Huo Yunhe,Can only be hers!

The phone on the desktop rang,Huo Yunhe glanced at the screen,It’s that nasty woman again,Pick up impatiently,Not a gentleman,“What’s the matter?My Miss Lu。”
Lu Xin deliberately ignored the impatience in his tone,Said cheerfully:“Yun He,You haven’t got off work yet?this late,You must have not eaten,I will treat you to supper?I’m at the door of your company,You won’t come down,I went up。”
Not waiting for Huo Yunhe to agree,Hang up the phone,Huo Yun and the phone looking at the black screen,Very speechless。
Take a look at the time,already20:40,The brightly lit general manager can’t see the day and night,And outside the window,It’s already thousands of lights。
It’s so late,No wonder I’m hungry。
Take a look at the empty coffee cup on the table,That woman should be off work now?I really don’t know how to wink,Boss hasn’t got off work yet,She left first,No future!
Have a certain talent,Temperament is also gentler,The coffee is also good,If it is more beautiful,Can score seven points,Can barely take it out for entertainment。
Huo Yunhe’s eyes flashed with a black framed old-fashioned glasses,In a fat uniform,Woman wearing big mom shoes on feet.Full of excitement,Such an ugly woman,The overall appearance of the secretary room has been lowered by her,Also take it out for entertainment,Is this to make the outside world question that Huo is no one??
I’m crazy!
Forget the thoughts that just came out。
When coming out,The whole big office is empty,Only Yang Liu is still working at the desk,Huo Yunhe suddenly felt warmth in his heart,Cough slightly。
Willow raised his eyes,Saw the boss coming out,Stand up hurriedly,“Mr. Huo,What’s matter?”
“Nothing,It’s late,You get off work early too,Girls walking at night is not safe。”
Huo Yunhe has entered the elevator,Yangliu was still immersed in his sudden concern and never recovered,This,Is this still the cold-hearted man??So he cares about people too。
Obedient employees follow the boss’s instructions,Let people leave after get off work,Never waste a drop of water or electricity on the company,I packed my things and ran away。