needless to say,some people,Not angry。
Everyone present felt a strange chill,As if as long as you don’t agree to this man,He will turn his face,Immediately incarnate into an existence even more terrifying than a mutant monster。
“This teacher Lu,You only move your mouth and not your hands along the way,Would it be too easy?I don’t want you to attract the attention of the bee colony!”Maosen pointed the tip of his knife to Lu Menglin’s chest,Hehe sneered。
The threat contained in this action,It couldn’t be more obvious。
“I?OK!This kind of thing,It doesn’t matter。”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。
Actually, Lu Menglin would be worried,How can I find a reason to throw everyone away,Let yourself dive deep into the core,Go to the space channel and turn around。