After the Zhao Jian is gone,Qi Rui called Watanaba Taro:“Class long,The password of the Contact Department Director is already got,I will let Chen Jiaying contact them.,I will tell them about the news of Wu Tianbao.。”

“Long pool,This thing has been handed over to you,Don’t need anything, please call me,Let’s let go,I believe you。”
NS140chapter Qiushan Yadi!
Rui Rui let Chen Jiaying report to the power committee,The content of the text is to inform the eight major King Kong’s old seven Wu Tianbao by special high school.,Please send people to rescue。
This message appears at the Watanabe Marcho and the well-in-well table.。
“Well,Can the Suichi proud you can bring Zheng Yao to bring people??”Hands of the left, the left right arm Sato,
“it should be OK,Because this Zheng Yao first I also know some,This person is awkward wit to his enemy,Rejection for your own brothers,Especially for his sinister brothers,He received this news, first confirmed true and false first.,Once the intelligence is true,He will come。”The well is very peaceful,
“Owner,Then we can seize this person who has false name.!”
“Aptertice?Why do you say that?”
“Because he and you have a virtual name!”
“Ha ha……Sato!Then, we grab this time, this apostal, the name of the guy,This will make our well-selling public hall,Can also brute the morale of the person,Especially for the efforts。”
“gentlemen,Is it also the killer of the community??”
“Correct,They are the two sniper of jellyfish and pasta。”
“Owner,We sent so many people looking for jellyfish and animal husbandry.,Don’t really have two killers??”
“Sato Tree!The existence of jellyfish and animal husbandry is the true trick,This is a long-term Pool Jun auxiliary,And they are also the murderer killed in the well.,Continue to find these two people under all of us,Because I can definite them in Shanghai。”
Sato Tree Zhizhi and Chiranglao are the two most effective hands in the well.,Now the Chiranglai Sanglang is in the Huang Dao in the Huangdao.,Sato is responsible for some pieces。
After being sent to the telegram, I was called to the special high school.。
“Class long,The news has been sent out.,I believe that Zheng Yao has received,He will let people come today to determine the true and false,I need well on the well.。”
“I have notified him this.,Tomorrow’s newspaper will go out of Wu Tianbao’s photo。”
“Great,So I firmly believe that Zheng Yao will first come。”
“Long pool!You don’t worry alone.,You come with me,I will introduce you to personal understanding.。”
Rui Rui followed the ferry to the gendarmerie,I saw a high-tech female officer who took the military uniform and hit ten Japanese gendarmerie.。
Watanabe pulled a long time to read a wonderful practice,Ask:“Long pool,How is this woman force??”
“Okay,I see her martial arts China Kung Fu.,Is she Chinese?”
“Her name is Qiushan Yadi,Her mother is Chinese,Because her mother’s status is humble?So she wanted to prove sheright from sensibility.?Especially after participating in the army,Her force does not have a few men thanks?Her sword eight paragraph?Judao eight segments,Not only that?She also learned Chinese martial arts,So you have also seen it.?Ten forceful gendarmeries are not her opponent。”
“Do you plan to help me??”
“Yes?I have told her.,Your big name she has long heard,She is now the team leader in the gendarmerie,And also the rank of the price?Strong strength?There are also gendarmer squadrons under the hand.。”
“Qiushan Yadi!”Rui Rui Mingming this name, I thought about it later.,Is this not the murdere of the murderous Warrier in the spy win?!This woman is absolutely a role.,She is not only the team leader,Still a special agent,Let her help himself!I rely on?Is this not a big bomb?。
“Qiushan!”Ferry shouting,
Qiushan Yazi stopped and tribute to Watanaba:“Fate course!”
“Come!I will introduce you to it.?This is a long-awaited talents,Is our ace。”
“Long pool!”Qiushan Yadi gave a military gift。
Hurry and rush:“Qiushan is good!”
“Long pool?It is better to learn with Miss Yazi.,I heard that your sword is at least eight paragraphs.。”