Changchun University Four students hand-in "wax" Mei online popular watching little brother

  "The wall of the wall is plum, Ling Han alone."

  I know that it is not snow, and it is dark. "The Song Dynasty poet Wang Anshi’s" plum flower "poems are popular, and every winter will always flock people, and there is also a population of plum blossoms in an extracurricular studio in the Changchun Architecture School. It is true" wax. " "Mei … Recently, a long-spring architecture of the School of Architecture, Ma Chunchao, hand-made Lamei, hand-made Lamei, is popular on the Internet, attracting a praise, onlooking and comment. He will heat the red candle to the wax liquid, which will use cold water, Then, the five fingers were plugged into a plum shape to pick the wax liquid, and then re-put it in the cool water basin for demolding, a "wax" plum blossom is done.

Then, the horse spring tide ignited the red candle, took a good dear branch in advance, gently returned the "wax" plum to the twig, tilted the red candle that ignited, and drip drip droplets into the "wax" plum blossom and twigs. Very fast petals "long" on the branches.

  Ma Chunchao introduced that when I was young, I saw the family in the family, he learned, and the production process is both fun and fun, and the consumables are not expensive. "The plum blossom production process is basically similar, the key is to choose the dead branches, the shape of the dead, can determine the final presence of plum blossoms, choose different, the final effect and the feeling of people.

"Ma Chunchao said," Make a plum blossom in holidays, and give people a festive and beautiful enjoyment. "

  Facing the "wax" plum video, some netizens said, "When I was young in school classics hall, I have learned this way of production, but I didn’t want to send online to display, and now people’s living standards have increased year by year, and many good memories in the past. And skill accumulation, you can send it to the Internet, on the one hand, it may be beneficial to others, one side can show talents. " (Huang Wei, Zhao Shille).