“Uncle,Do you want to lift you??

I also want to listen to your story.,how?”
Jiang Shuyu entered the door,I laughed and said that I thought my heart.。
Jin Xijie quickly smiled and refused:“Need not,Need not,I’m full,You go to eat.。”
Li Hui, I thought about it.:“Ginger sister,Since the gold boss said,You don’t have difficult him too.,Let’s go to eat first.,By the way, I have to explain a few things to Zhang Ge.。”
Say,Li Hui also looked at Jin Xijie again.。
“Golden Boss, take a good rest first.,I will arrange it to you at night.。”
Jin Xijie listened to this, I nodded and didn’t say anything.。
Seeing Li Hui’s back with three people,Jin Xijie is also a little flourishing。
At the same time, he also tried to stand up.。
Very easy to stand up,No pain,No uncomfortable,After he took a few steps.,I found that Li Hui Feng said that there is no mistake.,It’s really got to cure him.。
Such a fairy means makes him feel a little fear.。
It’s good to be a team with Li Hui Feng.,Otherwise, he feels that it is a little life, and I don’t know how it is.。
Li Hui has a few people to find a restaurant, just eat a restaurant.。
Zhang Duo sat on the dinner table, some are sitting hard。
“Zhang Ge,Eating,Don’t eat it.。”
“Hey-hey,boss,Do you have anything to talk to me before??
What do you say?,I have nothing in my heart.。”
I heard a lot of saying.,Li Hui’s heart is also a little hesitant,After all, there is still his brought it.。
I thought that the other party’s ability is definitely strong.,As a result, it is found that there is a strong ability to be strong.,But management is not。
“Zhang Ge,I want to reassign our team.,Let your subjective business,And I will prepare for me to take it.,Finance or Ling Sister,how do you feel?”
Zhang Duo listened to this,First glance first,Then I deeply saw Zhao Xiaoling.,Laugh:“boss,Do you hear anyone talking??”
Zhang Ge,This is nothing to do with anyone.,I am discussing with you to expand the split in advance.。”
“Hey-hey,boss,How workers add more than ten,How to split?
And is it to split this??
Do you have any words, just say it?。”
Li Hui has never thought of Zhang Duo actually so deep.。
“Hey-hey,That line,I just asked Zhang Ge.,Why do I check the financial statements, our recent fell,And our workers, I have not remembered that it should be more than 20.?
How do you have something left?,How many people??
And our business,I don’t seem to make money.,Where do we go?,Why don’t we make money??”
For a lot of Zhang,Li Hui has also thought about saying that it is good to say good luck.,I didn’t expect the other foot soft to ask him.,He is naturally will not be used to each other。
Since the village, there is something,His mindset has changed。
Benefits he can give,But want to get inch,He directly let the other person know what is regret。
really,Li Hui said with this series of questions,Let Zhang have a lot directly, I don’t know what to say.。
“Those are temporary,We have recently encountered a bit of trouble.,Waiting for this period of time, it will naturally get better.。”
“Hey-hey,That line,I don’t talk about this first.,Today, you tell me Jiang Xiaomei to take the initiative.,I want to know why today will make Jiang Xiaomei a girl in the face of so much mixing.,In case there is a three long two shorts?
What if I come late??”