“Yes!You say evil is not evil!Obviously it should be in place!”A Bao is very upset,Chen Wenjin is too lazy to say。“It’s useless if you call me,Wait, then,No chance to come out tomorrow,The day after tomorrow should be fine,Maybe it can still play。I am eating breakfast,No more。”

Phone hung up,Leopard is very depressed,Hit again。
Chen Wenjin just picked up the chopsticks,Put down again with a helpless look,Ask when connected:“What are you doing again?”
“I mean,Waited out,Can you take care of my account in the future??You see I’m so miserable,Urgently need your special care!”A leopard pleading。
“Forget it,No show。You can come whatever you decide,Can you think about it first before mentioning it to me?Your itchy hand,Big guy will bear it for you?Isn’t this the logic that you eat alone and others pay for you if you don’t eat??”Chen Wenjin said again:“Nothing else hangs up。”
“Then you help,Talk to Xiao Xiao about accommodation,Isn’t it okay??Anyway, Xiao Xiao is not bad for this money,You are not bad……Hey?Isn’t it?Hung up directly?”Abao put down the phone depressed,Li Xiang said disappointedly:“Gold doesn’t agree to help?Why is he like that!He has so much money,Xiao Xiao is so rich,Can’t save you?Not enough friends!”
“Forget it,Gold has always been like this。Say nothing,It’s not like this,I didn’t expect him to agree,It’s just a dead horse。”Leopard said,Sigh:“What is your friend!Also inside information!Smashed!”
“……I don’t know!My sister said the person she knew was really good!How could it be wrong。”Li Xiang is also very upset,She heard the gossip,Just tell Abao,She doesn’t understand,I think I can make money,Anyway, gold doesn’t operate for these two days,Then they have news,Of course it’s a good thing to buy some money!Who ever thought,None of the news is reliable!
A leopard smoking a cigarette,Very depressed,At the end of the holiday, the remaining money is far less than ideal,But now I lost a little bit more,There will be less left!
Chen Wenjin hung up,Xiao Xiao also said silently:“Leopard this temper,I can’t help you。”
“the holiday is over,I do everything according to plan,Won’t be in the securities department every day。How much he has left is his life。”Chen Wenjin said,Again:“Actually don’t need to feel bad,Because in the end he will make a wedding dress for whom,Don’t know yet。”
“You are not free after the holidays。”Xiao Xiao thinks Chen Wenjin’s words are strange。
“……I plan not to continue reading。”Chen Wenjin only remembered,I haven’t mentioned it。
“why?”Xiao Xiao was surprised,Feel incomprehensible。
Yes,Normal really shouldn’t。
But Chen Wenjin’s situation is special,He doesn’t want to read it again。
“No motivation to continue。”Chen Wenjin looked at Xiao Xiao’s face,Ask again:“You think it’s important?”