Sister Fang and Wen Wenhao are not embarrassed to grab,Pan Long and Jin Hua stopped talking,Xiao Gao looked at Hua Tsai。Inside,The two of them are the smallest,I know this is the opportunity that Brother Hu gave them。

Hua Zi thought for a while,I actually have a lot of opportunities,Didn’t speak。
Xiao Gao is very happy,Give Hua Tsai a grateful look,I feel I must invite Brother Hua to dinner。
“I come,I need to!”Xiao Gao excitedly said。
Xiaowen sees a stone costs 10,000,Secretly smack,If you don’t believe Brother Hu,She will scold someone。
Several guys with colorful hair are overjoyed,Secretly think:It’s easy to cheat this group of people!Where did Lao Zhou find it??Just that,Can be divided into 1,000 yuan。
“Good!Do you want to calcite??I can help you find the machine。”Huang Maoxian courteous。
Populus euphratica waved his hand:“Forget it,Go back and solve。”
This is the answer Huang Mao wants。
“So much!I will help you get a box,Pretty。”He immediately ran away。
“boss,Are you fancy anything else??These are very good,Such as this……”Zi Mao started to introduce again,A rare opportunity,Should not be missed。
however,Hu Yang still ignored him,Did not see what he introduced,Hand reaching for other stones。
That is a piece of stone the size of a sea bowl,diamond,Too much dye,Populus euphratica even smelled the dye,This is very speechless,Can you be professional?
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