“summer,how do you feel。”Rail and rightwe。

“No。”Summer shink,“It’s too much loss.。”
After the end,Amens,Grin,“I insist about approximately twenty-five interests.,In the flow of clouds, John carries more about 30% of the initial energy.,But it is purple,Different in the outer gray。”
http://www.knayt.cn “Purple is right。”
Lin Feng’s sense of knowledge,Laugh,“Due to the diaphragm blocking,Initial energy penetration into the filtration,Gray,Really the initial energy is purple,It still has a name……”
Not finished,Su Chan gave an answer first,“Hongmeng Purple!”
“Hongmeng Purple?”
Summer eyes。
When he was on the earth, he followed the master to learn the maternal.,I have seen many books and Buddha’s books.。
It is on the record of Hongmeng Ziqi.。
The rumors of Hongmeng Ziqi are the same as the horizon of the earth.,Therefore, it is called the base of the avenue。
The original absorption of god,It is actually Hongmeng Ziqi conjunctive.?
“Wait a moment.。”
Interrogate,Summer will be handed over to Gogjian in the summer,Body shape,Enter the cloud world。
At this moment,It is completely a faint purple fog from http://www.hecheng580.cn the cloud world.。
Summer carefully,But there is no slightest。
He is not discouraged,Wrist,Remove the goddess!
And activate。
God,Hundreds of more than 800 gatherings were portrayed by him,Using multi-fold folding,Space compression。
Its action is the energy of the world.。
Summer is immediately protected from chaos,And control,Specially absorbed purple fog in the cloud world。
The air in the air,The goddess bead quickly formed a whirlpool。
Half air is like time and space,Purple gas,All comes together,Didn’t enter the gods。
After a moment,A drop of crypt and transparent liquid condenses。
Summer eyes bright,Hurry and take out a jade bottle,Load this drop of god。
After a moment,Another drop of god condense。
outside world,Glare,Summer absence。
Welcome the look of a look,He grinned,“Take a total of four dropping gods!”
Narrate,Qi Qi Daxi。
Summer shake,A jade bottle appears in the palm。
Everyone is clear,There are four drops of gods in the jade bottle.,Transplanting the brilliance。
“Hahaha,summer,Good for you。”
Lin Feng heavyly patted the summer shoulder,Even if he can’t help but excite。
This can continue to swallow,Evolution of blood pulse。