After Li Ming fully controls this token,Consciousness penetration,Instantly enter a space。

“Similar to the virtual universe of my human race,But it involves a higher level!”Li Ming’s vision is high,Distinguished instantly。
Virtual universe,Universe-level eyesight is enough to distinguish it from the real world。
But the space behind this token,Seems to be a virtual space,but‘simulation’Extremely high,At least with Li Ming’s eyesight,It’s also difficult to discover the real situation without using the secret of will。
“Make it so difficult,Let me see what are the benefits of tokens?”
A thought,A lot of information comes to mind。
“That’s it~”See the message in the token space,Li Ming just understood。
original,The token space is the most important core area of the entire Heart Saint Sect。
“Eight spaces,Three of the three spaces are needed‘Six Holy Merit Points’Before use,Including the inheritance of secret techniques,Treasure Exchange,And specifically ask the Void God and the Eternal God to give pointers—This is needed‘Six Holy Merit Points’Exchanged—The Six Saints merit points need to be completed to obtain。”
“Five other spaces,Are the battle trial space,Can simulate opponents with different fighting styles;Practice demonstration space,Deliberately let the strong practice many moves,Contains extremely clever rules;Refining space、Refining the treasure、The simulation space of mechanical flow;Will space,Can be used to sharpen the will,The effect is similar to the black stone pillar space;Blood space,There are countless bloodline gene maps,You can use this bloodline space to simulate the divine power route—If in real space,It is also very risky for those who do not have a clone to follow the line of divine power,However, the virtual network similar to human cannot perfectly simulate the method of taking the divine power route.。。This bloodline space can。”
“It really is。。This token space can be said to completely make up for my current lack of practice!”
For inheritance,Li Ming doesn’t really pay much attention,Because on the surface,These inheritances of the Heart Saint Sect、The secret technique and so on are not much stronger than the Star Spirit line。
But other channels such as the exchange of treasures、Simulating opponents and practicing secret techniques,Is too valuable to him。
no way,The Star Spirit passed on to him,It’s just a simple inheritance,That a large number of treasures to aid spiritual practice,All equipment is gone。
And this token space,Well made up for these shortcomings。
“Ok,It seems this‘Six Holy Merit Points’It’s not so easy to get。At the master level,An era can accept at most one mission,Generally speaking, a mission is as small as three to five merit points,No more than 20 merit points。And at random a treasure of true god level,Have thousands of merit points。”Li Ming is also a little speechless,Of course only completed 200 missions,almost200In the time of epoch, obtain a so-called Xeon in the universe,Already exaggerated,But it’s a bit slow for me。”
“For me,The biggest benefit for me is the practice of law,I’m here【Jizo】It hasn’t improved for a long time,Let me see how this demo space works。”
Based on previously obtained information,Li Ming knows what to do?
“Demo space,Turn on!”
With the voice falling,Li Ming’s surroundings began to change upside down。